“What shall we do now?”

‘”No more executions? Torture? Nothing?”

“It’s all changed. We’re free.”

“Are we?”


“What shall we do now?”

“Don’t know?” – Arak and Etta, Vengeance on Varos


Well, following last night’s dramatic episode of “Doctor Who”, there’s one question that I didn’t ask and deliberately so in the wake of Amy and Rory’s departure, “What are we going to watch until Christmas?”

Well, there will be some of you Geeky Girls and Boys that will watch a certain programme “Merlin” and some of you may be trying a programme called “Wizards vs Aliens” co-created by somebody called Russell T. Davies – can’t for the life of me think who he is.

So, after a couple of discussions with Mendy I’m going to do a series of reviews of classic “Doctor Who” stories on a semi-regular basis until the Christmas Day episode.  (Dependent on how busy I am over the coming months).  Some of these will link in with specific events – either Doctor Who related or with a time of year, so for example with Hallowe’en coming up, I may select a story like “The Daemons”, but some of these will be down to you lovely Geeky people out there.  If you want a review on a story from a particular era, or a particular monster that you’ve seen in the new series which has also got a classic series link, either drop me a line through the site as a comment or get in touch with me on Twitter.

Anyhow, I’ll probably be starting next week so that you don’t have too many withdrawal symptoms of your favourite Gallifreyan.

Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan by Steven Moffat (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

The Doctor’s heart-breaking farewell to Amy and Rory – a race against time through the streets of Manhattan, as New York’s statues come to life around them…


‘It’s the end… but the moment has been prepared for.”‘- The Fourth Doctor, Logopolis

Well, last night saw the end of the road for the Ponds in their travels with their “Raggedy Man” and this episode gave a suitable farewell for Amy, Rory and The Doctor whilst allowing their daughter to tag along for the ride and writer and show-runner Steven Moffat gave his first two companions a suitable send off.

Following a nice opener that sets up the character of Sebastian Grayle (portrayed by Mike McShane) along with re-establishing the Angels’ modus operandi of feeding from the time energy of zapping people back in time, we are transported to a nice second opening scene with the Doctor, Amy and Rory in Central Park which not only establishes the first seeds of the Ponds’ departure with Rory going for coffee, the fact that Amy and Rory are getting older with Amy’s (later the Doctor’s) reading spectacles and the “Afterword” scene at the end of the story, which I’ll come to later.

The main setting for the story is New York in 1938 and Mr Moffat was clever not to give the Doctor the obvious easy solution as in the case of “Blink” of having the TARDIS simply go back in time to pick Rory up.  Instead, due to the fact that the Angels are converting statues into Angels, including old “Lady Liberty” herself, you get the plot point that makes the journey more difficult due to the concentration of time distortion alongside an echo to the ending of the original “Blink” episode where any statue can be an Angel.

Whilst it’s easy to get distracted by mob bosses and cherubs (Note to Mr Moffat:  Please bring the “babies” back. The giggling in the dark makes them a creepier villain than the Angels, if that’s possible), this section leads to the core plot points of this story – the relationship between the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River.

Firstly, the Doctor and River’s relationship.  One of the questions doing the rounds following “The Wedding of River Song” was “Did the Doctor and River really marry each other?”

Although she, in fact, “married” the Tesselecta impersonating the Doctor, both River and the Doctor behave like a married couple – albeit one where both partners could say that they have trust issues with the other.  It’s apparent that through Alex Kingston’s performance that River loves the man that Amy told her about when she was Melody prior to the events in “Let’s Kill Hitler” – you only need to see River’s reaction to the Doctor “wasting” his regenerative energy to heal her wrist to see what she feels for him alongside her monologue about falling in love with an ageless god.  In addition to this, River reaffirms the belief of previous departing companions in the new incarnation of “Doctor Who” that he shouldn’t travel alone and she demonstrates that she is also somebody with her own version of the Doctor’s first rule (“The Doctor lies”).

It’s also apparent in Matt Smith’s performance that the Doctor, in some way, loves River.  Beyond the “Yowzah”-ing, the “Honey” remarks and flirting, there is a core relationship from the Doctor’s perspective who genuinely cares for River.  Whether it comes from guilt that River’s psychology was initially built by The Silence to act as his “bespoke psychopath”, the fact that he knows how her story is going to end in “Forest Of The Dead” or the fact that there is a genuine romantic love from his perspective… who knows?  But Matt imbues the relationship with a tenderness which gives the audience a sense that there can be space in the Doctor’s hearts for love, maybe not romantic love as humans know it, but a deeper love for certain people.

I hope that Alex does keep making guest appearances in the series, as she has taken a “one off” character and made her a well loved semi-regular in the mould of the Brigadier or Captain Jack Harkness in that you want to see more of her.


‘”Courage isn’t just a matter of being frightened, you know.”

“What is it then?”

“It’s being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway, just as you did”‘ – The Third Doctor and Codal, Planet Of The Daleks


After four episodes of examing and re-examining Amy and Rory’s relationship – through potential separation and divorce, to reconciliation and eventual thoughts of wanting to stop travelling with the Doctor, this episode really gets to grips with how they feel about each other.  Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill really do save the best for last by showing that Amy and Rory simply cannot be without each other – they genuinely do come as a pair as much as Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright when they travelled with the First Doctor or Ben and Polly when they travelled with the First and Second Doctors.  Although this relationship is shown throughout “The Angels Take Manhattan”, I’d like to cue up two specific instances.

Firstly, the “roof scene”.  Time and time again, we have seen Rory be the person who has been the reactor in the relationship in the “Big Moments” – waiting 2000 years to protect Amy in the Pandorica and gaining information from the Cybermen and travelling to Demon’s Run when Amy was kidnapped by The Silence, for example.  This time, it’s Amy that’s having to take a leap of faith – figuratively and literally – for Rory.  Although she doubts Rory’s assertion that him jumping from the rooftop will create a paradox sufficient to poison the Angels, she decides to follow him in the belief – maybe not in the way that Rory hoped by her pushing him off the roof, but in a case of them both jumping.  (Another note to Mr Moffat:  Please stop the roof obsession now.)

The second scene that I wanted to cue up is Amy’s scene in the graveyard at the end of the story and, again, she has to take a leap of faith because she can’t be without Rory.  She says her goodbyes to the Doctor and River and then proceeds to be fearless enough to be zapped back in time using her pet nickname of “Raggedy Man” one last time.


Although all four regulars (including Alex Kingston) deliver strong performances in this episode, I am going to single out Matt’s performance as the big event for this episode.  This is the story where Matt finally gets to become the whole package of the Doctor.  The joy of the relationships of being with his friends, the anxiety when the Angels transport Rory away from 2012, the emotional devastation when Amy and Rory are taken away from him permanently and the renewed optimism when he reads Amelia’s afterword clearly shine through.  I hope that Matt gets more of the “emotional stuff” going forward as the Doctor as he really has made this a signature of his performance.  (Plus, I hope he keeps the reading glasses).


As for the afterword, we finally get an answer to what happened that afternoon when a nine year old Amelia Pond sat on her suitcase and the TARDIS arrived… not to take her away, but for the “Mad Man In A Box” to come and give her hope that she will take part in some fantastic adventures.  Whilst we get this as a rounding off, it’s not a true rounding off in the sense that Rose got to stay with the Tylers, Martha returned to her family and got married to Mickey Smith and Donna was returned to her family, albeit with some memories missing.  In last week’s episode, “The Power of Three”, the Doctor promises to Brian that he will keep Amy and Rory safe.  Whilst this happened, from a certain perspective, Brian will never see his son and daughter-in-law again and I think that, perhaps a trick was missed to tie this up.  (Or am I being too picky?)


‘And in the end, the love you take

Is equal to the love you make’- The Beatles, The End

So, after two and a half years, we say bye-bye to the Ponds and their real life alter egos, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.  They have really had a story arc over their time in the TARDIS which has taken them from a couple who were sort of in love with each other, through to marriage, creating a new life and various trials and hardships along the way.  Thank you both for joining the near fifty year history that is “Doctor Who” and for taking part in “The Trip of a Lifetime”… or lifetimes in Rory’s case.


Moving forward, we have a Christmas special with a new companion to introduce, eight more episodes of this season to look forward to in 2013 and the 50th anniversary.  More ominously, in the long term, we have “The Fall of The Eleventh” at “The Fields of Trenzalore” with the first question being asked to look forward to…

I can’t wait.



How to survive the Doctor Who hiatus till Christmas, or what I did in London!!!

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine. Tonight is the final episode of Doctor Who, till Christmas!!! I know, it’s terrible! I just watched it and I’m a sobbing mess right now. How do we whovians are gonna survive this! Well, since you’re asking. I have some pretty crazy ideas about that.

First crazy idea and my personal favorite. Go to London and create a Doctor Who tour of your own.  And now you sure want some ideas of where to go. I know most of the filming of Doctor Who was done in Cardiff. But it mentions London a lot, so why not pine over your favorite Doctor in good old London and visit the following places:

So before you start, make sure you have your mp3 player stocked with Doctor Who music, your sonic screwdriver ready (because you can’t be sure what you’ll come across with) and for an in between snack, buy a bag of Jelly babies.

First stop the London film museum: http://www.londonfilmmuseum.com/south-bank/ costs: £13.50 I thought the London film museum would be some stuffy old crap and about the history of the British film industry, but it’s actually pretty cool. They have lots and lots of cool stuff from a lot of movies I like. (Be sure to look out for my London Film museum post) and they have of course Doctor Who stuff:

You can also see a TARDIS at London Film Museum. This TARDIS belongs to Peter Cushing, who used it in the 1965 film Dr Who And The Daleks. And of course the Daleks!!!

Next stop, since you are close by. The London Eye: http://www.londoneye.com/ costs: just pictures are free!

The London Eye doubled as the transmitter for the Nestene Consciousness in the episode Rose (2005). Take a trip on the eye to see London from the sky. The pods are very space age!

And just across the bridge is the Big Ben. Costs: free! Oh where is an invisible spaceship when you need it… sigh. (Season 1, episode “The Empty Child”) By the way, they did a pretty good job restoring the clock tower after that Slitheen craft destroyed it in 2006 (Season 1, episode “Aliens of London”)

Haven’t seen enough yet? Go visit the British Museum: http://www.britishmuseum.org/ costs: free! Now I hear you guys talking, the British Museum, Doctor Who? Yep. I accidently came across it myself. Besides all sorts of cool stuff, if you like history, just like me, they actually have something of Doctor Who in the museum. Remember, the Runaway bride Christmas special? The 10th Doctor creates a diversion where money is flying out of a cash point. Well, they created specially made Doctor Who money for that.

Another great sight to visit it the Shakespeare globe theater: http://www.shakespearesglobe.com/ costs £13.50 and make sure to wait for the guided tour. Besides learning all sorts of things about the theater and Shakespeare. The theater was also used as a set during the third season in episode “The Shakespeare Code” Oh and David Tennant got married at the Globe Theater.

Still not enough? Go to Earl’s Court. It’s a tube station and walk outside. Blimey, someone parked their TARDIS there. Wonder who left it?

The next stop was on my way into central London from the place I was staying. Battersea Power Station. Yep, where the Cybermen tried to convert the human race into more Cybermen in the second season during a two part episode “Rise of the Cybermen” and “The Age of Steel.

There are a lot more sights to be seen in London, for more ideas check: http://www.visitlondon.com/attractions/culture/doctor-who-in-london or ask the guy at the Doctor Who merchandise stand in Covent Garden. Unfortunately, I run out of time. But I will return to London, but first Cardiff for me next year.


If you want some cool Doctor Who merchandise, you can go to forbidden planet:  http://forbiddenplanet.com/ or my personal favorite Covent Garden. At Covent Garden there is a stand filled with all sorts of cool Doctor Who merchandise, and the guy running it, is a big Whovian himself. I bought a lot from him. He also owns a store and there is a website: http://www.scificollector.co.uk/

Second crazy idea. Ok, so you did the whole London thing, but still got some time left until Christmas, what’s next?

Well, you can always throw a cool cosplay party with your fellow whovian friends. Dress up as your favorite character and go watch some episodes on DVD, like on Saturday night. To keep that special Doctor Who feeling inside yourself. But dressing up every Saturday night is a bit much for some. So for our creative Whovians why not do this:

Third crazy idea: crafts, make your own Adipose. I sure am going to try that. For patterns and how to guide look here: http://crafty-tardis.livejournal.com/89662.html  Also, check out the Dorkadore site, they have lovely stuff on how to create cool Doctor Who stuff and also other Geeky things.

Fourth and crazy idea: Doctor Who cupcakes. A lot of people try this so you can find cool pics online. I even tried some myself.

Fifth and final idea: for the geeky knitters. Why buy the Doctor Who scarf if you can knit your own. And here’s how to do it: http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/ just in time for Christmas. That would be a cool present for a fellow whovian friend!

So I hope you find this guise helpful and if you try some of these things, let me know how it went. I want pics and details lovely geeks.

Love, your hot cute girly geek Mendy

PS: yes I did made all those cupcakes myself and yes, all the pictures in this post are taken by me in London this week and the merchandise is bought by me.


Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine.

I’m on my way to London at the moment. How I love a smartphone, which makes it possible for me to write this blog at the moment.

I was planning to do a blog before I left home, but you know how it goes. I get distracted a lot! Plus, I’m sort of a last minute kinda girl. So I had to do all my laundry, clean my house, writing stuff done for my trip and pack yesterday, lol. But hey, it works for me.

At the moment I’m on my way to Brussels, where I have to wait about 2 hours to board the train to London. It’s gonna be an international kinda day for me. Traveling 4 country’s in 1 day!

First, obviously, the Netherlands, then Belgium, after that France and finally the UK!

So my plans for the next couple of days are: tonight Darren Hayes concert, for the first time. Furthermore doing a lot of Doctor Who related stuff, going to the British museum, maybe even the film museum and some shopping!

Really looking forwards to these couple of days, I’ll try to keep you updated,

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Doctor Who: The Power of Three by Chris Chibnall (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

From BBC’s Doctor Who site:

The Doctor and the Ponds puzzle over an unlikely invasion of Earth, as millions of sinister black cubes arrive overnight…


“The Power of Three” is one of those stories that will more than likely split opinion between liking or loathing it.  Personally, I’m in the former camp as with the previous stories of this season it is a character study into the Doctor and the Ponds.

The tone is set up right from the start of the episode with a voiceover introduction by Amy explaining the difference between the frenetic, fast cutting world of “Doctor Life” with spaceships, laser beams and monsters, and “Real Life” which is slower paced and filled with jobs, out of date milk and optician’s appointments.  This opening prepares the viewer for a story which focuses on the conflict between the Ponds’ twin lifestyles as an invasion takes place which, on first sight, looks like a harmless, mundane practical joke.

“The Year of the Slow Invasion” demonstrates how different the lifrestyles are from the perspectives of the Doctor and his companions.  From the Doctor’s point of view, he is torn between wanting to be with his friends because he wants to keep their memory alive as they were the first people to meet him since he was “born” into his eleventh incarnation, his good intentions to keep Amy and Rory safe and the fact that the Ponds’ day to day lifestyle along with its hundrum trappings doesn’t interest him in the slightest.  As in “Vincent and The Doctor”, the passage of time as humans see it bores the Doctor especially when he’s waiting for something to happen.

The impact of the Doctor is keenly felt on Amy and Rory as they are also torn between their two lifestyles.  You do get a sense that although they enjoy the adventuring lifestyle, which for Amy has led to a change in career path (who would have thought of “Pond” being a travel journalist?), they are starting to become like the character of Wendy in the film “Hook” – the children who have left the Doctor’s version of Neverland and are growing up.  This is summed up with Amy’s comment that she feels like the adventuring is running away from a life as adults… something that children and adults alike do for roughly 45 minutes a week whenever “Doctor Who” is on television.

The main plot of the invasion itself doesn’t really get going until half way in and it was clever to see the idea of a silent invasion coming into play by using humankind’s own curiosity against it and silently probing away at their strengths and weaknesses until they make their final play.  Personally, I would have surrendered if I was confronted by the cube which played “The Birdie Song” on a continuous loop.

As in the Russell T. Davies era of the programme, Chris Chibnall use real-life references for the audience to key in on the show with news programmes presented by Sophie Raworth, Lord Alan Sugar along with Karren Brady and Nick Hewer firing an Apprentice for failing a “cube” task, and astrophysicist Professor Brian Cox speculating on the purpose and origin of the cubes.  But I do have one question – WHERE WAS TRINITY WELLS????  She has covered virtually every contemporary  invasion and disaster in the “Whoniverse” since the show came back in 2005 and it would have been great to see Lachele Carl return to report on another alien incursion.

Carrying on with the guest stars, this story continues the trend of providing great supporting to casting to the TARDIS trio.  Mark Williams makes a great return in the role of Brian.  As in his previous episode, Mark perfectly balances the comedy of the role with matters such as “Brian’s Log” and his personal theories on the cubes alongside the serious points of re-emphasising to the Doctor that he takes his family away from their everyday lives by asking him what happens to the companions once they stop travelling with him.  This is as important as Rose’s moment of revelation in “School Reunion” where she realises that the Doctor and the people who travel with him eventually have to separate, more so in some respects as we didn’t know as an audience that Rose would be leaving later on in Series 2 whilst we know that the Ponds only have one more episode (sniff sniff).

Steven Berkoff provides a suitably quiet menace in the role of Shakri.  Unlike most of the Doctor’s adversaries whose aim is to subjugate or eliminate a species to basically be a dominant life form or to conquer, Shakri’s purpose is simply to pre-empt humankind’s expansion into space and, presumably, prevent some of the wrongs that they commit.  Pretty heavy handed though committing genocide on a planetary scale.

For me though, THE guest star of this episode is Jemma Redgrave in the role of Kate Stewart, commanding officer for the more scientifically focussed incarnation of UNIT.  For fans of the classic series, this was a defining moment in the show’s current incarnation as it not only linked through to the classic series but to the fan made spin offs “Downtime” and “Daemos Rising” which first featured the character of Kate.  Jemma Redgrave gives the character a spark or a twinkle which leads the viewer to make the connection between Alistair Lethbeidge-Stewart and Kate through the use of humour concerning matters such as the UNIT troops heavy-handed house entry techniques and the Doctor’s sartorial tastes, her affectionate reminiscences of “The Brig” along with her reasons for dropping the “Lethbridge” from her name and recalling his point of view that “Science Leads”.  It’s a shame that Nicholas Courtney did not get his chance to reprise his most famous role following the show’s return in 2005, but bringing in Jemma as a member of the “Who” family gives a sense that the Brigadier will always be around whilst handing over the UNIT torch to a new generation.  (Memo to Steven Moffat:  BRING BACK KATE AND UNIT FOR THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY!!!)

Unfortunately for this episode, as good as it is, the fans will have their thoughts firmly locked on to the Ponds final adventure in New York and we will get to see whether the Doctor makes good on his promise that they will be kept safe.

“CHARMEINE” the First Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” is FREE! Okay… YES, this is shameless self-promotion!







Okay if I am going down the dark path of self-promotion, I might as well tell you, friends who are Hot, Cute, Girly Geeks the reason why!

First, I really want people to read this wonderful love story…

Yes, that’s what I said, a love story… a passion… a romance for the centuries between total opposites!

You all know the story of my sister.  How she used to talk to me as we watched “Dark Shadows,” “All My Children,” “One Life to Live,” with all the cute hunks while she was in bed with Leukemia.

Well, when I wrote this, I thought… “What would Connie like to see?”  Then as divine inspiration came upon me, I wrote this passionate love story.

However, what you didn’t know is that I wanted to make this an erotic series!  I actually wrote a lot of those sex scenes but I deleted about 10K words!

I couldn’t do it, I mean… I couldn’t take a love so innocent, so pure and make it all about sex!

Of course if I did, the series probably would have sold off the shelf!!!

Nevertheless, I wanted a classic story of a couple who were madly, passionately in love!  In addition, they also had responsibilities of saving the world on their shoulders from the Evil and darkness.

I sat in front of my laptop and just couldn’t expose Charmeine and Tabbruis in their most intimate world.

I thought there were always novels people could read which provided that kind of entertainment, but mine I wanted something more… a lot more!

I wanted Tabbruis and Charmeine’s love story to be of love, acceptance of all, giving, understanding, self-sacrifice, service to a Higher Power, commitment and fervent devotion.  In addition to action, adventure and good old ‘us’ against the world!

Now that I have given you some insight, I hope you take this opportunity and download the First Novel “Charmeine” for FREE today on Amazon!

For “The Light-Bearer Series” is a love story for the ages!

Take care my Hot, Cute, Girly Geeks!