Doctor Who! The Doctors, 9, 10 and 11. Or only the 9th Doctor.

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine, I promised to do a Doctor who post a couple of weeks ago. But I don’t know what it happening these weeks, but all the plans I make backfire. Either I’m too tired, or I need to look after my mum’s cat (my mum is in London right now) or I fall down and bust up my knee, or I had a crisis at work so I did some serious overtime, but I have the time know. So without further ado, excuses and stuff, here are my thoughts about the Doctors from Doctor who, and remember sweeties, SPOILERS!!!!

So, I’m actually kind of new to the whole Doctor who fandom and stuff. I knew about Doctor Who and the tardis and stuff, but didn’t watch an episode until about a month ago. A good friend of mine assured me I would like it and I was a week at home with the flu, so what better way to spend it then watching Doctor Who? So in about a week and a half time, I watched the entire Doctor Who seasons, the new ones anyway and all of Torchwood. And I absolutely loved it!!!

And I also found out my totally not geeky parents watched Doctor Who when they were growing up. How awesome is that? They hate all things geeky and sci-fi and stuff, but they actually watched Doctor Who! My little geeky heart is swelled with pride!

I was thinking about what kinda blog about Doctor Who I want to write. I didn’t want to do a seasons review (maybe later) but I wanted to focus on my thoughts about the Doctor, the companions, maybe some favorite episodes and of course Torchwood and captain Jack Harkness, lol.

So the 9th Doctor. When I watched the first couple of episodes, I didn’t like this Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston. Because in my mind the Doctor was David Tennant. He didn’t look the part, was to giddy and happy and too old. But then, after a couple of episodes, I’d grown to love him. The way this Doctor plays the part, always smiling and putting on a happy face, was all a façade. He is burdened with a lot of pain and grieve and all these rules about timetravel and this Doctor is madly in love with Rose and shows it. You see him break that façade a couple of times and that’s what made me love him. To see him act so human (although he is not). He, and all the Doctors, need their companions to keep them grounded. Make the right choices; think about what they’re doing. And this Doctor is a people pleaser. He sees fun and joy in every aspect. But, like all the Doctors has very little patients with stupidity and disobedience. I think that of the 3 Doctors I know, he is the least childlike Doctor, the least innocent in things to say and act.

A couple of favorite memories about the 9th Doctor are the emotional stuff. Like when he first discovers a Dalek in the vaults of Henry van Statten. When he discovers the Dalek can’t fight back and the Doctor then tortures him. It gives an amazing inside in the fear and guilt and hate the Doctor has towards them. And as it is said many times, because of that hate, the Doctor would make a good Dalek. I don’t agree on that but he comes close, sometimes.

Another personal favorite scene is when he is angry at Jack for being stupid and releasing the nano technology. The reprimand he is giving Jack, for being careless and not think about the consequences. His love for the human race really shows.

And my last favorite moment is the part where he regenerates. He is in so much pain, and he carefully breaks it to Rose, what is about to happen. Trying again to put up that happy face, like nothing is wrong. Really holding back for her. He sacrificed himself for her, to save her!  And I rewatched that episode last night and it really made me tear up. Because now I see it for the second time, things make more sense. And you know what, he really was absolutely fantastic!

So the 10th Doctor now, oh my Cas, this is gonna be a long post, sorry about that! (Nah, not really, hihi). David Tennant. What can I say, I love him, for me, he is the Doctor. Although then again, all the Doctors are THE Doctor. They all have their quirks and things and are all loveable. But back to number 10. No, you know what? I’m gonna split it in more posts. Every Doctor needs his own post.

So this is the end of this post, keep a lookout for the next one.

Oh and on another note, I was also busy with a secret writing project and maybe, just maybe, when it is all finished and stuff, I may post it…

So that’s it for now my lovely fellow geeks.

Love, from your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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