Guest Blogger Introduction: Zandrina McGowan

Hello all you hot, cute and girly geeks! My name is Zandrina, I’m 22 and I’m from Sweden!

I am happy to help Mendy while she is in pain, especially since she is one of the first people to follow me back on twitter since I started my Booktuber back in April. I have since been an avid reader of this blog and as I said, happy to help.

So who am I?
Good question. I am an half British, half Swedish girl who lives on the countryside in the very south of Sweden. I am the middle child in a family of 5 children and I live at home with my parents. Our household is also the home to three dogs and four  cats (and numerous mice in the walls).
In high school I studied music and drama and I went on to teachers college and graduated in January. So I sit before you as an educated teacher with no desire to work as one.

Mendy asked us to include our love for all things geeky so here goes!
I am a HUGE book nerd. Hence  the entire booktuber thingy! If you are at all interested in this aspect of me there will be links at the end of the post to by blog and youtube channel.
I would like to call myself a gamer and in my head I would like to think of myself as brilliant – however…. The truth might be a little different. I will try any game once but find that first person shooters are not for me (I end up running around in a circle shooting at the sky, and then I took an arrow to the knee…LAWL)
I have a tremendous love for tv shows and movies. I tend to get more drawn towards the geekier ones like Big Bang Theory, Dr Who, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones and so on. However I have the pleasure of being a girl, and I tend to let that side shine a lot by loving the likes of Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Suburgatory and Glee. Now Glee might not be girly on it’s own but I tend to let my musical nerd shine whenever I can.
I am also a pretty avid Disney fan. Yes, I’m an adult and I love Disney. Judge away but that’s just the way it is.
I am a pretty big photography geek. I own a very expensive HD Videocamera, a DSLR with three lenses and a small compact camera. I take pictures on a more or less daily base and create short films whenever I have time.
Film-making brings me to my probably biggest passtime – youtube. I have a total of three channels on youtube and I try to update them as frequently as I can.

I’m pretty sure I could fit in more things that I enjoy – but I might risk boring you half to death!
Anyway, if there is anything  that you want me to go into a bit more in-depth just mention it in the comments and I will do my best to fulfill your wishes.
What follows below it just a frenzy of links and please check them out! I will be back on this blog with more geeky updates sooner than later.

Main Channel
Second Channel
Book Blog

Instagram username: zandrinamcgowan

Til then, keep rocking that geek!

xx Zandrina


3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Introduction: Zandrina McGowan

  1. thank you so much, it’s an awesome introduction!!!! looking forward to the rest of your blogs!

    • zandrinamcgowan says:

      Thank you! So glad you like it!
      I’m enjoying myself already – planning a top 10 for Thursday 😉 I’ll DM you to check so it hasn’t been done already!

  2. that’s ok, I’ll await your DM, lol

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