Top 10 on Thursday!!! Top 10 hottest captains in sci-fi and fantasy!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, it’s time for another top 10 list and this time it’s time for the top 10 hottest captains you see on screen in sci-fi and fantasy.

Did you know how hard it is to find hot captains? Or captains that are actually called captain? So I cheated with one, because I found that he deserved a spot in my list. So enjoy!

10     Captain America (the Avengers) Chris Evans: Like I said, it was hard to find hot captains, but seeing as my internet friends are fangirling about him, I added this one to the list, and admitted, he is cute, but not my kind of captain 😉chris-evans-captain-america-21

09     Captain Kirk (Star Trek: the Future begins) Chris Pine: Again the same thing as number 10, but if I had to chose between the original captain Kirk and the new one, give me this one please.chris-pine-kirk

08     Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek) Patrick Steward: Ok, how can you go wrong with captain Picard, I know he is old and bald, but the guy has charisma, and that accent and the tea, earl grey, hot.b89f31a85da7290ddecdad44f2628c17e208901f

07     Han Solo (Star Wars) Harrison Ford: With this one I cheated. Harrison Ford did look good back in the days and wouldn’t you want to go on a flight in his space ship?


06     Captain Hook (Peter Pan 2003) Jason Isaacs: I’m a huge Peter Pan fan, doesn’t matter what version I love them all. If it’s the Disney classic, the movie Hook, return to Neverland or the movie Peter Pan, have you seen this man’s eyes!


05     Captain John Hart (Torchwood) James Marsters: How can you possible go wrong with James. I fell in love with him on Buffy, oh Spike. And I was surprised to see him on Torchwood, KISSING!!!! Another hot captain, hell yeah for fanfiction explosion.

Torchwood - James Marsters as Captain John Hart - Adrian Rogers/BBC Worldwide

04     Captain Malcom ‘Mal’ Reynolds (Firefly) Nathan Fillion: Oh Nathan, one of the cutest captains. What can I possible say more, just look at him…


03     Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) Johhny Depp: This captain got bumped to the 3rd spot just because of the fact that I imagine he doesn’t smell nice, yep that’s a weird reason. I mean, it’s Johnny Depp and even dressed as a drunk Keith Richards look-a-like pirate, he still managed to be hot.


02     Captain Hook (Once upon a time) Colin O’Donoghue: If you haven’t already watched Once Upon a Time, I urge you to do so. The series is brilliant and this captain Hook is really, really hot, and young, and his eyes, and the accent and… this can go on for hours.


01     Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood / Doctor Who) John Barrowman: Obviously the number 1 in my list. Captain, immortal, hot, sexy, cute, sassy, sexy, funny, sexy, companion, con-man, omnisexual, 51st century pheromones, sexy, award winning smile, stuck in our time-line, long grey coat, sexy. Well you get the picture.


I hoped you liked my list (and the pictures) until next time, my hot cute girly and boy geeks.

Love, mendy

btw, couldn’t resist adding the picture for nr 5 and nr 1 kissing (sorry boys):



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2 thoughts on “Top 10 on Thursday!!! Top 10 hottest captains in sci-fi and fantasy!

  1. Hi Sweetie

    Well, knowing you as I do, it was inevitable that you were going to do this Top 10… and it was inevitable that Jack would get top spot.

    As the guy who introduced you to the Whoniverse, you can thank me later. LOL

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