Nail polish tips!

Hey hot, cute and girly geeks!

I just painted my nails and since I want to give my lovely Geeks my best tips I want to tell you about what to stay away from!

I’ve used a top coat from a brand called OPI for the past months and right now I am telling you to NOT buy this top coat!
It works great the first couple of times but after a few weeks the formulation gets really thick and it just won’t dry!  I’ve ended up sitting  perfectly still for hours and then I move an inch and my nails are smudged. They might feel dry to the touch so you move around and then you look down on them and you are met by a horrific view! Every single nail is smudged or chipped!

My favourite top coat has unfortunately been discontinued and I am trying to find a replacement – if you know of any let me know! (Sally Hansen’s InstaDry was my previous favourite!)

The colour of my nails today is from a brand called Catrice and the colour is “840 Genius in the Bottle” (picture borrowed from google, own pic can be found on my instagram: zandrinamcgowan)

Keep rocking that Geek!
xx Zandrina


2 thoughts on “Nail polish tips!

  1. COOL POST!!! I just had my nails done and I chose deep purple frost and they look AWESOME!!!! Thanks, Emily

    • zandrinamcgowan says:

      Thanks Emily! I love doing this type of posts! I’m really interested in beauty and love to read up on all things beauty related! Figured I could give my fellow geeks some guidance in that world 🙂

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