Vampire Academy #6, Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead, a book review.

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. The last in the vampire academy series, last sacrifice is up for my review, and again, be warned, there will be spoilers.

We left with Rose in jail for the murder of Queen Tatiana and the news Lissa might have an illegitimate sibling. With nothing to do in jail, she spends a lot of time in Lissa’s head and follows the funeral of the queen trough their bond. When suddenly, the funeral procession is interrupted by two huge statues suddenly blow up. There is also commotion in her prison and Rose is being broken out of prison by Mikhail, Eddie, Adrian, her father Abe and surprisingly Dimitri. The group leads her and Dimitri out of court where they get from Sydney, the Alchemist. Remember her? Apparently she owed Abe a favor, and this is how she is supposed to pay for it.

Rose isn’t all too happy she and Dimitri are on the run and she want to return back to court to prove her innocence. But Sydney promised to keep her save and unfortunately this means keeping her stashed in a motel Rose. But Rose wouldn’t be Rose is she didn’t try to “escape”. Dimitri catches her of course so Sydney has to come up with a new plan to keep them save. She drives them to a secret village, filled with Moroi, Dhampires and humans, who call themselves the Keepers, because they follow the old ways of their customs.

Meanwhile Rose is being visited by Victor and Robert in a spirit dream. And Rose finds out that the person who maybe has some information about Lissa’s sibling is Sonya Karp, her old teacher, spirit user and ex-girlfriend of Mikhail. The only problem is, she is a Strigoi.

Sydney finds out where she lives, after Rose explains the story to her and Dimitri and her plan to find her. Rose informs Victor and Robert about their whereabouts and they decide to meet at Sonya’s house. Robert being the only one capable of turning Sonya back to Moroi with a spirit infused stake.

But Victor and Robert aren’t the only ones who visit Rose in spirit dreams. Adrian visits Rose also. Rose can’t tell much of their plan. Adrian, Lissa and Christian are still trying to find out who really murdered Queen Tatiana. But they need time, especially since the court wants a new ruler fast. Victor comes up with a crazy plan. If they find Lissa’s sibling, she can be part of the ruling houses in court or even made queen. So Rose explains this to Adrian, leaving the sibling out of the story. Because there is a loophole in Moroi law, Lissa can enter the tests for becoming queen, but not actually queen, because she needs at least one family member. And because of this, they hope it will create a pandemonium at court, thus buying them more time.

Sydney, Rose, Dimitri, Victor and Robert meet up at Sonya’s house where they subdue her and turn her back in a Moroi. Dimitri tends after her, because the transition is quite a shock. Reluctantly she decides to help them and leads them to the house where Lissa’s sibling lives. And boy, are they in for a surprise. Turns out Lissa’s sibling is no one other than jailbait! Jill Mastrano. They explain what happens, but Jill’s stepfather called the guardians and in all the confusion Victor and Robert kidnap Jill, while Sonya, Dimitri and Rose escape.

Meanwhile at court Lissa is struggling to pass all the tests in order for not being elected queen. She does wonderful and a lot of people support her and want the rules to be changes so she can actually be elected queen.

Sonya got separated with Dimitri and Rose, but she finds them during a spirit dream. In which she also explains about Rose and Dimitri’s auras. They shine very bright when they are around each other and this means they feel a lot for each other. Sonya catches up with Rose and Dimitri. Sydney was captured by the guardians, and Sonya finds out where Robert and Victor are, with Jill.

They find them and get in to a big fight, where Rose accidently kills Victor, because she got a lot of spirit from Lissa and she couldn’t control her anger any more. After she snaps out of it, she is being consumed by guilt. The group gets to a hotel and Dimitri tries to talk Rose out of her depressing state, finally giving in and telling her he loves her, and never stopped doing so. Rose snaps out of it and she and Dimitri have sex. And again, huge disappointment. I have been reading the dark swan series by Richelle, so I know she can write these kinds of scenes much better than this.

Rose still has to tell Adrian about this and she also gives Dimitri a choice. Rose accepted what happened with Victor and she forgave herself, but Dimitri still hasn’t forgave himself for what he did as a Strigoi and she tells him he has to in order to get the relationship working. Rose tells Adrian in a spirit dream for Mikhail to meet them outside of court, and of courseAdrian tags along. He witnesses her and Dimitri kissing. But there is no time to explain. Jill is being brought to court and Rose puts the puzzle pieces together from what she learned from Lissa trough there bond and from Sydney, who is being held by court guardians. She knows who killed the queen.

Lissa got through all the tests and is making her final speech, Rose and her team infiltrates this gathering by using spirit disguise from Sonya. And when the court tells Lissa she can’t be queen, Jill is being revealed. Also Rose exposes herself, along with Dimitri and she explains to everyone, who the real killer is. Tasha! Because she hated the queen for lowering the age of graduating for Dhampires and not letting Moroi fight side by side with Dhampires against Strigoi. Also Tasha holds a grudge against Rose for Dimitri, because she is in love with him also.

The guardians try to take down Tasha, but she produces a gun and grabs Mia, who unfortunately is sitting beside her. Lissa tries to compel Tasha by running forward to her, but Tasha shoots. Rose see’s this coming and jumps before Lissa, catching the bullet meant for Lissa. Her final glimpse, before the world turning dark, are the faces of Lissa and Dimitri.

A few days later Rose awakes with Dimitri by her side. She lived and Dimitri and she are being fully stated to their guardian status. Only Dimitri being Christian’s guardian and Rose being Lissa’s guardian. Only Rose finds out the bond is gone between her and Lissa. She also finds out that Lissa is being elected queen.  But Rose has one more thing to do, having a conversation with Adrian, so she and Dimitri can be together. The book ends with Lissa being crowned and Rosa and Dimitri finally together and happy.

Sigh, where to begin. Again, I love the books. I loved the fact Dimitri and Rose are growing closer in this book and even the tension between them is getting back. Also Sonya has her happy ending, turning Moroi again and being back with Mikhail. I am a sucker for happy endings. I didn’t see Jailbait happening though, but it’s cool and she and Sydney get their own series! So we don’t have to say goodbye to the vampire academy world. Even Adrian has a big part in this one. Ahh Adrian, I feel for him. You grow to like him throughout the books. First being obnoxious, drinking and smoking, but having his heart in the right place.

And Lissa, being crowned queen! Awesome. Makes you wonder what you would do if you have been elected queen at a young age. And another big surprise was Tasha. Didn’t see that coming either! She was so nice and loved by everyone and she even helped Lissa and Rose! See, you can’t even trust your nearest and dearest.

So pick up this book, actually, buy them all! Rate it 8 out of 10! Oh and sorry about the long review, lol!

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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