YouTube Sunday

Hello my hot cute girly and boy geeks, how are you all doing on this fine Sunday? Sorry I wasn’t around last week, I was busy doing Gishwhes 2012 and I loved every minute of it. I did some crazy stuff, reciting the Raven to a crow, creating a hangover picture while trashing my living room. (Luckily I had some friends staying over who helped me tidy things up after that) create a random act of kindness and helping break 2 Guinness World Records! And one of the assignments was also knit a 12 feet long scarf. I can knit, but not that fast and since I wanted it to be epic and awesome I tried to knit the Doctor Who scarf. Needless to say I didn’t succeed in the limited time we had, but I am still knitting, and this is what I got so far:

I know the colors aren’t exactly the same but it’s the cheapest I could find and that resembled the other colors, and I like my brown better. If you think, well that is cool, I want to do the same thing, go over to this website: this awesome lady has created the patterns for all the scarves. And I’m working on the season 16/17 scarf.

Since we are already in a Doctor Who kinda mode, here are 3 awesome Doctor who video’s on YouTube a Whovian must see:

If you are a big fan of the 10th Doctor and especially the Blink episode, you know the one with Sally Sparrow; you can amaze your friends with this cool blink video with transcript and play Sally Sparrow at home, talking directly to the Doctor:

The next video is also pretty amazing: The Ballad of Russel and Julie and was created by the cast as a thank you after David left and Russel replaced by Steven, so sit back, relax and know you can do it!

The last video I wanted to share with you guys is this one: The cast and crew of Doctor Who celebrate the end of the Tenth Doctor’s era by singing and dancing along to The Proclaimers ‘500 Miles’

If you have any other funny, beautiful or crazy Doctor Who video’s I should watch, just leave me a comment.

Love from your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Ps and a big shout out to my friend Theta who made me a proud Whovian and a Doctor Who addict.


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Hi I’m Mendy, 30, live in the Netherlands together with my lovely cat Sir James. I’m a social worker who works with drug addicts and homeless people by day and a geek, avid blogger and aspiring author by heart. I read, write, blog, bake and create. More about Hot Cute Girly Geek

4 thoughts on “YouTube Sunday

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  2. I only invited you to the party that is Doctor Who… you accepted the invitation.

    You know that I love those videos too!!! (Especially because I know you love a certain moment in The Ballad of Russell and Julie… you know the one. LOL)

    Big hugs and lurve back to ya for the shout out.

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