Dear geeks,

I am very sorry that my uodating on this blog has been more than lousy for the past month. It has to do with me being in London for the past month working at the Olympics.

I’ve had an amazing experience and I will tell you more on my own blog, so head over there for the full read.

Over her i will tell you two things that I purchased during my stay that are a bit geeky 😉

I went to Westfield Shopping Centre which was absolutely amazing and they had a David & Goliath store and I was about to die from the overload of awesome! I walked away with a hoodie with the text; I love nerds.


It’s so cute and comfy as the softest of pandas! 😉

I also took a trip to Primark and bought a LOT! But the one thing I wanted to tell you about is a pair of panties with the text: I kissed a nerd and he liked it. No picture of these can be found but I loved them anyway! =)

Til my next proper update,
Keep rocking that geek!

xx Zandrina


7 thoughts on “Dear geeks,

  1. Hi Zandrina, awesome stuff you bought, I’ll be in London in a couple of weeks so I have to look it up, btw if you need anything from Primark just let me know, we have one in London, not far from where I work, so if you need anything just let me know and we sort out the shipping and stuff, lol. Hope you had a great time, I friend of mine from Holland also helped out with the Olympics and I can say I am truelly jealous!!!

    • zandrinamcgowan says:

      Awh, that is so nice of you! I might actually pick you up on that! There is a black canvas bag from the mens section that I kinda fell in love with but didn’t have time to go back for it! I’m going back in a month so I’m hoping that it’ll still be there then! =) I had a great time! The detailed blogpost is up now so feel free to read it! =) xx

      • Just let me know about the primark stuff, when will you be in London? I’m there from sept. 24th till sept 27th, so if our dates cross we could meet up for real, lol.

      • zandrinamcgowan says:

        Awh, that would’ve been sooo fun! unfortunatley I’ll be back home at that time. I’ll be there around the 12-17th sep =(

  2. Zandrina! Glad to hear from you ANYTIME!!! Thanks, Emily

    • zandrinamcgowan says:

      Awh, Emily! This makes me happy! Thought you would be really mad at me for just dropping off the grid for three weeks 😉 Gonna start updating like I did before I left so this blog keeps alive =)

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