Guest Post: Theta Sigma

Hi to all the lovely Girly Geeks, along with the Geeky Boys out there.
Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Mendy for inviting me to be a member of the Guest Blogger team whilst she gives herself the time to recover.  (Hope you’re feeling better soon, my lovely “Geeky Queen”).
As this is a site which talks about all things geeky, I’d better let you know my geek credentials:
I’m a Whovian, and we’re talking “old school” Whovian since when Tom Baker had hold of the TARDIS key (in fact my tag name of Theta Sigma started from the story “The Armageddon Factor).  This fandom, bordering on obsession, has led me to attend conventions where I have met actors from the series including four actors who have portrayed The Doctor himself (Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Colin Baker and Paul McGann) and quite a few of the companions including Katy Manning, Sophie Aldred, Billie Piper and Elisabeth Sladen.
In addition to this, I became a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company with the sole aim of seeing David Tennant in “Hamlet”.  Needless to say, I did see him give a magnificent performance as “The Dane”… and that Patrick Stewart fella wasn’t too bad either.
Other television series that I have a fondness for on the geeky front include “The Big Bang Theory” (Jim Parsons is comedy gold as Sheldon), “Chuck” (Go Team Bartowski!!!), “Being Human” and “Babylon 5″… and I have a geeky obsession with “Man v Food”.
As a teenager I loved comic books (both Marvel and DC), but as the “Doctor Who” obsession took hold, something had to give and it was the comics.  (I still have a soft spot for Spidey though).
I love going to the cinema, and I try to go every weekend when there’s something good on.  (I made the mistake of seeing “SuckerPunch” and “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” last year and I’m still recovering from the experience).  My major movie geek out is my love for soundtracks and I love music by John Williams, James Horner and Hans Zimmer, but I have an annoying habit of humming soundtrack motives after I’ve seen a film.
I have a passion for live theatre and I’ve been to more than forty plays in the last six years when I rediscovered my love of theatre after having it removed through the study of Shakespeare at secondary school.  (Shakespeare should be seen live for people to gain an understanding of the plays).  The majority of plays and musicals I’ve seen have been in the West End of London.  (If you’ve never had the chance to visit London’s West End and you’re thinking of doing it, please, please don’t resist the urge).
Book wise, I used to have a bit of geekiness which faded a bit when I started work, but that has made a comeback since I got my Kindle.  (In fact, on a recent holiday, I managed to read five books in two weeks – not bad going for me).  The most geeky thing I’ve done book wise is a mini pilgrimage following the BBC adaptation of “Little Dorrit” where I visited the Charles Dickens museum in London and did a self-guided walk around areas such as the Marshalsea prison, where Dickens’s father was held and which was the main location of “Little Dorrit”, the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub which Dickens frequented as a reporter and the Charles Dickens Cafe which is located at the ground floor of the building where Dickens published his “All Around The Year” magazine.
In addition to these locations, I’ve also visited Beatrix Potter’s house in the Lake District, Hill Top, and James Herriot’s veterinary practice in Thirsk.
I hope you’ve found my intro interesting and I’d like to thank Mendy for accepting me on to her Guest Blogger crew.

One thought on “Guest Post: Theta Sigma

  1. Thanks for the introduction post and your help, looking forward to your other posts!!!

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