Youtube Love

Hello my dear geeks!

I come to you today in the state of my pj’s with my hair in a very messy bun… Yes, bedhead.
I felt that there was no time to waste and I NEEDED to share this video with you because it may or may not be the most acurate video I have ever watched. Again, there is really no need for words – just watch the video. Cassidy Tucker is my hero. ’nuff said.

Oh, and the video kinda explains the reason why I haven’t watched the last Harry Potter movie yet… When I do – drop chocolate in my lap and book it.

If, for some reason, the link doesn’t work and it say internal error…. click here!

Til next time, keep rocking that geek!
xx Zandrina


2 thoughts on “Youtube Love

  1. OMG, that is an awesome vid! love it, love the vlogger, subscibed to her immidiatly! thanks for the tip sweetie!

    • zandrinamcgowan says:

      She is amazing! Basically she says the exact things that I have on my mind! I LOVE HER! =)
      She makes a new video every wednesday so keep an eye on out wednesdays! =)

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