Gaming: League of Legends

Hello my hot, cute and girly geeks! Hope your Sunday is treating you well.

I have been spending today outside in the lovely weather and moved inside a few hours ago to carry on with my redecoration when I realised I hadn’t blogged anything in a while!
Yesterday I came back from my online gaming hiatus with a few rounds of League of Legends. And I figured I would tell you a little about this game which is fully playable even when you are a girl đŸ˜‰

League of Legends is a real-time strategy action video game by Riot Games for Windows. (A MAC version was in talks earlier this year and I hope you will be able to join us soon!)
Your player is a Champion with different skill sets and fight types. Your Champion is the part of a game that is 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5. (Never playes 1v1 – I’m still too much of a n00b for that!) Your teams objective is to protect your Nexus and base camp while trying to break into your opponents base camp and destroy their Nexus. Appart from your team of Champions you also have minions that spawn continuosly.  There are different ways to get to your opponents base camp; through the lanes or through the jungle. The lanes are guarded by Turrents that will either shoot at you or defend you depending on what side they are on. The jungle is full of critters that you can kill for extra power-ups and bushes that you can hide in. (In the different worlds there are a different amount of lanes, 5v5 has 3 and 3v3 has 2)

Your champion has a total of 4 spells/weapons that you have to activate and level-up every time you level in-game. Every game is started at level 1, but your profile levels throughout. I think the correct word is session based. Now, I’m not an expert and I play with my younger brother who is the most bad-ass I’ve ever seen! He’s taught me two strategies to play this game, one positive and one negative. They are called “farm” and “feed”. I don’t know if these are the official ones, but they are the ones I’m going to use.
Farming is positive for your Champion and team. Basically you occupy one lane and you kill minions like there is no tomorrow. Aim at getting the killing blow as that earns you money that can be used at the shop for equiping your Champion to it’s best. This is also a really good way of ensuring leveling since just being close to a fight will grant you XP.  This works best in a lane where there is no Champion protecting it. If you are lucky the opposing team won’t see you as a threat and will change the Standard line-up. (2 on top, 1 in mid and 2 on bottom/1 top, 1 bottom and 1 jungle)
Feeding is negative for your team and is usually what I am accused of doing if I’m playing with strangers. Basically you are feeding the other team kills by being an easy target.

Basically I just play for fun and I try to not die too much. Last night I think I hit a record by actually killing 6 Champions, assisting to (maybe) 20 kills and only dying 40 times. We played four games so that is pretty good for me!

I will finish off this post by telling you which Champion I started off playing as. And I must say that the choosing/buying of Champions is probably my favourite part!

Meet Annie, the Dark Child. She is the first Champion I bought and the one I prefered playing as for the longest time. The bear behind her is Tibers and he is her Ultimate Weapon. She throws him out and he kills like a crazy machine!
She throws fireballs and she ignites stuff. She’s awesome and I enjoyed playing her for a long time. Tomorrow I will post about more Champions that I enjoy playing as now that you know the game rules! =)

Til then, Keep rocking that Geek!
xx Zandrina


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