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Wow its been ages. Luckily, Mendy requested that I do my Vampire Chronicles post on the hot cute girly geek site, so here it is…with some additions. (Refer to for the original post).

Interview with the Vampire

Written by Anne Rice in 1976 is a debut gothic horror/vampire novel. It centers on vampire Louis de Pointe du Lacwho tellls the story of his life to a reporter. A film adaptation starring Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas,Christian Slater and Tom Cruise, was released 18 years after Anne had published the book.

Louis was a young indigo plantation owner. He was distraught/crazed with the death of his pious brother. Whilst seeking possible ways to die, Louis is approached by the vampire Lestat  who desires his company and though Louis begs Lestat to end his miserable existence, Lestat turns Louis into a creature of the night like himself. Lestat feeds on the plantation slaves while Louis, who is morally upright, decides to become a vegetarian (so to speak) and feeds from animals. Louis tries to defy his new nature but later begins to bend under Lestat’s influence, he starts feeding from humans. As he slowly comes to term with what he has become, he becomes increasingly repulsed by Lestat’s total lack of compassions for the humans he sees merely as prey.

With the introduction of Claudia, a girl Lestat turns into a vampire to make Louis stay on as his companion, the books twists and turns become more obscure. Claudia realizes she can never grow up and Louis dotes on her like a Father would on his only female child. They attempt to destroy Lestat severally and go in search of other old world vampires like themselves. Its not until they reach Paris that they find vampires like themselves- specifically, the 400 year old vampire Armand and his coven, the Theatre des Vampires.

In the coven there is one rule- Death to any vampire who kills their own kind. Louis is drawn to Armand and this makes Claudia insecure.

A lot of death follows, you can feel the betrayal, insecurities, love and the humanity that can never die no matter what kind of monster we choose to become. I f you haven’t read the book, do.

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Vampire Lestat

Written by Anne Rice in 1985, the Vampire Lestat is preceded by Interview with the Vampire and in my opinion is my best read from the Vampire Chronicles. The story is about 200 year long life of the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt and his rise from an impoverished aristrocrat in the countryside of France to the city of Paris to become the vain and arrogant vampire some of the readers have come to love. He escapes his family and runs off to Paris with his friend Nicolas de Lenfent. Lestat is then kidnapped and bitten by an elder vampire Magnus, who orphans him  the night he is made. Due to fear of loss, Lestat transforms his Mother to a Vampire to keep her alive. Making her his first companion.

Lestat faces a lot of near death experiences, be it from the sun or from the wrath of Enkil. He is saved by Marius who had warned him never to see Akasha and Enkil again.

The book ends on a cliffhanger and this is where I recommend it to all vampire lovers. The third volume, Queen of the Damned all the way to the last, Blood Canticle which was published in 2002 are all excellent reads as well.

Enjoy xx

Cover of

Cover via Amazon

Cover via Amazon

The Vampire Chronicles (Complete)

Interview with the Vampire

The Vampire Lestat

The Queen of the Damned

The Tale of the Body Thief

Memnoch the Devil

The Vampire Armand

Blood and Gold


Blackwood Farm

Blood Canticle

New Tales of the Vampires

Pandora- (my personal favourite)

Vittorio, the Vampire


One who was believed to be gone from us is now apparently known to have survived. I have strong reason to believe that Marius has gone to New Orleans, and I must be reunited with him. I must seek out Lestat, to see this fallen brat prince lying on the Chapel floor unable to speak or move………………………………Come back to New Orleans. Even if Marius is not there, I want to see Lestat…………………………..I now contain the awful capacity to want and to love. For that, if for nothing else, and there is indeed much more, I shall always thank you. No matter what suffering is to come, you have quickened me. And nothing you do or say will ever cause the death of my love for you.

The Vampire Chronicles (album)

The Vampire Chronicles (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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