Top 10 on Thursday!!! 10 Geeky series you should watch!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. It’s been a while since I did a top 10 on Thursday, but as you know it, life happens, and knitting a 12 feet long Doctor Who scarf, pictures will follow soon, almost done, just have to do the tassels and then I’m done, thank god! It took me a month. I started the 30th of October and I will finish adding the tassels tomorrow. But for now, I give you a top ten list of geeky shows you have to watch. Most are on TV right now or we have a hiatus and a new season will start soon. Oh and this review contains spoilers. So without further ado, my top 10:

Ok I cheated a little bit with number 10, a shared place for Arrow and Revolution:

10 Arrow:  This is a new show which started airing this year. And it’s a sort of modern day Robin Hood, meets Castaway and it also has John Barrowman in it. For me all the reasons to watch, although I don’t think the show is super awesome, it’s still nice to watch.

Revolution: What if the world has no more power? Then we get a crossover from a post apocalyptic world which reminds me a little of the Postman and Waterworld, meets Jericho. But wait; maybe we can restore the power but what if the bad guys get it. Ok, I loved Jericho far better than this one and the fact that Sherriff Swan from Twilight has a lead role in it is strange to watch. But still, a nice show which also started this year.

9 Teen Wolf: If you’re from the ’80 like me or even older, you must have watched teen wolf the movie, which is adapted into a series by MTV. Great cast, great music, cool werewolves, amazing story. How do you hide a pack of werewolves in a small American town? Add some hunters in the mix, a lot of hormones and teen angst and you have a great show. The first two seasons only had 12 episodes, but season 3 will have the double amount and I am looking forward to watching it next year.

8 Game of Thrones: Amazing books by George RR Martin, adapted in a series, where everybody dies, everybody has sex with everybody, amazing fighting scenes, blood, gore, strong female lead roles, nice men to watch, intrigues, gossip and backstabbing. Currently waiting for season 3 to start next year, so be sure to watch the previous seasons and my advice? Read the books first and then watch the series. It makes a lot more sense then.

7 The Vampire Diaries: Let me tell you, the books suck, but the series is awesome. Although I feel it could be a little less young adult and more adult, if you know what I mean, (I mean hot steamy scenes with Damon wearing no shirt, hint hint) one of the main reasons I watch. And be serious. Season 5 of True Blood sucked (pun intended) and season 4 of the Vampire Diaries is for me still a reason to keep watching.

6 Lost Girl: They promote this show with you got vampires and werewolves we have a succubus. Also a lot of fairytale creatures and a succubus looking to uncover her past, with a hot werewolf by her side and a quirky human girl. It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s hot and season 3 starts in January 2013

5 Once Upon a Time: I discovered this jewel a couple of days ago and I watched season 1 so far. Fairytales are the new thing, next to all the vampires and werewolves and I love it. It gives  a nice little twist to the fairytales we know and some we don’t know as well. Also, fairytale creatures in modern day life, without them knowing it? It’s a great twist and what got me hooked. Currently airing in the US in its second season, and it starts on Dutch TV in a couple of days.

4 The Walking Dead: Zombies, Zombies, Zombies. What if we have a worldwide plague of Zombies and a few groups of survivors, fighting to the death to deal with it? Yep, addictive as hell. That and the zombies are really gruesome. Awesome special effects, we are in the middle of season 3, so if you haven’t start watching yet, you can catch up quite a lot. Although the seasons are short, they are worth it.

3 Supernatural: Hello, season gr8! Although some of the new episodes can be a drag. It’s supernatural, a show with two brothers fighting demons, hunting things and doing a lot of ganking. Ok they kill a lot of main characters which leave you sobbing on the couch, but the cast is amazing. Yes season 8 is also known as the Crowley show. Look at past blogs of mine, GO WATCH IT, ITS AWESOME!!!

2 Sherlock: I started watching this show a couple of weeks ago and I am hooked. But then again, it’s written by Steven Moffat so it has to be brilliant. I even did a review last week. So why should you watch it, because there are a dozen of different versions of the story of Sherlock Holmes. Well, this one sets in modern day London, it’s brilliantly cast, the dialogues are amazing and it makes awesome use of modern day techniques and I love it! You can pick up season 1 and 2. The only thing is we have to wait a while for season 3. It was supposed to air sometime around May next year, but rumor online it that it may well be postponed to 2014. Damn you Moffat!!!

1 Doctor Who: You should by now know I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, although I started watching a couple of months ago, I still wonder how I survived my life for that long without the Doctor. So why should you watch? Well, it’s the longest running series on the BBC and next year Doctor Who will celebrate its 50th birthday. It’s suppose to be a children’s series, but as an adult I immensely enjoy it/ It’s hard to explain, but Doctor Who is brilliant, exciting, funny, loving, maddening, scary, emotional, beautiful, amazing, magnificent, terrifying, frustrating and I could go on for hours like that. Just watch it! Currently in the new season, season 7 and we are in a midwinter stop. The new episode starts at Christmas and from the previews I’ve seen, I’ll never build a snowman ever again. Damn you Moffat!!!


I hope you liked my top 10 list, until next time.


Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy



The Sacrifice Trailer

Hey Hot Cute Girly Geeks,

Thought you might be interested in this trailer on YouTube..hope you enjoy it.

It’s called the sacrifice and it was made by me.

YouTube Sunday!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. I know I promised you a vlog, but I’m terrible at planning and since I had to bake practically the whole weekend I didn’t have any time to edit it and I’m not real happy with the footage so I’m probably gonna reshoot it sometime this week and post it. But now, YouTube Sunday and I have some beauties for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the vids.

As any good geeky girl I watch the Big Bang Theory and I love the show! So here is a little video about what happened during shooting an episode. Also, look at Sheldon, just staying in the background, lol.

I love the Lord of the Rings and I love the piano guys. I have 2 videos from them. The first a beautiful one where they do a piece of music from the Lord of the Rings and the second one is a Star Wars parody.

The next video is a little bit long, but it contains epicness and Alan Rickman, what more do you want?

How can you combine 3 awesome shows? Well cast members from Supernatural and Doctor Who and watch NCIS this week, here is the promo:

Another Star Wars film, this time a flash mob in Germany:

Ok, the last video needs some explaining. I live in the Netherlands, we do celebrate Christmas but we don’t believe in Santa Clause when we are children, this is because we have our own celebrating the 5th of December and it’s called ‘Sinterklaas.’ His helpers are ‘zwarte pieten’ or black Piets. And they made their own gangham style cover. Which I think is hilarious. It is in Dutch, but still fun to watch. And if you want to learn more about ‘Sinterklaas’ visit this wikipage where it is all explained.

I hoped you enjoyed this week’s videos. Until next time, my geeks.

Love, your hot cute girly geek Mendy.

Birthdays all around!!!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks.

So I was supposed to upload a fun video today, because I promised to start vlogging. The thing is, I taped my video, only I’m way too tired to edit it, and I want it to be brilliant, so it will be up sometime tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with just this. Happy Birthday Doctor Who! On its 49th birthday and happy birthday to me on my 29th birthday. Yep your hot cute girly geek is born on Doctor Who day, lol.

I’m gonna enjoy my presents now and watch the DVD my good friend and fellow blogger Theta send me. The 20th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, the five Doctors, which is a special 25th anniversary edition and it aired originally on the 25th of November in 1983.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Youtube specials

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Hi Hot Cute Girly Geeks,

Hi Mendy, how have you been?

Hope everyone has an awesome thanksgiving and enjoys the holiday.

Now for YouTube specials I recommend the Obama Impersonator- Alphacat. All videos come out every Thursday, I encourage you to check them all out.

By the way, Camgal now has an official Facebook page 🙂 You can like and subscribe to.

Also, you can answer this question on my channel. Do you think a man hitting a girl can ever be justified? Watch the video and share your thoughts

Are real books disappearing???

Hi my hot cute boy and girly geeks, I had some trouble finding geeky YouTube video’s yesterday, so I promise to make it up to you next Sunday. I wanted to talk to you about something else today. Are real books disappearing?


Nowadays almost everyone has either an e-reader, a tablet or a Smartphone with access to pdf files. I for one bought an e-reader last year. Don’t get me wrong. I love books. My house is filled with over 700 books by now and I can’t count the books I sold to secondhand shops over the years, which I still regret, but was necessary in order to have some living space.  I mean, I bought the house I’m currently living in based on the fact I could place two huge bookcases next together in the living room. Also, I love the smell of old books. I’m a real booknerd. I used to by my purses and carrier bags on the fact if it could fit my Lord of the Rings Trilogy in it. Otherwise it was too small. I never left my house without a book. And if I did I would panic. And when I almost was finished with a book, I brought a second one, just in case I had something to read.

But times change, I found out I had rheumatism and hauling that lord of the rings trilogy around isn’t particularly good for your back. A lot of people commented at my huge bags and how heavy they were. But I was appalled by the fact of buying an e-reader. You can’t put an e-reader on a shelve in a bookcase, it looks silly. It doesn’t smell like a book, you can’t turn the pages like a book. The pages don’t age with time.

But then again, it doesn’t weigh a lot like a book, if you finished one book; you have another book just with you without the extra weight, not just one book, but hundreds of them. And if you buy the right one, your battery life is excessive, I can use mine for more than a week and still doesn’t have to recharge it. Also, it makes reading in bed a lot easier. No heavy books leaning on my arms and scratch marks. And I still buy books, but only the ones I really love. I now have the luxury to buying the awesome books and don’t make mistakes about books sucking and pining away in my bookcase. Also I’m an eclectic reader, I read whatever book I’m in the mood for.

So yes, I’m a big fan of e-books and e-readers. The only thing I don’t agree with is that a lot of books nowadays only come out as e-books. Like I said, if I find a book awesome and great, I want it to have that special place in my bookcase alongside its friends.

And the second thing I mentioned. Audio books. When I was younger I rented an audio book in the library, I think it was a children’s book by Roald Dahl. I listened to it for 15 minutes before stopping. It was too slow. I read very fast and it would take me more time to listen to a book then actually reading it.

But then, I couple of weeks ago I went into surgery for my back. I had to stay for 4 days in the hospital and I knew a part of my recovery therapy would be a lot of walking. So I downloaded a couple of audio books, just to try it out. I downloaded the Torchwood audio books to be specific. And the cool thing about these books, they are all being read by the lead cast of Torchwood. So now I’m walking around town a couple of times a day, listening to Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen, Owen and Tosh, telling me about their adventures and it’s awesome. I can safely say it’s one of the reasons my recovery is going well. I hate walking, but the fact that I know I can listen to some more chapters on my mp-3 player is a big motivation.

And you know what? This year my birthday/Christmas list is made out of all the books by Torchwood, cause face it, they look way cooler in my bookcase then on my mp-3 player.

So in my case, books are never disappearing out of my life. I love books, I’m a bookworm, a book junkie, a book geek, but one that adapts to the new technologies and I love it!

Let me hear your thought on audio books and e-readers.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Sherlock!!! A review of season 1 and 2

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper review, but it’s time now. So sit back and relax for a review of Sherlock season 1 and 2.

I just finished watching them and let me tell you I am hooked! Damn you Moffat!!! I think everybody is familiar with Sherlock Holmes and all of us seen one adaptation of the story at one point in their lives. Maybe you read the books, or you talked about it at school, maybe you watched the Disney animation version or the new movies with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Btw I think they are brilliant. But I am talking about the BBC adaptation from 2010, the miniseries starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Setting Sherlock in modern day London.

The masterminds behind these series are Mark Gatiss (he also plays the role of Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock) and we know him of course from Doctor Who as an actor in different episodes and as a writer for different episodes. How epic is it to give yourself a role in your own TV series. And the other mastermind (I bow down to his epicenes) is Steven Moffat, best known as writer and producer for Doctor Who (hmm, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.)

They created a modern day Sherlock (played by the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch) with his trustworthy sidekick Dr. John Watson (played by Martin Freeman) they both didn’t star in Doctor Who (little bit of a letdown, but what who’s to say it can’t be done?) but have parts in The Hobbit. Great friend reunited in another great story. They also filmed a great deal of the series in Cardiff (like another series I won’t mention…) but they do film in London also. Battersea power station plays a big role in it. (I know that building from somewhere…) And how cool is it I recognize filming locations. Much to my surprises it was one of my own train rides into London and I gasped in awe as I saw it pictured in Sherlock. Uber geek out moment on the couch, hihi.

The series start off with an amazing episode ‘a study in pink’ which is loosely based on the first Sherlock Holmes novel ‘a study in scarlet’ and we get to know Sherlock, Watson and the other main characters, such as Sherlock’s brother. The landlady of 221B Baker Street, Mrs. Hudson. Inspector Lestrade, and Molly Hooper. We get to see how Watson becomes a friend of Sherlock, and sucked into all the madness, how Sherlock is a brilliant mastermind but doesn’t understand social situations (and on the subject of his brain, I’m in love with it!) and how Watson, at the end always has Sherlock’s back. (I’m trying really hard not to spoil things for the geeks who haven’t watched the series yet) Oh and can I just say I’m glad they reshot the unaired pilot? It works far better now than it did before.

The second episode, ‘the blind banker’ follows Sherlock and Watson as they investigate a series of murders and spray-paint ciphers being left behind by the killer. I found the second episode much less attractive then the first episode. I mean, the story was nice, but in my opinion it didn’t work that well. We get an inside in Watson’s private love life and the whole Chinese angle was done neat, but I had a hard time following it and according to lots of other reviewers online, they had the same feeling.

Which leaves us with the third and final episode of season 1 and what a great episode is that. Even the title mentions it ‘the great game.’ Sherlock is bored and a bored twisted mastermind is never good but he gets sucked into a case when across the street there is an explosion and now the top floor of 221B Baker Street is missing its windows. Sherlock get’s a few puzzles to solve involving old murder cases and people strapped to bombs in a limited time. And we finally meet the infamous Jim Moriarty. Played by Andrew Scott, and again, what an epic actor. He plays the role well for a deranged, psychopathic, bored, highly intellectual bad guy and arch enemy. The episode leaves us with an amazing cliffhanger…

So the second season picks up where we left at the end of the first season, Sherlock, Watson, Moriarty, a pool, a bomb and guns, this should be interesting… When the problem is solved we enter the third episode ‘a scandal in Belgravia’ involving a very interesting dominatrix and possible the first clue into Sherlock’s personal love life, although in the first episode of season one there is hinted he is gay. So we have a naked Sherlock in Buckingham Palace and a very naked dominatrix toying with the great Sherlock. I must say, I loved this episode, because of all the hinting, insinuating and the humor. You just have to see for yourself.

The second episode in the second season ‘the hounds of Baskerville’ is one of the most famous Sherlock Holmes stories ever and we get to see a familiar face, familiar for the fans of that other TV series I already mentioned too often. I’m talking about Russell Tovey, who is also known for his role in Being Human (btw I thought that series sucked), and he plays the role of Henry Knight who witnessed his dad murdered at the age of 6 in Dartmoor, by a gigantic hound. So he calls in for help from the great Sherlock. Sherlock is starting to get famous by now, thanks to Watson and his blog about the adventures they have. And that is a cool adaptation of modern use in an old story.

Sherlock and Watson follow the trail back to Baskerville, a military research base which does, surprisingly not, animal testing. Henry is plagued by the sightings of the hound. And sorry, but how stupid can you be, if you live in the middle of nowhere and you have a glass wall? Don’t people watch horror movies anymore? He should have stayed with his first career choice, on a ship, or doing the nasty with a certain captain. Ok, sorry about that. Well, no I’m not actually. Back to the review. Sherlock can be such a bastard sometimes, much to the viewers amusement and again they solve this case.

And we end up at the third and last episode of season 2, ‘the Reichenbach fall’ a crazy, amazing, mind-blowing last episode, which starts with the dead of Sherlock. Wait, what? No, he can’t die, he’s Sherlock, the mastermind who can fool anybody, can see patterns where others can’t, he can’t be… And we get a flashback to what lead to this unfortunately event. And it involves Moriarty, staging a series of break-ins and framing Sherlock for, well, for about every case he solved. So we end with the dead of Sherlock and a heartbroken Watson at his grave, and it seems like the end of everything…

Why do I love it? Well, the adaptation of great novels in the present time. A smart Sherlock using modern day gadgets to solve his crimes, the humor: obvious and in little things. The fact that Sherlock sets everyone straight and the faithfulness of Watson, and about a million other things. So this is a definite to watch series if you haven’t already.

Until next time,

Love from your hot cute girly geek Mendy.

PS: I have a surprise in store, your hot cute girly geek is picking up vlogging, next to the blogging, watch out for the first episode on the 23rd of November…