Supernatural season 4, the road so far!!!

Hi hot cute girly geeks and boys of mine. Here is a review about Supernatural season 4, and wow, it is a very good one, we’re gonna meet a lot of interesting… people, and… spoilers.

We left season 3 with Dean going to hell. Oh no, not Dean, not death, can’t process this, too much pain.. But wait there is someone or something coming and its Castiel, or Cas as we like to call him.

Castiel is played by the oh so hot Misha Collins. Who is a nut job in real life, but I love him anyway. I’m also a proud Misha minion and not afraid to say it. He goofs around a lot on the internet and got his minions to break a Guinness book world record by letting us compete in the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen, also known as Gishwhes. And he also does great charity works for Random acts by building homes for Haiti, after the big earthquake.

So Dean wakes up in a coffin after 4 months in hell, and drags himself out of it. Not knowing what happened he finds Bobby and gets reunited with Sam, after some tests to find out Dean isn’t a monster of some sorts. They decide to get some help from Pamela a psychic, because Dean is being followed by an entity. They find out a name, Castiel and Pamela is being a little to nosey and get’s her eyes burned out. Meanwhile Sam hooked up with Ruby again, now being played by Gen (his wife, although not at the time, duh) and he is drinking demon blood again, getting so powerful he can exorcise demons without killing the host  bodies. (oh boy, that’s not good). Dean and Bobby try to summon the thing Castiel and find out he’s actually an angel, wearing a trench coat.

It also appears that a lot of events happing this season are being connected with the 66 seals on Lucifer’s cage. And these seals are breaking fast. It’s Lilith’s big plan, breaking the seals and freeing Lucifer from his cage in Hell so he can rule the earth and mankind, after what’s left of it after the apocalypse.

Dean get’s send back to the past, where he meets a young Mary Campbell, his mom, and her parents. And a young John Winchester, his dad. Funny fact, he convinces his dad to buy the Chevy impala, baby, instead of a nice save family van (thank God for that). He learns that his mom and granddad are hunters and that Mary made a deal with Azazel.

An awesome episode is the 6th one, Yellow Fever, where people are being infected with fear. Seeing the super masculine Dean scream like a little girl is priceless. Also, after this episode, there is a funny video of Jensen doing the eye of the tiger, here’s a YouTube link: I swear, I can never listen to this song again with a straight face.

We also meet another demon in this season, Alastair, and he is the demon who tortured Dean in Hell. He tries to break another couple of seals in order to help free Lucifer and is eventually captured by Castiel and Uriel, another angel. They ask Dean to torture him in order to get some information. He doesn’t break and escapes. And the boys find out that Uriel is behind this and the killing of Angels. Sam eventually kills Alastair with his power, but the boys find out that Dean is responsible for breaking the first seal back in Hell. He was being tortured every day and given a choice. The torture stops, if he tortures other souls. Apparently one month on earth feels like 10 years in hell and Dean gave in after 40 years, just before he is rescued, and can you blame him?

Another fun episode is number 18, the monster at the end of this book, where Sam and Dean find out there are books called Supernatural and are about them and their adventures in monster hunting. They find the author who writes these and it turns out he is a prophet, getting visions about the boys lives and what happens next.

Finally Bobby and Dean decide to have a demon intervention with Sam and lock him in Bobby’s basement to get him to detox from the demon blood. Which leaves Sam and Dean in a great fight and they decide to go their separate ways.

The apocalypse is coming and almost all the seals are broken. Sam goes back to Ruby and fills himself with demon blood, in order to be strong enough to kill Lilith and stop the apocalypse and Lucifer rising. Dean is being kidnapped by angels, because, apparently, the apocalypse can’t be stopped and he is suppose to be Michaels vessel, the archangel and destined to kill Lucifer. Sam on the other hand is the perfect vessel for Lucifer. With the help of Castiel, Dean escapes. Dean also learns that by killing Lilith the final seal will be broken and he tries to stop Sam in time, but Ruby interferes. Sam kills Lilith and Ruby reveals she has been a double agent all along, helping Lilith and guiding Sam to the final blow. Dean kills Ruby, but it’s too late, the seals are broken and Lucifer is coming out of his cage.

What happens next, you have to see for yourself in season 5 of Supernatural.

I hope you enjoyed my review, I rate it 9 out of 10.


Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy.


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