A trip down memory lane…

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine, this is a not so geeky post, more an insight in your hot cute girly geek post.

I am currently rewatching Sabrina teenage witch and it got me thinking. It’s one big trip down memory lane for me. For instance, they do a lot of guest appearances on the show and one of them were the backstreet boys.

And before you shoot me, this was a long time ago, I just started the Dutch version of high school and fell in love with them, their music and Nick, although later I changed my opinion to Howie D. That has all to do with the video clip of everybody, where he plays a vampire. I even went to 2 of their concerts!

But that’s not the only thing that got me thinking about my early on geekyness. My parents aren’t geeks, never have been and never will be. I remember wanting to watch Star Wars but my parents didn’t let me because they thought it was too scary!

One of my favorite movies growing up was the never ending story, I always loved to read and I make up stories in my head, so my fascination about fantasy started all on my own. I loved scary books a lot and I joined a club formed by the authors of children’s scary novels. I even met them a couple of times!

And when my parents divorced when I was 10 and me and my mum moved to another city and I got 3 stepbrothers, (I’m don’t have any siblings), the love for fantasy and sci-fi grew. I needed a place to escape. I got my own TV on my room and started to watch X-files.  Oh how I wanted to escape my own world and dream about there being aliens and monsters and vampires.

Around that time I also started to write my own scary stories, although they were more stories about children my age whose lives didn’t go well and they were whisked away into other worlds where vampires were real. I can’t count the numerous times I wanted to be taken away from my own crappy situation and some hot vampire fall in love with me and turn me into a vampire so we could live forever.

We had this little fantasy shop in the town where I live (too bad it’s closed for good now) and that shop became my second home. It was filled with fantasy books and statues of trolls and elves and the most beautiful jewelry. I even remember the owner, Martin. I could tell him anything. And I know this sounds creepy, an adult man listening to the ramblings of a 13 year old. But seriously, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know what would have happened.

So he introduced me to reading fantasy and I loved it. The world seemed to be a much bigger place all of a sudden. Also I met my best friend Lex in school and she was just as quirky as I was and she helped me in my love for fantasy and sci-fi. For which I am still grateful.

I started to watch star trek, charmed and Buffy the vampire slayer and always carry a book with me, stuff like that. I also kept on writing, as I matured, so did my stories. They became more realistic (as far as a vampire story can be realistic).

I always had the feeling I didn’t quit fit in with the crowd. Not in high school and not later on when I went to get my bachelors degree. I always felt as an oddball, and sometimes hated it. I wanted somewhere to belong.

And now? Now I’m 28, have my own house, filled with the same fantasy books I always kept, with lots of DVD’s from the stuff I used to and still watch. I have a job, a cat and I’m still the oddball. But you know what? I love it. And thinking about my life so far and all the crappy things I went through? I am grateful for it. Granted I wish I could have learned my life lessons in a much less crapier way, but it’s made me the person who I am today.

I met a lot of awesome and great people thanks to my blog, my love for sci-fi and fantasy is still growing every day, and I finally belong somewhere. I belong to my crazy, funny, sometimes scary, quirky self. And I have great people surrounding me who are as crazy and quirky and awesome all in their own way. I love myself for who I am and they love me for who I am. So what I don’t have a partner, or kids or a car. I believe there is some sweet guy out there for me who is just as crazy and quirky and geeky as I am, we haven’t just met yet.

So to all you young quirky, geeky, funny, crazy, scary, geeks. Relax, it all turns out just fine. Love yourself for who you are. And although it sometimes takes some time, you will meet people who love you for who you are. And if they don’t they are missing out on some great stuff.

Funny how sometimes a post starting with the backstreet boys can turn out to a life lesson, lol.

Love, your hot cute girly geek Mendy

Dear geeks,

I am very sorry that my uodating on this blog has been more than lousy for the past month. It has to do with me being in London for the past month working at the Olympics.

I’ve had an amazing experience and I will tell you more on my own blog, so head over there for the full read.

Over her i will tell you two things that I purchased during my stay that are a bit geeky 😉

I went to Westfield Shopping Centre which was absolutely amazing and they had a David & Goliath store and I was about to die from the overload of awesome! I walked away with a hoodie with the text; I love nerds.


It’s so cute and comfy as the softest of pandas! 😉

I also took a trip to Primark and bought a LOT! But the one thing I wanted to tell you about is a pair of panties with the text: I kissed a nerd and he liked it. No picture of these can be found but I loved them anyway! =)

Til my next proper update,
Keep rocking that geek!

xx Zandrina

Teen Wolf season 1, or the reason why I watch it!

Hi hot cute girly geeks of mine. Like I told you in the previous post, I’ll try to do at least one post a week and for the rest I’m relaying on my fellow geeky guest bloggers.

But without further ado, Teen Wolf season 1, and as always, spoilers!!!!!

The last couple of months I heard about the show teen wolf and I made a mental note to watch it someday, but then a friend of mine, who I recently met, urged me to watch it. Although it was a MTV show it was supposed to be good.

I am a vamp girl. Although I like most supernatural creatures, vampires are my poison, so to speak. Even the stories that suck (pun totally intended) I love. If you have read any of my previous posts you’ll know this. And also I really don’t get the whole fighting primal urges 1 or 3 days a month. This depending on what lore you follow. And obvious, you have the whole vampire against werewolf thing going on.

So I was a little reluctant to change to werewolves for a bit. But once I settled down I was sold immediately. I know this is a teen show, but hell, the jokes are funny and the interaction between the actors is amazing and… Derek! Is amazing. Yep, the reason I watch teen wolf is this hunk of brooding man/wolf.

But we leave that subject for now. The MTV series of Teen Wolf is actually a remake of the 1985 movie of teen wolf. The star of the movie is Michael J Fox. I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m planning to. The MTV series begins with Stiles Stilinski and his friend Scott McCall searching in the woods of Beacon Hills for a half dead body. You see Stiles his dad is the sheriff of the town and Stiles has a habit of listening to the police scanner. Getting himself and his friend in a lot of trouble. Stiles his dad finds him in the woods while Scott is hiding and sends him home. This means Scott loses his ride home and has to walk through the woods in the dead of night. But then he hears a noise. And he is being attacked by something.

I try to lay off the spoilers as much as I can. But it is safe to say that Scott turns into a werewolf. He then has to deal with it and his friend Stiles tries best as he can to help him with it. You see Stiles loves to do research, it’s the one thing he’s good at. So he convinces his friend that he is indeed a werewolf and the both of them are trying to look for answers. They go back in the woods by day to search for Scott’s asthma inhaler and they find Derek.

Also there is a new girl in town, her name is Allison, and her family has a big secret to hide. We also get to meet Lydia and Jackson. Lydia is the queen bee of Beacon Hill’s high and Jackson is her not so nice boyfriend. Allison and Lydia are best friends immediately and Scott falls for Allison. But Scott has to learn how to control his Wolf fast. Because the next full moon is coming in the invited Allison to a party. And if he doesn’t know how to control his Wolf, things are not looking good.

Stiles thinks it’s all a big joke and he loves the fact that his best friend is a werewolf. He tried his best to help Scott. But that still decides to go to the party. Needless to say he is losing it and thank God for Derek saving the day. So now Derek decides to help out Scott because he is a werewolf to. But there is one other thing Derek didn’t turn Scott into a werewolf, so who did?

A turn out there is an alpha on the loose. But who is he? Also, we learned the secret of Allison’s family. They turn out to be hunters, werewolf hunters. And Allison doesn’t know. A new family member comes for a visit. She, being Kate, and Derek share a history. Kate is one sick puppy, who loves to hunt and torture her victims.

During the end of the season we learn who the alpha is. But this is a spoiler I won’t give you. You have to see for yourself. Derek, Scott, Stiles and Allison team up to hunt down the alpha. But Allison learns who her family really is, and she’s torn between her love for Scott and her family. Also Jackson is being nosy and he tries to discover what is wrong with Scott. And then there is Lydia, being Allison’s best friend, being kept out of the loop, about what’s going on.

So why do I love teen Wolf? Like I said before, I just love Derek. He just want to be left alone, all brooding and pouting, being a real sour Wolf. But he looks good half naked. And although the title says teen, it’s not really a teen show. Yes it’s about a bunch of kids in high school but if you look deeper you see that those kids aren’t perfect. On the surface they just look like your average teen, but they all have problems.

Jackson is adopted, Lydia’s parents are always gone, and she is a lot smarter than she looks but she hides it from the rest. Scott lives with his mom, his dad left them. Derek’s family all got killed, all but his uncle who is catatonic and half burnt. Then you have Allison and crazy family of hunters. And the last, Stiles. He’s got ADD, doesn’t have a brain to mouth filter, he always sees the best in people, does everything he can to help and save his friends, lives with his dad who is the sheriff, his mother passed away. And that is I think the real power of this show, you can really relate to the people. Nobody is perfect, everybody got problems, and the fact that there are werewolves is just a bonus, and hot men.

So if you haven’t seen this series yet, you should really do so. Next Monday is the season’s finale of season two. Season one and two both have 12 episodes and season three which will start next summer will have 24 episodes. So that if something to look forward to.

I hope you loved this review and I will leave it with that.

Lots of love your hot, cute, girly geek Mendy.

Upcoming Blog Features

Hey Hot Cute Girly Geeks!

What’s up? Happy new month, I just thought I would let you know what I have been up to. First, I want to thank Mendy again for inviting me as a guest blogger on her amazing site, its been a pleasure and the audience has been awesome.

I’m going to be working on features which I will post on my site http://www.camgal.wordpress.com middle or end of each week. For now I’m interviewing Artists, Designers, and Indie Authors. The Author I’m interviewing currently is going to be a delightful surprise. You already know and love her work but its still nice to keep the suspense 🙂 I have upcoming Artists who I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do and a designer in the UK who’s clothing line is simply exquisite.

You can check out http://www.iamexclusiveuk.co.uk if you’re interested in new trends and accessories.

Ladies-  from the Retro Collection.

Guys-  from the I am Collection.

Everyone-         Look out for it and accessorize that geek 😉