Guestblogging hiatus

Oh My Geek, I am so sorry for just disappearing off the face of the planet.
I cannot really pinpoint the exact reason, but I’ve been silent on pretty much every platform except for twitter and instagram, since you can update those on the go. I have not made a video since August, nor a blog post.  I started school in September and it was not pretty. Oh my, the amount of homework we had to do!! I took two courses at the same time, and NEVER again!

I’ve also had some disheartening news concerning a disease in my immediate family, and to say that it hasn’t affected EVERYTHING, would be a lie. I’ll tell you this much, it involves my mum and she is currently in treatment to get rid of this monster inside her, and she is responding very well.

I now have a job, finishing off one course and trying to move closer to christmas! First of Advent tomorrow, and I might film a video that I might just be able to put on this blog for you to enjoy! =)

Keep rocking that geek,
xx Zandrina


2 thoughts on “Guestblogging hiatus

  1. No worries Zee, I know you have a lot to deal with a the moment, but I still love you and a big huggggggggggggg!

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