Hello my lovely Hot, Cute and Girly Geeks! (and boys)

So I was in my bathroom putting on my gameface, getting ready for this evening’s activities here in the household when I had an idea.
On Youtube, where I spend most of my days, I follow numerous amounts of so called Beauty Gurus. Now, I’m no beauty expert but I do buy and use make-up and other beauty related products. The closest I’ve ever come to actually doing anything beauty related is by doing hauls on my second channel. (Hauls are were you show your viewers what you got at a store.) Some might see this as bragging but I don’t, and it’s not what I do  in my videos. I also tried to start a beauty blog, but I ended that chapter very fast.
Anyway, back to what I wanted to ask you. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow so I will be doing a full face of make-up on myself and I will be fixing my hair. Would anyone want me to film me doing this? I could also do an everyday look instead if that would interest you more.
This might not seem as geeky, but it is definately girly, cute and hot. Also, it might help if you are a younger geek struggling to get into make-up or it might give fellow girls inspiration!

Let me know in the comments if this sounds interesting or hit me up on twitter!

Keep rocking that geek
xx Zandrina


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