Geek Charming

What’s up Hot Cute Girly Geeks! Don’t worry I didn’t forget the guys 😉

Today, I watched In Time starring Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried for the first time. Talk about Snap, Crackle, Pop! I urge you to go watch it if you haven’t because that’s not my topic for this post lol.

Alright. Onto Geek Charming. When Disney first released this movie I could have sworn I would never watch it. However, one day as I was doing my regular channel surfing & could find nothing interesting on I decided to watch Geek Charming which turned out to be Geek-tastic!

Geek Charming Poster Dylan Schoenfield is a Diva as defined by self-professed film geek Josh Rosen. Dylan is a popular girl, with popular friends & a popular boyfriend and though we get the idea that to be that popular you have to be either a bubble head or an air head, what I saw was fake. Yes! In that movie popular was fake. The people she surrounded herself with were fake & she was even worse because she was better than them.

Josh rescues Dylan’s Serge Sanchez bag from the fountain which she mistakenly tossed it into and as a reward he convinces Dylan to let him make her the film of his movie.

Things go up and down but where I’m sure a lot of people hit a bump was when Dylan’s dimwitted super dumb air head meat head boyfriend dumped her in a class through a note….when Dylan couldn’t even read the note properly!

As popular, pretty, rich & intelligent as Dylan Schoenfield was she didn’t know the meaning of self-respect. Before you go changing yourself for others to accept you be sure there is nobody who would take you just the way you are. Through Josh, she learned to see how perfect she was with all her imperfections. She was not fake but she was good at it. She learned to live & learned to keep it real.

If you’re going to be hot/cute/girly/boyish or an overly intelligent person > Geek< remember to be yourself as well. Be positive, happy, friendly, nice because once you’re positive, you’re happy. When you’re nice to someone, you’re happy. When you’re friendly and real, you will definitely be happy because it all starts with you.

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Thank you for being a wonderful audience 🙂 Bless you all.

– Camgal



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3 thoughts on “Geek Charming

  1. camgal says:

    Reblogged this on camgal.

  2. zandrinamcgowan says:

    I love this movie! Super cute and the two actors are dating since making this movie! Sarah Hyland is golden in this and so is Matt! Watched it on a whim a couple of months ago and have since rewatched it twice! 🙂

  3. camgal says:

    That’s awesome. I agree. They look adorable as a couple 🙂

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