YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, it’s time for another YouTube Sunday and I have fun one’s for you today. A bit more then I usually do, but I had to share them. Is everyone ready for Christmas yet? All the presents bought and groceries stocked for a lovely Christmas dinner? I’m just really happy with my Christmas bonus from work, this means I can do some much needed repairs to my house, and I bought a sewing machine and I’m gonna buy the Doctor Who and Torchwood DVD’s from Amazon as soon as I figure out how I can order without a credit card, it will be a Christmas present for myself J

But let’s start with the vids:

Flash Gordon, an old movie, but one that I absolutely love, the cheesy lines, the terrible sparkling clothing and the crappy special effects, to top it off the best music ever by Queen, so what’s not to love, here’s Flash Gordon in a nutshell:

The next vids is a Christmas video made by Darren Hayes last year. I’ve been a fan since he started Savage Garden and I count myself lucky to have seen him for the first time live this year in London:

This vid you can save for a rainy day (or rainy Christmas day) it’s all the video blogs made by Peter Jackson for the Hobbit:

And there was a new trailer for the new Star Trek movie this week; I can’t wait to see it in the cinema next year:

We also got a new Doctor Who prequel / minisode this week, my my, Christmas did indeed come early this year:

Another Doctor Who vid, I’m gonna spend my Christmas with a Dalek (why would anyone want that?)

The Fine Brothers made this amazing and really fast talking Doctor Who video, 47 years in 6 minutes, I bow down to your geekyness gentlemen:

2 Santa’s reenact the Twilight love scene; yep still a better love story then twilight:

If you are a fan of the walking dead, then you are gonna love this parody, The Walking Dumb ways to die, slight warning, it contains zombies and gore and blood:

Next is a little Christmas party trick over at the amazing geeks from QI, poor, poor Alan Davies:

Nativity 3, dude where’s my donkey. A production made by absolute radio, starring David Tennant as the Virgin Mary, even if you’re not a doctor who fan this is absolutely fun to watch. I laughed so hard I almost… well you know. Part 1:  Part 2: and part 3:

Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy


About hotcutegirlygeek

Hi I’m Mendy, 30, live in the Netherlands together with my lovely cat Sir James. I’m a social worker who works with drug addicts and homeless people by day and a geek, avid blogger and aspiring author by heart. I read, write, blog, bake and create. More about Hot Cute Girly Geek

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