All I want for Christmas is Who: the Runaway bride

Hi my fellow Whovians, up next is the runaway bride, or the first episode in which we meet Donna Noble, played by the amazing Catherine Tate. And remember my sweeties, more spoilers!


We start off with a wedding, Donna’s wedding. Everyone is gathered in the church and whilst she walks down the aisle. She is being beamed up (beam me up Doctor) and finds herself inside the Doctor, and his only response is a triple what? And Donna sets the tone, annoying, blunt, bitchy, insulting and I love her for it. She gets in row with the Doctor thinking it’s all anormal_The_Runaway_Bride_0016 big joke. And opens the door of the TARDIS and finds herself in outer space. Lovely line when the Doctor asks if she’s human and Donna responds, it’s that an option? Yep, love her even more and more. She’s not the typical companion, doesn’t scream or faint, but has this whole; ok I sorta accept what’s going on, but I’m keeping my eye on you alien boy, thing going on.

The Doctor is baffled how Donna ends up in the TARDIS and rambles his usual timey wimey talk until Donna slaps him and accuses the Doctor of abducting other woman, after finding Rose’s shirt. And we see that pain in the Doctors eyes, a beautiful piece of acting by David. One second pain, the next second pushing it aside and being cheery. By the way, I want pockets in my wedding dress, could come in handy 😉

Donna finds out the TARDIS is some crazy box, and walks away, but the Doctor follows. Donna only wants to get back to her wedding and after being kicked out of a cab for not having runawaybride1money (hello, no pockets in the wedding dress!) Uh-oh mayor freak out moment, crazy robot Santa’s are back. The Doctor does something Martian and Sonics an ATM to create a Dr-Who-Moneydiversion. (They developed special money for this scene and a 10 pound billet is to be found in the British museum if you want to see it for real.) And Donna get’s into a cab, not noticing the cabbie is a robot (she finally does) and the Doctor pushes the TARDIS into helping Donna escape. Lovely scene follows by them shouting trough windows, they do that a lot. And I think it’s a bonus that Donna just doesn’t swallow everything the Doctor says and actually questions his actions. Until, she finally trusts the Doctor (after a little tearjerker moment, mentioning Rose again.)

They end up at the heliport of some tall building and Donna and the Doctor (Doctor-Donna, sorry wrong episode) have this bonding moment. Donna misted her wedding but ends up with a ring from the Doctor (“and here by I thee biodamp you”, “oh Doctor the romantic things you say”) And Donna also has the knack to miss all the invasions in London.  The Doctor is still baffled with Donna end up in the TARDIS, she’s not special, yeah a lady loves being told she’s not special, she should have punched him again. And she tells him how she met her fiancé.

Meanwhile at the reception, the family is having a blast without Donna (well that was unexpected) and after a couple of “you had the reception without me) Donna starts fake crying, thanks for that Donna, setting us girls in a bad light and I was starting to like you. She joins in the celebrations and the Doctor tries to research what happened and the company where Donna works, ‘enjoying’ a couple of Rose flashbacks until… the robot Santa’s turn up again. They try to escape, since the biodamper isn’t working and we also encounter another lovely doctor_who_the_runaway_bride_image13present from previous year, killer Christmas trees with a twist (pun intended) and blasting ornaments. The Doctor eventually defeats the Santa’s again by sonicing the sound system, and again big red shiny button.

The Doctor tries to find the source of the Santa’s and we see a huge Christmas star in space and we see a brief glimpse of the culprit (god I hate spiders). The Doctor finds out H.C. Clements has taken over Torchwood one after it being destroyed in the battle at Canary Wharf. And finds out Donna is being infused by Huon particles, a source of energy that hasn’t existed for billions of years, since the beginning of the Universe. And explains it all to Donna. The Doctor finds a secret basement, beneath the basement and the Doctor and Donna get into the elevator, and Lance as well. (Love the remark of the Doctor; to honor and obey, tumblr_lv1u2d9h0H1r3tel8o1_1280yep that’s how it works in real life. And for once there is no running but segwaying (is that even a proper words) their way through the tunnels. He finds a door with a nice Torchwood poster on it. Donna being nosey, follows him, after being told not to. They find more Torchwood stuff (and if you listen closely you hear The-Runaway-Bride-doctor-who-18577317-1600-900the music from Torchwood being infused with the Doctor Who music)

The Doctor rambles again explain about the particles and Donna slaps him again. And tells a big fat lie about Donna being save, and Donna doesn’t believe him, good for you girl. Suddenly a mysterious voice sounds and the Doctor and Donna find this big ass hole inside the secret layer / basement / basements basement, going all the way to the centre of the earth. And no, there are no dinosaurs there; they’re on a ship, in outer space! We finally meet the creepy crawler, a Racnoss and not only a simple Racnoss but the empress of the Racnoss. Turns out, she’s the only one left and she eats people. Lance tries to be brave by sneaking up to spidey and Donna distracts her. Plot twist, Lance is with monster Arachnid, and he is the one behind feeding her the Huon particles. He insults Donna to the bone quite brutally, (can I slap him now, douche bag) and with a nice bluff the Doctor get’s the TARDIS to Donna.

Donna now realizes what happened and the Doctor sort of comforts her, he’s not really good at it. He takes her back in time to the creation of the earth. (I wonder how many complaints 4517429447the BBC got after this episode, I’m sure they offended some people by this). The Doctor tries to explain the meaning of life to Donna and they find out the first rock, the centre of the earth actually is a Racnoss ship (and Lance is being munched on by the big angry red thingy with too much legs and also filled with Huon particles before being strung upon the ceiling) The Doctor get’s the TARDIS back and commence the running. (It isn’t a proper Doctor Who episode without running).  The Doctor is once again rambling while Donna is being abducted. (You have never been so quiet, well duh she isn’t there anymore) Now both Donna and Lance are hanging from the ceiling and ugly face too many eyes extracts the particles from both of them, sending it down the big ass hole in the floor to awaken the other Racnoss, and lance soon follows after (bye bye, not gonna miss you, you idiot)

the%20runaway%20brideThe Christmas star aka Racnoss ship from the empress appears above London and starts zapping people. (Seriously, when do they learn not to be in London at Christmas Eve)? The other Racnoss are climbing up and once again the Doctor is there to save the day, disguises as one of the killer Santa’s without the Santa suite. He get’s Donna out of the web and like a proper George of the jungle she swings against a metal pole, complete with cartoon boing sound. The Doctor gives the Racnoss as chance to escape, offering her another planet to live on. She declines and the Doctor tells her what happens next is all her own fault. The Racnoss empress orders the killer Santa, now killer robots to attack the Doctor. But he is prepared and stops them. Donna, baffled, asks how. “Guess what I got pockets,” and pulls out a remote controller. Still baffled Donna asks how they fit in there. “It’s bigger on the inside,” is the explanation. And you can just hear a thousand fan girls screaming and squealing and running towards their computers to write fan fiction.Doctor-Who-2_special-Doctor-remote-375x214

Creepy crawly thinks the Doctor is a Martian (oi, I’m not from Mars) until, dead serious he explains he’s from Gallifrey. Turns out, they murdered the Racnoss. He blames the empress again and uses the high explosion ornaments to blow up some walls and drowning the upcoming spiders. While the empress cries for her children we see David’s Doctor at one of his darkest moments. Cold empty eyes, not a bit of empathy on his face, watching calmly the destruction of the Racnoss race. Donna sees this and urges him to stop, pleading actually. Donna and the Doctor get out while the empress beams back up to the ship. And the British military starts shooting the Christmas star aka Racnoss ships into itsy bitsy pieces.

When the Doctor and Donna emerge from the basement, they find out, oops they drained the Thames. The Doctor takes Donna home and tries to make Donna love Christmas by making it snow (again not real snow on Christmas Eve, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.) Donna explains she wants to see the world and the Doctor offers her to be a companion, but she explains not being able to live her life like the Doctor does it. Donna sees behind the beauty the Doctor always describes and seeing behind the carefully mask the Doctor wears and it scares her. She invites the Doctor for Christmas dinner. The Doctor isn’t too keen on accepting and tries to run. Donna screams Doctor! Blimey she can shout) and she asks him if she’s ever gonna see him again. Also she gives him the advice to find someone to travel with. Seeing in his need for someone to stop him when needed. The Doctor in his return tells her to be magnificent (crossover nr. 9?)Seeing Donna as she really is.

Her name was Rose…


I love this episode. The introduction of Donna, her being a proper on the same level as the Doctor, companion. Down to earth, normal, but utterly brilliant and perceptive. I think I gave enough comment throughout the review about that. Only thing I didn’t like, no Wilf!

Next review, voyage of the damned!

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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