Dark Swan #2, Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead, a book review

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine, another book review and again, just a little bit of Spoilers!!! This time the second dark swan novel, Thorn Queen, again by Richelle Mead. So sit tight, relax, read and let me know what you think.

Goodreads description:

Eugenie Markham is a shaman for hire. She’s paid
to bind and banish creatures from the
Other world.

But something happened after her last battle. She becomes queen of the Thorn Land. That said, with her kingdom in tatters, her love life in chaos, and Eugenie eager to avoid the prophecy about
her firstborn destroying mankind, the job’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.

Now young girls are disappearing from the Otherworld, and no-one seems willing to find out why. Or put an end to it. Not that Eugenie’s fazed by spilling fey blood, but this enemy is shrewd, subtle and dangerous – and nursing a very personal grudge.

Eugenie must venture deep into the Otherworld and trust in a power she can barely control. She may be reluctant queen but she vowed to do her duty, even if it means facing the darkest – and deadliest – side of her nature…

My thoughts:

This book is even better than the first one. Eugene was tricked by Dorian into becoming queen of the thorn land and she isn’t too happy about it. She is torn between being half human and half gentry, thanks to the storm king raping her mom. And now she has a kingdom to lead as well.

And she is in a full relationship with Kiyo, although apparently Kiyo’s former lover turns up pregnant. Big shock there, so he divides his time between soon to be mom and Eugene. Jealous much?

And Eugene apparently had enough of the lesson’s she got from Dorian, her being all tied up and stuff. But, but, I didn’t get enough of those lesson’s? I loved the tension between them. So Dorian is still trying to get into her pants. Don’t get enough of that either. But Dorian also moved on and got himself a Eugene look alike to do with as he pleases. Umm, I’m still single 😉

I love the way Richelle describes how Eugene thinks, and acts. She wants to run away from her responsibility, but as soon as she finds out that her people are having a hard time, living in the land she created when Aeson died she tries to help them. It makes her so human. And also the fact that she isn’t perfect. She screws up, is jealous, in love with two guys at the same time. It all happens in real live, and that’s what makes is, for me, fun to read.

But there is still the problem of the prophecy. Although she is a queen now, people still want to get her pregnant, and the gentry don’t understand human birth control. And it turns out Jasmine is still on the loose, so she can get pregnant first. Fortunately Eugene’s guards find her.

But then there is also the problem about the missing girls and she finds out two human shamans are involved. They even kidnap her. Turns out they had a deal with a gentry, a noble one called Leith. And that crazy idiot thinks by raping Eugene, she will fall in love with him. Sure, that always works. Fortunately Eugene manages to escape with the help of the other gentry girls that are being held against their will.

When it comes to a stand of between Leigh and Eugene, Kiyo and Dorian are also there. Kiyo urges her not to kill him and let Gentry justice serve him. Dorian, on the other hand is more practical and he finally kills him. Thus getting Kiyo and Eugene in a big fight, and they split up.

So what would you do? Kill the guy who raped you dozens of times, drugs you and held you prisoner, or turn him over to the gentry justice. Even if you don’t know he will be punished because he is noble. It makes an excellent dilemma, one that got me thinking.

And Eugene finally gives in to Dorian, yes! Too bad for Kiyo though.

So I say read this book and rate it 8 out of 10.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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