All I want for Christmas is Who – The Christmas Invasion

Hello my fellow Whovians, this is a review of The Christmas Invasion, a Doctor Who Christmas special. And yes, this contains spoilers, so be warned my sweeties!


The Christmas Invasion aired in the UK on Christmas day in 2005 and is the first official Christmas special and the first official episode with David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.

We start off with a nice little scene were Jacky Tyler is decoration her house and Mickey is tinkering away in the auto shop listening to Christmas music. Until they hear that familiar sound of a TARDIS with the brakes still on. They rush outside, anxious to see their beloved Rose again, but when the door opens a very scrawny guy with freckles, floppy hair and brown eyes stumbles out, just able to mutter the words “Merry Christmas” to them before he collapses. (My David does look good in a leather Jacket.)

Rose comes out after that and Jacky and Mickey are dumbstruck and ask for the Doctor. Rose is just a mess of blubbering tears (my god she does cry a lot in this episode, grow some balls woman!) and explains to them this is the Doctor. They haul him inside and put him in a pair of pajamas from some vague ‘friend’ of Jacky, who has been spending the night, yeah right! RTD02The Doctor is out cold, if not for the fact that he gasps little golden clouds, which is actually regenerative energy as we learn later, and doesn’t respond to anything.

Rose fuzzes over him, listening to his two hearts (since when does Rose have a medical degree) and explain to ‘mum’ that she fell in love with an alien (cue the Kelly Family music) and that he has 2 hearts and apparently also change his appearance with a loud bang and sparkles.

Mickey, as the deluded boyfriend he is, takes Rose out in the city for some Christmas shopping while they run into a group of eerie looking Santa’s playing Christmas songs. Turns out _41116364_santas_203that Santa is a bit more dangerous this year and they retreat back into the flat after being attacked by these crazy Santa robots.

Back home they discover the ‘lovely’ white fake Christmas tree is being replaced with a nice big green one. Jacky, being blond as she is. “Oh Rose I thought you bought that for me, since you were out shopping.” Ok since when does the quick delivery ever means instant delivery? And they are now attacked by a killer Christmas tree. Oh how I love this episode, killer Santa’s, killer Christmas trees, Christmas will never be the same, thank you Mr. Davies!

Rose screams for the Doctor like a proper companion and he wakes up long enough to sonic the tree, leaving a nice cartoon shaped tree size in the wall. The Doctor rushes outside and finds the creepy killer Santa’s standing outside the flat, staring at them. The Doctor calls them ‘pilot fish’ and has a few gut twisting moments when he Dr-Who-christmas-invasioncollapses in pain, along with an apple joke (an apple a day keeps the Doctor away) and tells his three companions that something bigger is coming before collapsing into unconsciousness again.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, “My name is Harriet Jones,” yeah we know! (And why is it that just about everyone is called Jones?) Prepare for Guinevere one to land on Mars and the live broadcast of this event. Only to be amazed when an alien face appears on screen and starts some angry speech.  Harriet calls in the help of UNIT and her; my you do have a cute bum, assistant to start working on a translation. Because apparently these aren’t Martians, well duh Sherlock (oh sorry, wrong TV show) and Harriet makes inquiries about Torchwood, since there is no word of the Doctor. Mind you, this is Torchwood one we are talking about, based in London, not Torchwood three with a certain hot Captain in a long grey coat (couldn’t resist).

Meanwhile Mickey hacked into UNIT (someone forgot to delete certain entry codes) and Rose finds out she can’t understand a word the Sycorax are saying, since the TARDIS always xmas_invasiontranslate just about everything, which makes her more and more concerned about the Doctor, while he still is taking a nice, peaceful post-regenerate nap.

The alien spaceship is speeding towards earth and that cute assistant translates the message that has been send out. They are dealing with the Sycorax, and they demand surrender of the humans, or how they say it themselves, the cattle. Harriet Jones refuses to surrender and the Sycorax retaliate by mesmerizing a third of the human population and compel them to find the highest point to stand on.

Harriet Jones doesn’t know what to do any more so in an act of desperation she turns towards the public, urging them to keep calm, mentioning that the Queen’s Christmas speech is dw-newport-tredegar_house-christmas-invasion_01cancelled (the royal family is standing on the roof) and calls out for the Doctor. I’m just wondering, don’t these people have rooms with doors and locks; were they can lock up their loved ones trying to reach a roof?

And then the Sycorax ship enters the earth’s atmosphere. Rose freaks out and she wants the Doctor to be safe, so together with Mickey and Jacky they get the Doctor back in the TARDIS while he remains unconscious. Jacky is left behind because she is fussing over getting more food and supplies in the TARDIS, although she left some already there, including a thermos with tea. (Remember, this is important, but then again tea is always important. I haul huge quantities back from the UK The-Christmas-Invasion-doctor-who-17690485-1600-900whenever I’m there. I love Typhoo tea and you can’t get it in Holland.) The TARDIS in the mean time is being transported on the Sycorax ship, together with Harriet Jones, prime minister (yes we know!) the cute assistant, and two others. They die soon as they try to stand up against the Sycorax, because the demand total surrender, so names are not that important.

Rose steps out of the TARDIS and is in for a surprise, seeing the Sycorax face to face, and like a proper damsel in distress she screams, which causes Mickey to drop the thermos of tea and follow her. The tea spills of course, setting of sparks in the console room and the Doctor breaths in the fumes.

Then Rose tries to bluff her way out of the whole Sycorax situation by yelling random stuff she learned from the Doctor on her travels. Which of course doesn’t work. And suddenly she can understand the Sycorax, the TARDIS is working properly again and the Doctor is awake, opening the doors in that cute striped pajama, saying: “did you miss me?”

And now we get to see the Doctor, David Tennant as the Doctor, for the first time properly. Ranting, chatting, bouncing, laughing, bashing, and jumping up and down in the Sycorax ship, trying to figure out who he is. And there is this big shiny red button. What is it with men and buttons, and why do they have the urge to push it? But it’s a good thing he does, because unlike what the Sycorax told before, it doesn’t let the people jump of the buildings, but releases them from their power. The Sycorax still want to claim the earth but the Doctor says he XmasInvasion_Swordfightwants to fight their leader in single combat.

They have a swordfight, leasing trough the ship and outside, and the Doctor loses his hand, luckily he is still in his regenerating process and grows it back. (That’s the story behind the hand in a jar which we see in more episodes later and also in Torchwood) Finally he wins the challenge and gets and oath from the leader to leave earth alone and never come back again. The minute the Doctor turns his back, the leader retaliates, but the Doctor wouldn’t be the Doctor is he couldn’t solve that one, so he sends the Sycorax leader to his death. The Sycorax are send on their way, and the Doctor brings back everyone to London.

Harriet Jones, Prime Minister (oh god, just shut up already, WE KNOW!) asks the Doctor about more alien life in the universe, and the Doctor tells her about it. Then cutesy assistant gets the call Torchwood is ready and Harriet Jones gives the order to fire, and destroys the Sycorax ship.  To say the Doctor is furious about this, is an understatement. When Harriet asks if the Doctor is considered a threat he warns her that he can bring down the British government with just six words, so he leans over to the hot assistant and whispers: “Don’t you think she looks tired?”

thechristmasinvasiondrwhoJacky, Rose, Mickey and the Doctor enjoy a proper Christmas dinner and one of my favorite scenes comes up. The Doctor in the TARDIS Wardrobe picks out TCI_02his famous brown pinstripe suit and long coat while we see other famous clothing from all the ages of Doctor Who. It’s an amazing scene, so well shot and fun to see the fourth Doctor’s scarf and other famous clothing items. Meanwhile Harriet Jones is trying to explain to the public she’s not sick. When the Doctor goes back to the TARDIS it’s snowing, or as he explains it, it’s not snow but the ash of the Sycorax ship. (It never snows properly in London at Christmas).  And Rose ones more joins him, off to another adventure.


Sorry about the long review, I try to keep it shorter for the other ones, but I really like this Christmas episode. The first one with David Tennant, seeing him playing the Doctor for the first time. Him bouncing around the Sycorax ship, his severed hand, the constant Harriet Jones jokes, the TARDIS wardrobe, what’s not to love?


Until the next review my lovely geeks.

Lots of love, your own hot cute girly and Christmassy geek, Mendy.


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