Doctor Who, the 10th Doctor!!!

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine!

So, in my last post I promised I’ll do a review and my thoughts about all the Doctors separately, so here is the 10th Doctor. But before I begin, some other news.

I made a deal with Theta, an awesome guest blogger on this site (you should check out his own blog!) to do a weekly review about all the new Doctor Who episodes. So be on the lookout for that. Also, I’ll be going to London in a couple of weeks, be prepared for a lot of geeky feedback on that! I plan on doing some Doctor Who sightseeing, the musical We Will Rock You, with of course a review, the British Museum. Oh my Cas so excited, wanna see the Rosetta stone. I’m really interested in the ancient history of Egypt and this will make my day. And… I’m going to see Darren Hayes live in concert. Darren Hayes is the former lead singer from the band Savage Garden. And I’m a fan for nearly 17 year now, but never been to a concert. This was the main reason I booked my trip to London in the first place. Also been very busy with Gishwhes, the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen. I have a kick-ass team and the grant prize this year is a sleepover in a haunted Scottish castle. And if we win this, me and my fellow Whovians are gonna try to extend our trip and spend a couple of days in Cardiff!!! Squee!!!  And last but not least. Thank god the summer hiatus is almost over and a lot of my favorite TV shows are returning, or already are on TV. Warehouse 13, Grimm, Doctor Who and, SUPERNATURAL IS RETURNING WITH SEASON 8!!! This October, I can’t wait!!!

Ok, sorry about the not so Doctor Who stuff. But I’ll start on my review/post thing now. And as always, there may be some SPOILERS involved!

The 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant (what’s in a name) is as I stated before, my Doctor. Even before I started watching the episodes I knew about Doctor Who, come on, not a complete idjit here! And I loved him. I love the way he looks in his stripes suite, long coat and the converse shoes. How his hair is always scruffy and the way he talks. The man is babbling and rambling, being cheeky and have you ever paid close attention to his mouth? How his lips and tongue move when he speaks? And those wiggling eyebrows? Please do so! It’s mesmerizing to look at… Ok getting a little bit distracted as a fangirl.

This Doctor is in my opinion a little bit darker then Christopher played it. The emotions are a bit stronger. Even though this Doctor also contains himself most of the time. But this Doctor is even more in love with Rose, the looks the two of them share are classic! The things left unsaid! (I mean, he burns up a sun, just to say goodbye). But also his sorrow and grieve is more real. More human, sort to speak. On of my favorite episodes with the 10the Doctor is ‘the girl in the fireplace.’ The most obvious part about why I love it, is the romance stuff. Yes, I’m a girl, and sometimes I’m a sucker for romance. The Doctor falls in love with Reinette (Madame de Pompadour) a part brilliantly played by Sophia Myles. But she is one of the few who really get’s an inside in the Doctor when they telepathically bond. Oh the lonely boy part, just about breaks my nerdy little heart. And it’s also a recurring theme for this Doctor. And even though they don’t share that much actual time with each other, I believe the love is deep for both of them. And the kiss! My god! Normally you see that the girl in the story is overwhelmed and left standing with wibbly wobbly knees, but this time it’s the Doctor and it’s adoring!

Every Doctor has his own catchphrase or thing, which makes him that particular Doctor. Like the converse shoes the 10th Doctor wears and of course the Allons-y, which is a French catchphrase meaning ‘let’s go.’ And another thing this Doctor often says is I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. He knows he has to do things he doesn’t like. That being a Time-Lord brings with him a path of destruction, and hard decisions. I truly believe he feels sorry. He doesn’t want to kill other species; he doesn’t want to be judge, jury and executioner. And he certainly doesn’t want other people getting hurt on his account. Also know catchphrases are ‘What,’ (and notice when you read it, you read it just the way the Doctor pronounces it. ‘Well,’ when he is trying to clarify his own mistakes. ‘Molto bene’ meaning very good in Italian but not that often used. Favorite catchphrase still being Allons-y.

Coming back at the lonely remark I made earlier. The Doctor is indeed lonely, with this particular Doctor it is more said and more shown, but he is a lonely little boy. He is the last of his race (yeah I know about the Master, but please indulge me on this), responsible for killing the Time Lords in order to destroy the Daleks. And because he can regenerate, and by now more then 900 years old, he has to say goodbye to a lot of people. And I think that is the reason he, and the other Doctors, don’t let people get close to him. Because losing the people you love, saying goodbye to them hurts. And we do it a lot in one human lifetime, think about this when you’ve been doing it for 900 years. I would build a wall around my heart to protect it. But then again, he also needs people, companions with him. In order to protect the people the Doctor meets and to hold him back. This 10th Doctor has a lot of anger and rage in him, along with feelings for revenge and little patience with stupidity and aliens/people who hurt the ones he loves. Just look at Harriet Jones, and the episode ‘The family of love’ were each family member get’s a personal and eternal punishment. And that’s where the companions come in. To stop the Doctor for a moment and let him think about the decisions he is about to make. If it is just or just plain old execution style.

I could go on and on about the 10th Doctor, about his cute babbling and rambling, about his way to explain complicated stuff really simple. Honestly, you didn’t think I would forget the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff now did you.

And with that remark I’ll leave you. Until the next post sweeties!

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

(So normally I don’t include fan art in my blogs, but this was to amazing not to share, so go over to the website for more info and more beautiful and exceptional art:


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  1. GREAT POST!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks, Emily

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