Indy Author story… by Emily Guido

My only sister, Connie, loved soap operas like “All My Children” and especially, “Dark Shadows.”  The fondest memories I have are watching the soaps with her while she talked about the hunks on the screen; of course, I was too young to know what she was talking about.  However, it didn’t matter; we were together, my sis and me.

“The Light-Bearer Series,” would have been loved by Connie, who passed away at 16 of Leukemia.  She would have relished all the romance, vampires, and gorgeous hunks. 

That week, I could not type fast enough.  I didn’t sleep for two nights and stayed up on a writing binge.  Little did I know a week later before Thanksgiving 2011, I would have 100,000 words plus!

I dived into the icy abyss of rejection.  I properly sent off requests to about 97 agents with no bites except for one, and he wanted a lot of money to publish “Charmeine,” in the $3000 to $7000 range… no way!

For writing this wonderful, fun and heart-wrenching novel, “Charmeine”, I was depressed as Hell!

My blood ran cold thinking NO ONE was going to read this great love story, “Charmeine.”

Kibitzing about my woes with a big glass of wine at a dinner with my two gal pals, one said, “Emily, you should publish “Charmeine” yourself as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.”  I just rolled my blood-shot, wine-induced coma eyes and took another big swig of wine shaking my head.  I went to bed, snuggled close to my husband, and grieved because it seemed “Charmeine” was dying before she even had a chance to live.

I awoke with a cup of coffee which my wonderful husband had made in expectation of the 1812 Overture going on in my head.  At my laptop, an email flashed and an author gave me some very good advice.  All of the heat and fury started right there!

Charmeine” and the whole “The Light-Bearer Series” needed:

1. Copyright;

2. Royalty paid book cover

3. ISBN number.

4. I had to learn how to put “Charmeine” in all different formats (i.e. ePub, HTML, MOBI, and PDF).

5. Last but not least, I had to really EDIT “Charmeine” to a fine point.  Editing… the bane of my existence… I’m not an English person, so editing to me is like psychological torture.  Making judgments on what will stay and what will go, rearranging content or correcting glaring grammar problems is just about the worst pain there is.

6. Social Network… network, network, network… Facebook Author Page,, Goodreads, Twitter, Linkedin, Klout, Google plus… ect. Did you ever feel dizzy where the room kept spinning around? To self-promote “Charmeine,” it felt that way. It is unbelievable how much social media you really need to do!   Self-promotion is very hard and since I can’t pay for it; it is like a part-time job for me.

7. Get as many people to read and REVIEW your book.  Beg, plead, borrow or steal for reviewers in YOUR SPECIFIC GENRE!  If you get a reviewer who has never read Paranormal Romance… of course, they are not going to appreciate the genre!  However, if you should get a review, you are NEVER to respond unless to say thank you.  Even though your blood is BOILING MAD you can never say anything in rebuttal!!!!    Everyone is different and has their own opinions.  Be fair and put on the THICK SKIN!

8. I had to make Book Trailers for “Charmeine” and for “Ransom.” 

Charmeine Trailer

Ransom Trailer

My first hurdle was the U.S. Copyright website; just to navigate it was extremely confusing.  I had to wait, gnash my teeth and wait some more for “Charmeine” and “The Light-Bearer Series” copyright.

I have yet to figure out how to afford actual paperback copies of “Charmeine.”  $8.00 a copy just to print is a pretty hefty hit to my pay-check to pay-check pocket book!

I sent my passion, my obsession really, my novel “Charmeine” off to Amazon and Barnes and Noble with a click of an “ENTER” button…  

Promptly, I wrote the second novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” called “Ransom.”

In conclusion, if there is anything I learned as a new ‘indie self-pub’, is to carve out uninterrupted time to work on writing and editing.   Do not multitask while writing!  You cannot think of deadlines, email, Facebook, a blog or Twitter.  Take time out for yourself and get exercise.  I have to time manage everything so I can keep my head clear and focused.  I couldn’t let publishers, and/or reviewers discourage me.  If I get a ‘no’ from an inquiry from a website, I go on to the next.  However, I learned I had to be choosy.  You have to stick with the Genre which focuses on your writing.


About THE LIGHT-BEARER SERIES author, Emily Guido

Author of THE LIGHT-BEARER SERIES which is a Young Adult, Paranormal Romance. Can romance develop between a Heavenly Angel Light-Bearer and a Hellish Vampire Blood-Hunter? Emily Guido is a Paranormal Romance Author. She was inspired to start writing THE LIGHT-BEARER SERIES because one day she got an idea of two characters that needed to have their story told. Not ever dreaming a week later she would have over a 100,000 words written. When Emily writes, it is similar to you or I watching a movie. She pictures the characters in her head going through vivid descriptions of each scene. There are so many nuances going through her mind that she cannot type fast enough. The novels CHARMEINE, MACTUS, ACCENDO, SEDITIOUS, and RANSOM are the continuation of the wonderful adventures of the inhabitants of The Castle Charmeine! Emily is currently writing CONUNDRUM the Sixth Novel in THE LIGHT-BEARER SERIES. She is currently working at a fortune 500 company full time, and pursuing her Master of Business Administration.

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