“What shall we do now?”

‘”No more executions? Torture? Nothing?”

“It’s all changed. We’re free.”

“Are we?”


“What shall we do now?”

“Don’t know?” – Arak and Etta, Vengeance on Varos


Well, following last night’s dramatic episode of “Doctor Who”, there’s one question that I didn’t ask and deliberately so in the wake of Amy and Rory’s departure, “What are we going to watch until Christmas?”

Well, there will be some of you Geeky Girls and Boys that will watch a certain programme “Merlin” and some of you may be trying a programme called “Wizards vs Aliens” co-created by somebody called Russell T. Davies – can’t for the life of me think who he is.

So, after a couple of discussions with Mendy I’m going to do a series of reviews of classic “Doctor Who” stories on a semi-regular basis until the Christmas Day episode.  (Dependent on how busy I am over the coming months).  Some of these will link in with specific events – either Doctor Who related or with a time of year, so for example with Hallowe’en coming up, I may select a story like “The Daemons”, but some of these will be down to you lovely Geeky people out there.  If you want a review on a story from a particular era, or a particular monster that you’ve seen in the new series which has also got a classic series link, either drop me a line through the site as a comment or get in touch with me on Twitter.

Anyhow, I’ll probably be starting next week so that you don’t have too many withdrawal symptoms of your favourite Gallifreyan.


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