All I want for Christmas is Who: the Next Doctor

Hi my fellow Whovians, it pains me to say I forgot this particular Christmas episode. Yep, sorry, I’m a bad Whovian. But the thing is, it’s an episode you forget that easily. It’s not thrilling, not exciting, and nothing special; (besides the Cybermen) it doesn’t stick. But I’m still gonna watch it in order to review it.

So sit back, grab some eggnog and enjoy the reading. As always, there are spoilers, so be warned my sweeties!


Victorian England, Christmas Eve and it’s snowing, the Tardis materializes. The Doctor steps out, enjoys the scenery, Christmas carolers and everything. Until a girl screams: DOCTOR!!! (Why do all the girls scream for the doctor? Never understood that.) So he rushed towards the woman in distress, sees some spooky doors at the point of breaking down and urges the woman to get behind. Only she screams again for the Doctor. To answer with those famous words: What? What? What? (Oh come on, I know you read those words in his voice). Big surprise, there are 2 doctors. And he has a sonic, and a Tardis, and is a Time-Lord and he says Allons-y! Can I opt again for a three times What?

550w_doctor_who_the_next_doctor_6A primitive conversion beast thingy barge through the doors and the next doctor follows it, followed by the real Doctor. Can I just say the primitive conversion beasties look really awful. It’s a man in a gorilla suit with a Cybermen mask on his face. Both doctors lose the beastie and find themselves rolling over the floor, laughing. Not to the amusement of companion Rosita. The real Doctor thinks the next Doctor is also real, but a later regeneration of him. Just to keep it not confusing I guess. The real Doctor decides to play along and introduces himself as John Smith, while next Doctor explains what’s been happening, there are Cybermen, creatures from outer space, and a funny reply from David, “Really?” But next doctor is also missing some memories. And there is the mention of not blinking (I love that episode).

But something is really, really wrong. Even the Cybermen don’t recognize David Doctor as the real Doctor. (Dun dun dun, the plot thickens) The next doctor keeps sending Rosita back to TheTwoDavidsthe Tardis and we find out his sonic screwdriver isn’t sonic at all, just a regular screwdriver, which makes noise while tapping at against wood. (Hey this screwdriver does do wood!) Both Doctors enter the house of the deceased Reverend. They find infostamps, a sort of information storage unit, USB stick and slide projector combined.

The next doctor is starting to remember more and more, and also holding one of the infostamps the night he lost his memory. But before he can continue, the Cybermen arrive. So that means, run! The Doctor will be Deleted, Delete!!! There is something wrong with the memory banks of the Cybermen. And the Cybermen are destroyed by the next doctor.

s0_05_wal_03We switch scenes to the funeral of the Reverend, and a lady in red shows up, my god the shame, the disgrace, a lady at the graveside, and looking like a harlot! And the Cybermen arrive, together with their cyber doggies, called Cybershade. The grievers at the graveside are being deleted. All but a few…

The next doctor takes the real doctor and Rosita back to his hide-out. And the TARDIS, hmm, this one doesn’t look bigger on the inside. Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style. The real doctor finally works out how the next Doctor became the Doctor. The surviving grievers are fitted with earplugs that balloon-tardiscontrol their actions. And David Doctor explains everything to Next Doctor.  And he starts to remember what happened.

A strange bleeping sound interrupts them and the Doctor finds out the Cybermen are moving. The Next Doctor decides, in spite not being the Doctor anymore, to help the real Doctor. The real Doctor and Rosita find the children of London being taken by the controlled grievers. The Doctor and Rosita sneak in and find the lady in red, Hartigan. Who has not been converted. The Cybermen still don’t recognize David Doctor as the proper Doctor until he hands them an infostamp, containing all the information about the Doctor. And the doctor needs to be deleted, so maybe not the right choice after all.

The children are, as explained by Hartigan to be used as workforce, and to bring about the birth of ‘it.’ The Cyberking will Rise! The next doctor saves the day and the Doctor and Rosita and they team up properly now. Hartigan is being taken towards a conversion machine, even though the Cybermen promised her not to be converted, guessed they lied then. And she is Next_Doctorconverted into the Cyberking. (Love the demon eyes by the way). Doctor, Doctor and Rosita find the children working on some huge engine and help set them free, while the Cybermen await their orders from the Cyberking. The Cyberking is somewhat different; she/he/it has emotions. Now that is scary.

The Next Doctor finds his son amongst the children while the factory is burning and exploding around them. And the real Doctor saves him, such an emotional moment. Rosita makes sure the children are save until something emerges from the Thames, a huge Cybermen, the exoskeleton of the Cyberking, ready to destroy the earth. While it stomps trough the streets of London, destroying everything in its way, the real Doctor runs towards the fake tardis. (Can you still keep up with all the real, fake and next bits?) And takes it up in the air, she’s flying. The Cyberking becomes aware of the doctor and the Doctor offers her a choice to live and find her a new world, a new home. Naturally, like a proper doctor who monster, she reclines. So the doctor has to stop her. He clearly doesn’t want to and has no other option. “You made me into this.” He shoots the infostamps on the Cyberking, not destroying it, but opening Hartigans mind, letting her see what she’s done, what’s she’s become. While the doctor is sorry, oh so sorry. And then they explode.

The Doctor turns the Cyberking robot into the void, so it wouldn’t squash the good people of London and the Next Doctor gives a speech, tanking the real doctor, oh and look, it started CyberKing_dreadnought_classsnowing again. The Doctor is once again invited for a Christmas dinner, but his sad eyes say no. The Next Doctor get’s to see the Tardis, the real Tardis. And again the lack of a companion is mentioned again, and we see another glimpse into the Doctors hearts, this sad lonely boy. And for once he accepts the invitation to join the Christmas. Doctor and Doctor walk of together on the streets of London.

Well, this story has its moments, with the Cybermen and David as the Doctor, and the ending, but still. Not one of my favorites!

Until the next review.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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