All I want for Christmas is Who: the Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

Hi my fellow whovians, last year’s Christmas special is up for review, and since I watched just a few weeks ago, I didn’t watch it yet again. And there’s a reason for that. From all the Christmas specials, I like this one the lest. But we’ll come to that. If you’re a geek and into fantasy as well as sci-fi you probably noticed the title of this episode resembles one of the stories from Narnia (or if you haven’t read the books, the first Narnia movie: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) even the episode does have some crossovers with the movie. And this isn’t a particular scary episode, it’s more about love and family and spending that special time with your loved ones. Oh and as always, spoilers!!!



We start off in 1938, Christmas Eve, Madge Arwell investigates something that fell out of the sky and she finds a man in a spacesuit. She decides helping out the spaceman with its helmet on backwards (oh silly, silly Doctor) by getting him back to a blue police box. The spaceman tells her he wants to repay her for her kindness; all she has to do is make a wish.

Three years later we find Madge in the middle of the Second World War and her husband is a fighter pilot. He is flying his plane blind and has no means to land safe; looking at a picture of his wife he apologizes.

Marge receives a telegram, telling her, her husband is lost at sea and declared deceased. Not wanting to upset her children, and forever remembering Christmas with the dead of their father, she decides not to tell them. Because of the bombing, the family is to leave for Uncle Digby’s estate and the last dinner at home, the children break a wishbone and Madge makes a silent wish for help.

The-Doctor-The-Widow-and-The-Wardrobe-7Arriving at the estate of Uncle Digby the family is greeted by the Doctor, explaining he is the caretaker and since Madge never seen the Doctor (because of the whole spacesuit / helmet on backwards) she doesn’t recognize him. The Doctor get’s everyone inside and takes them for a tour of the house, showing the most wonderful and ludicrous things he did to ‘upgrade’ the house so it’s more fun now. Moving chairs in the TV room, lemonade out of the tap and the most awesome children’s bedroom with toys and no beds but hammocks, cause hammocks are cool! Madge is on edge and stricken with grief and shouts at the Doctor to stop this insane behavior. The children are send of and Madge explains what happened. Before they can continue the conversation the children scream in delight. They found the Christmas tree the Doctor has put up, and also the enormous present besides it.

Children are nosy and Madge her children are no exception, Cyril, the boy, sneaks out of bed to open the big present. (Lily wanted to do so also, but she got distracted by a strange noise coming from the attic.) What is it with these children? Can’t they wait till they’re allowed to open the presents? I love presents but I’ve always contained myself and never opened one to early, although I have the nasty habit of guessing what’s inside before opening.p00pgd7b

So Cyril finds not a present but a portal inside the box and crawls trough, finding a snow covered world. He also finds ornaments growing on the trees and picks one. But seeing a face on it, he hastily drops is. The ornament hatched and something comes out of it.

Back at the house, Lily finds the Doctor in the attic, lying about the TARDIS being a wardrobe to her. The Doctor inquires about Cyril and when they go look for him, he’s missing from his hammock. The rush towards the Christmas tree and see Cyril re-entering the present/portal and follow him.  Because of some timey wimey stuff they find that Cyril is long gone and the Doctor and Lily follow his footsteps in the snow.

Marge wakes up and finds the caretaker and both her children gone, and she also finds the present / portal. She crawls trough it. She finds 3 Harvest Rangers, and they explain she needs doctor-who-the-doctor-the-widow-and-the-wardrobe-madge-arwell-1-366x550to leave because of the acid rain coming down to melt the trees for fuel. She tricks them in thinking she’s harmless and forces them into helping her find her kids.The-Doctor-The-Widow-and-the-Wardrobe-spoiler-pics-1

Meanwhile back in the forest, the footsteps lead towards a large tower. Cyril is already inside and on the top floor, facing a wooden queen and as soon as he sits on the throne, she puts a crown on his head. The Doctor and Lily also go upstairs and are followed by the wooden king. The Doctor tries his sonic, but as you know, his sonic doesn’t do wood. They find Cyril in the top and the Doctor questions the king and queen. They are trying to evacuate the forest, but they need some kind of vessel.Doctor-Who-Christmas-Spec-007

Meanwhile back at Marge, she is inside this big robot thingy and tries to locate their children. But before the female ranger can help her properly, all three rangers are beamed out of there, so Madge decides the ‘drive’ the robot herself, following the signal. And eventually trashing the robot next to the tower.

The king and queen decide Madge is the one they’ll use as vessel for the forest life and the top of the tower, together with the inhabitants finds themselves in the vortex. The Doctor urges the-doctor-the-widow-and-the-wardrobe-doctor-who-171211-Madge to think of home in order to ‘pilot’ them back safe. She does so but then stumbles onto memories of her husband and how he died. The children are shocked to learn their father is death, but before any real questions can be asked they find themselves back at Uncle Digby’s mansion with a great flash of light.

While Madge tries to comfort her children and tries to explain about their dad, the Doctor pops out of the space ship only to come rushing in to get the family. They need to see something. Madge’s husband of all people is standing next to his plane on the Digby lawn. And the Doctor explains to Madge that her love led her husband into the time vortex and the blinding light was used as guide back home.

Back at the mansion the Doctor prepares to leave, but Madge asks him to stay for Christmas dinner. He tells her he can’t and Madge assumes he must have a family of his own to get to. When the Doctor tells them his friends thing they are death, Marge orders him to go to them.

He does so and stands before a TARDIS blue door, when he knocks; Amy opens with a water gun in her hand, thinking there are Christmas carolers for her door again. (That’s not very nice Mrs. Pond!) Finally after a sentimental moment, the Doctor asks if they have room for one more at their Christmas dinner and Amy replies they always set and extra plate for him. The Doctor is surprised to find tears on his face and enters the home of the Ponds to enjoy in their festivities.

Like I said, this isn’t one of my favorite Christmas specials; maybe because it’s all too mushy, but I don’t like the monsters, the Doctor doesn’t really seem as the Doctor. Madge is annoying and a little bit crazy, the kids are even more annoying and I don’t know, it’s just a feeling.

But have a look out for the second last review of today, the Snowman!

Love, your hot cute girly whovian, Mendy


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