Discussion, Vlogging Yeah or Nay!!!

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine. I wanted to do a short post about vlogging, as a response to the previous post from my dear friend, guestblogger, fervent vlogger and companion Zandrina.

According to wiki: A video blog, sometimes shortened to vlog[1] (pronounced ‘vlog’, as opposed to ‘v-log’[2]) is a form of blog for which the medium is video,[3] and is a form of Web television. Entries often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. It is also a very popular category on YouTube.

Video logs (vlogs) also often take advantage of web syndication to allow for the distribution of video over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for automatic aggregation and playback on mobile devices and personal computers (See video podcast).

Vlogging seems to be hip and cool and it seems like everyone has a vlog or video blog. And that’s something I wanted to discuss with you guys today and I ask of you to hear your opinions about it.

Most vlogs are in English because, hey we all understand it, but if you are not native to an English speaking country you are bound to be left with some strange accent, or not knowing the words. I’m from the Netherlands, my own language is Dutch. I read a lot of my books in English, at the moment I think 95% of the stuff I read is in English, and a lot of TV-shows and movies I watch are without subtitles. Also I write in English. And the pro about writing a blog, is that you can stop for a moment, look up a word, a translation, how it is spelled and stuff. Whereas if you are vlogging I imagine you are left with a lot of footage that you can’t use, and you have to tape and re-tape your vlog over and over.

Also, how do you deal with your face being online? I’m a little bit older than most vloggers are. (Not that old, at the moment 28). Most vloggers are still in highschool and I am way past that point. The stuff you put online is bound to stay. What if your future employer doesn’t agree with it? I know a lot of company’s google you when you apply for a job nowadays and I can imagine some would not be pleased with the stuff some of us put online. That’s the main reason I choose only to be know with my first name and I try to keep my last name away from the internet.

But then again, I think it is sometimes easier to record a blog then to write it down, just pop behind a camera or webcam, record your stuff, do a little editing and that’s it. You’re done. But then again I don’t have experience with editing. Or making a video for YouTube.

  • So let me know what you think, what do you prefer, a vlog or a blog.
  • And if you vlog, how do you do that. What kinda programs do you use?
  • And do you use a webcam or a camera, what kind of program do you use for editing.
  • And how much time does it take to make a vlog?
  • And is it something you would like to see on this blog.
  • Do you want to see your own hot cute girly geek vlogging about random geeky stuff, in addition to the written blogs?
  • What are other things you have to keep into account with vlogging?

Love, your hot cute girly geek Mendy


About hotcutegirlygeek

Hi I’m Mendy, 30, live in the Netherlands together with my lovely cat Sir James. I’m a social worker who works with drug addicts and homeless people by day and a geek, avid blogger and aspiring author by heart. I read, write, blog, bake and create. More about Hot Cute Girly Geek

2 thoughts on “Discussion, Vlogging Yeah or Nay!!!

  1. zandrinamcgowan says:

    Being a vlogger I might be able to let you in on some tips!
    I tend to prefer vlogs because I like to just listen and not read. However I like a blog if it has visual aids!
    For me, when I vlog I sit in front of my camera and I just talk to it as if its a friend. In the beginning I used Windows Movie Maker which comes installed on all PC’s already. Now I use Adobe Premiere Elements which is the video equivilent of Photoshop.
    The making of a vlog can take anything from an hour to four. Before you’ve figured out what you want to talk about, set up the camera, film the vlog, put footage in computer, watch through to see what you can use/if you need anything else and finally editing. Uploading the video to Youtube is a different story, depending on quality and lenght it can take up to four hours for the upload itself… (the most tedious part if you ask me!)
    I would love to see some vlogs on this blog – if you want to I’d be happy to kick you off with a few videos so you can get into the process?
    To think about is to just have fun with it – if you mess up you can always do a second take! 😉

  2. i LIKE BLOGGING. I am very camera shy, so vlogging isn’t for me! Thanks, Emily

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