All I want for Christmas is Who: the end of time part 1

Hi my fellow Whovians, and now the most awful two reviews I had to do, the end of time part one and two. I’ve been postponing them as long as I could, but I need to add them at some point. Sit back, enjoy and remember once again, this contains spoilers, my sweeties! Oh and pack some tissues.


It is said that in the final days of planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams. But they all forgot them, all except one man

Sad Wilf is walking down the streets of London, coming to a halt inside a church where a children choir sing Christmas songs. And he sees something remarkable, a stained glass window with a blue box. It’s called the legend of the blue box. A strange woman explains all this to Wilf. Until she disappears and Wilf is left standing, while strange maniacal laughter fills his head.

0The Doctor appears back on the planet of the Ood. And encounters Ood Sigma. Ood Sigma explains the reason for calling out for the doctor, the Ood are having bad dreams. The Doctor is being led towards the elder Ood and get’s a pretty nasty warning. Everyone in the entire universe dream the same, the same man, but that can’t be right, that man is dead. The Master is dead! And the master’s wife is also alive! This is bad, real bad. The doctor explains about the Master. Themastersringss Master is dead!

The Doctor rushes back towards the Tardis; Lucy is being released from her prison. And Wilf is being plagued by images of the mysterious woman. Lucy doesn’t want the Master to be brought back. But his minions do it anyway. The Master is back and so are the never ending drums. But Lucy is prepared and tries to stop his return, but does she…

Wilf in the meantime gathers a group of senior citizens on a secret mission to find the Doctor. Brilliant and amazing Wilf.

master-7Uh-oh, seems like Lucy didn’t succeed, the Master is back, more deranged then ever and he is hungry! And I don’t mean for just burgers. The Doctor finally finds the Master, while being greeted by four knocks. They emerge into a hide and seek game and lots of running. The Doctor in his surge for companionship and wants to help the Master, but he escapes. And Wilf and his group catch up with the Doctor. And Minnie the menace falls for those good looks of the 10th doctor. The Doctor and Wilf catch up in a café, bringing back memories. And Wilf has a reason for that particular café.

The Doctor tells Wilf he’s going to die, a prophecy is being told that they will knock four times and that will be his end. Oh god, I hate that scene, both Wilf and the Doctor practically in tears. Makes me want to grab a plush Tardis and curl up onto the couch with chocolate. And the Doctor, tries so hard not to break down, and Wilf tries so hard to comfort him.

The Doctor: I’m going to die.
Wilfred Mott: Well, so am I one day.
The Doctor: Don’t you dare!
Wilfred Mott: Alright, I’ll try not to.

The Doctor: Even if I change it still feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away… and I’m dead.`

Wilfred Mott: You’re so clever, can’t you bring her memory back? Just go to her now, go on, just run across the street, go up and say hello!
The Doctor: If she ever remembers me her mind will burn and she will die!
Donna Noble: [to meter maid outside] Don’t you touch this car!
The Doctor: [laughing] She’s not changed.

The Doctor goes back to find the Master and the Master fights him, blasting energy towards him, towards the Doctor. Almost defeating him. And the Master tells the Doctor about their past on Gallifrey. Something is returning and it isn’t the Master. The beating of four knocks inside the head of the Master, the beating of his hearts, it’s real. They are interrupted by a dw_the_end_of_time_part_1_030-1helicopter; the Master is being captured while the Doctor escapes.  And we return to the Noble household, while the family opens their presents Wilf turns towards the Queens speech, that is being interrupted by the mysterious woman again.

The Doctor finds Wilf again, looking for answers. And he learns that the Doctor-Donna is still fighting to remember. Donna’s mum finds the Doctor and isn’t too happy to see him again. They make a run for it and Wilf finds himself in the Tardis for the first time.  “I thought it would be cleaner.” I love Wilf.

EoT60The Master in a straightjacket it brought to the secret layer of the Naismiths, while two scientists go down into the basement, two Vinvocci (also known as Cacti people) disguised as humans. Meanwhile Joshua Naismith explains to the Master about his brilliant plan and machine (which used to belong to Torchwood) the Immortality gate. Joshua wants to use it for his daughter Abigail to live forever.BBC-Doctor-Who-The-End-Of-Time-Wk-51-Dec09-Spoiler-Gallery-23

The Doctor lands on the Naismith estate, trying to break in, together with Wilf. The doctor discovers the Vinvocci and shimmers them back into their original form. The Master meanwhile repairs the Immortality gate. The Cacti (I love it better then Vinvocci) explain what the machine really does, mend entire planets. Oh, that can’t be good. So the Doctor runs towards the machine and you can just guess that the Master did something with it. normal_DW_The_End_of_Time_(Part_1)_645The Master jumps into the machine and turns everyone into Masters. That is such a cool thing to see. (And really funny if you watch the confidential of this episode). The Doctor tries to save Wilf by putting him behind a radiation shield.

Surprisingly enough Donna isn’t affected by turning into the Master and calls Wilf, saying something is wrong with her fiancé and her mum. The doctor tries to shut down the machine, but doesn’t succeed. And Donna is starting to remember everything. By now the Master is everyone and everyone is the Master, even the president of the United States. There is no more human race, only the Master race.

And so it came to pass, on Christmas Day, that the human race did cease to exist. But even then, the Master had no concept of his greater role in events. For this was far more than humanity’s end. This day was the day upon which the whole of creation would change forever. This was the day the Time Lords returned. For Gallifrey.
Time Lords: For Gallifrey!
The Narrator: [with spittle] For victory!
Time Lords: For victory!
The Narrator: For the end of time itself!
Time Lords: For the end of time itself!

I have to apologise to you guys, I suck at planning and I don’t have the time to write the End of time part 2, it will be up later tonight but for now, I’m gonna unwrap some presents, cook Christmas dinner and enjoy the other reviews by my fellow bloggers and later on, the new Christmas special.


Until the next review.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy.


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