Sherlock!!! A review of season 1 and 2

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper review, but it’s time now. So sit back and relax for a review of Sherlock season 1 and 2.

I just finished watching them and let me tell you I am hooked! Damn you Moffat!!! I think everybody is familiar with Sherlock Holmes and all of us seen one adaptation of the story at one point in their lives. Maybe you read the books, or you talked about it at school, maybe you watched the Disney animation version or the new movies with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Btw I think they are brilliant. But I am talking about the BBC adaptation from 2010, the miniseries starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Setting Sherlock in modern day London.

The masterminds behind these series are Mark Gatiss (he also plays the role of Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock) and we know him of course from Doctor Who as an actor in different episodes and as a writer for different episodes. How epic is it to give yourself a role in your own TV series. And the other mastermind (I bow down to his epicenes) is Steven Moffat, best known as writer and producer for Doctor Who (hmm, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.)

They created a modern day Sherlock (played by the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch) with his trustworthy sidekick Dr. John Watson (played by Martin Freeman) they both didn’t star in Doctor Who (little bit of a letdown, but what who’s to say it can’t be done?) but have parts in The Hobbit. Great friend reunited in another great story. They also filmed a great deal of the series in Cardiff (like another series I won’t mention…) but they do film in London also. Battersea power station plays a big role in it. (I know that building from somewhere…) And how cool is it I recognize filming locations. Much to my surprises it was one of my own train rides into London and I gasped in awe as I saw it pictured in Sherlock. Uber geek out moment on the couch, hihi.

The series start off with an amazing episode ‘a study in pink’ which is loosely based on the first Sherlock Holmes novel ‘a study in scarlet’ and we get to know Sherlock, Watson and the other main characters, such as Sherlock’s brother. The landlady of 221B Baker Street, Mrs. Hudson. Inspector Lestrade, and Molly Hooper. We get to see how Watson becomes a friend of Sherlock, and sucked into all the madness, how Sherlock is a brilliant mastermind but doesn’t understand social situations (and on the subject of his brain, I’m in love with it!) and how Watson, at the end always has Sherlock’s back. (I’m trying really hard not to spoil things for the geeks who haven’t watched the series yet) Oh and can I just say I’m glad they reshot the unaired pilot? It works far better now than it did before.

The second episode, ‘the blind banker’ follows Sherlock and Watson as they investigate a series of murders and spray-paint ciphers being left behind by the killer. I found the second episode much less attractive then the first episode. I mean, the story was nice, but in my opinion it didn’t work that well. We get an inside in Watson’s private love life and the whole Chinese angle was done neat, but I had a hard time following it and according to lots of other reviewers online, they had the same feeling.

Which leaves us with the third and final episode of season 1 and what a great episode is that. Even the title mentions it ‘the great game.’ Sherlock is bored and a bored twisted mastermind is never good but he gets sucked into a case when across the street there is an explosion and now the top floor of 221B Baker Street is missing its windows. Sherlock get’s a few puzzles to solve involving old murder cases and people strapped to bombs in a limited time. And we finally meet the infamous Jim Moriarty. Played by Andrew Scott, and again, what an epic actor. He plays the role well for a deranged, psychopathic, bored, highly intellectual bad guy and arch enemy. The episode leaves us with an amazing cliffhanger…

So the second season picks up where we left at the end of the first season, Sherlock, Watson, Moriarty, a pool, a bomb and guns, this should be interesting… When the problem is solved we enter the third episode ‘a scandal in Belgravia’ involving a very interesting dominatrix and possible the first clue into Sherlock’s personal love life, although in the first episode of season one there is hinted he is gay. So we have a naked Sherlock in Buckingham Palace and a very naked dominatrix toying with the great Sherlock. I must say, I loved this episode, because of all the hinting, insinuating and the humor. You just have to see for yourself.

The second episode in the second season ‘the hounds of Baskerville’ is one of the most famous Sherlock Holmes stories ever and we get to see a familiar face, familiar for the fans of that other TV series I already mentioned too often. I’m talking about Russell Tovey, who is also known for his role in Being Human (btw I thought that series sucked), and he plays the role of Henry Knight who witnessed his dad murdered at the age of 6 in Dartmoor, by a gigantic hound. So he calls in for help from the great Sherlock. Sherlock is starting to get famous by now, thanks to Watson and his blog about the adventures they have. And that is a cool adaptation of modern use in an old story.

Sherlock and Watson follow the trail back to Baskerville, a military research base which does, surprisingly not, animal testing. Henry is plagued by the sightings of the hound. And sorry, but how stupid can you be, if you live in the middle of nowhere and you have a glass wall? Don’t people watch horror movies anymore? He should have stayed with his first career choice, on a ship, or doing the nasty with a certain captain. Ok, sorry about that. Well, no I’m not actually. Back to the review. Sherlock can be such a bastard sometimes, much to the viewers amusement and again they solve this case.

And we end up at the third and last episode of season 2, ‘the Reichenbach fall’ a crazy, amazing, mind-blowing last episode, which starts with the dead of Sherlock. Wait, what? No, he can’t die, he’s Sherlock, the mastermind who can fool anybody, can see patterns where others can’t, he can’t be… And we get a flashback to what lead to this unfortunately event. And it involves Moriarty, staging a series of break-ins and framing Sherlock for, well, for about every case he solved. So we end with the dead of Sherlock and a heartbroken Watson at his grave, and it seems like the end of everything…

Why do I love it? Well, the adaptation of great novels in the present time. A smart Sherlock using modern day gadgets to solve his crimes, the humor: obvious and in little things. The fact that Sherlock sets everyone straight and the faithfulness of Watson, and about a million other things. So this is a definite to watch series if you haven’t already.

Until next time,

Love from your hot cute girly geek Mendy.

PS: I have a surprise in store, your hot cute girly geek is picking up vlogging, next to the blogging, watch out for the first episode on the 23rd of November…


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3 thoughts on “Sherlock!!! A review of season 1 and 2

  1. Soooooo glad you love this series as well.

    As somebody who has a passing knowledge of the Holmes mythos, it’s interesting to see how carefully the writers cherry pick elements from various Holmes stories and fuse them into one episode of Sherlock.

    Cumberbatch and Freeman are absolutely bob on as Sherlock and John. Sherlock is meant to be brilliant, emotionally detached and pretty much as dangerous as the criminals he pursues whilst John is meant to be a clever man who’s only fault is that he has the humanity that Sherlock lacks, which puts him that half step behind Holmes. My argument against some of the earlier interpretations is this, why would Holmes choose to associate himself with a bumbling idiot??? John Watson must have had a modicum of intelligence and bravery to not only be a doctor, but an army doctor to boot.

    One thing that I hope for in series three is that the writers explore Holmes’s relationship with Molly more without going down the obvious romantic route – which would totally be against Sherlock’s character.

    Great post. 🙂
    Also, without pursuing the obvious romantic thing”

  2. Apologies for accidentally tagging on that last half sentence. WordPress played up a little bit.

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