Vampire Academy #5, Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead, a book review.

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. Here’s another book review. And I’m getting behind on my reviews. After this one, I still have 2 more to do, if I get them done before I finish the book I’m currently reading, but enough said, look out for spoilers ahead.

Last time we left Rose getting a note from Dimitri, that he isn’t dead and he will be killing her when he sees her again. She is back in school and thinking about what Oksana and Mark said back in Russia, that a Strigoi can be healed by a spirit user. Problem is, the spirit user who did this, turned out to be Victor Dashkov’s half brother Robert, and Victor is in a Moroi prison.

Rose is about to graduate and she has to pass her final test. An obstacle course where she has to lead a Moroi, played by a guardian, to safety, while being attacked by Strigoi, played by other guardians. And it turns out, the guardians made it extra hard for Rose, because she has real world experience and they are confident she can handle it. All of her friends and family came to watch, even her mother Janine and her dad, Abe Mazur, also known as Zmey, or old man, as Rose likes to call him. Needles to say Rose passes her test and finally graduates from St. Vladimir Academy, getting her Promise mark.

I realize I didn’t explain the tattoo’s in the other reviews, so here is a quick update on the Dhampire tattoos:

Guardians are given a molnija mark for every Strigoi kill they make. Molnija is “lightning” in Russian and as you can see from the picture each mark is a small lightning bolt. Rose gets her first two molnija marks in Frost Bite after decapitating two Strigoi in Spokane and saving two Moroi lives.

The Promise Mark is awarded to Dhampir’s upon their graduation as guardians. It is usually placed in the center of the nape of the neck. All the graduates receive their tattoos together during the graduation ceremony. Only a select few Moroi are invited to the celebrations.

The Zvezda mark (battle mark) is given to guardians who have killed many Strigoi. Rose receives her zvezda mark in Shadow Kiss after battling the Strigoi who entered the Academy and kidnapped many of the guardians and Moroi.

After graduation with high marks, Rose and her friends travel to court, so they can begin their lives outside of the Academy and in to the real world. Rose made a promise to Adrian in the last book and is now currently in a relationship with him, although not everyone is too happy about it.

Rose, still occupied with Dimitri, also made a promise to Lissa, that if she ever wanted to take off on another adventure, Lissa is bound to come. And boy, is there an adventure. Rose plans to “rescue” Victor from prison, in order to get to his half brother, so they can learn about the healing of Strigoi and maybe saving Dimitri.

So, with the help from Lissa, and Eddie, another one of Rose fellow graduates (and the guy who also was kidnapped together with Rose, Mia, Christian and Mason in Frostbite) they spring Victor from his prison and head over to Las Vegas, where Robert lives. They learn that a Strigoi can be healed only by a spirit user, staking a Strigoi with a stake infused by spirit. Rose is against this plan because Lissa is too weak to stake a Strigoi.

Adrian also turns up in Vegas, because Rose used a credit card she got from him in the last book. Victor and Robert escape them. During a Strigoi attack, lead by no other than Dimitri. Rose misses her chance again to kill him.

Back at court Rose is being punished by running off with Lissa again and her chances to becoming her guardian get slimmer and slimmer. Lissa and Christian are off to visit the college she will be attending next fall, together with two guardians the Queen appointed. Lissa and Christian trick the guardians in to teach them how to stake a Strigoi.

While on their visit, the group gets attacked by Strigoi and Dimitri, and Dimitri kidnaps Lissa and Christian in order to lure Rose to him. Rose is still bound to Lissa and she and the other guardians at court go on a mission to rescue them.

During this rescue, Lissa gets the chance to stake Dimitri with a spirit infused stake and… he turns Dhampire again. Dimitri is taken back to court and prison to find out if he really is Dhampire. But because he is saved by Lissa he feels obligated to her. And he has a huge remorse over what he did to Rose, so he won’t see her, and when Rose finally sneaks in to his prison, he tells her he doesn’t lover her any more. Rose is heartbroken by this. (And so was I when I read this.)

What’s also going on at court is that the queen is trying to lower the age of the dhampires to graduate, in order to protect the Moroi from Strigoi. Rose is even lured in to one of the council meetings, without telling what it is about, so she can tell everyone about the Strigoi she attacked in Frostbite. So basically telling them at an early age she was ready to kill and protect. The queen uses her testimony to lower the age and Rose is really pissed off about this, calling the queen a bitch in open court and threatening her. (Wouldn’t it be cool though if Richelle plays the queen if there is a movie?)

Rose bumps in to Dimitri, who is finally set lose from his prison, when Rose is being attacked by other guardians, in order to arrest her for the murder of the Queen. Dimitri fights with Rose, but she tells him not to, because she is worried about his status as a new Dhampire, so she gives up and is being lead to prison. She gets a hearing where there will be decided is there will be a trial or not, and of course there will be. So her ass is being hauled back in to prison.

Ambrose, the queen’s ehh, pet dhampire, if you know what I mean, slips Rose a note from the queen. Where the queen explains that she knows she is in danger and where she reveals that Lissa has a sibling no one knows about. And with this sibling Lissa can claim a seat in the royal counsel, so Lissa can help balance things out.

Ehh, what?! This book is extreme! Rose breaking in to prison. Not getting caught, Lissa staking Dimitri. Dimitri not Strigoi but Dhampire again. Breaking Rose’s heart, but still fighting for her. Rose being imprisoned for something she actually didn’t do and a surprise sibling for Lissa. O my, this is a true rollercoaster. And I love it. Although the prison break of Victor was a little too easy. A couple of 18 year old breaking in to maximum security prison? Little farfetched if you ask me, but it was needed for the story. And thank god Dimitri is Dhampire again. SO maybe, there will be a chance they get together somehow. (I already know, I read the books a couple of times, but I won’t tell, so either read the books yourself, what I highly recommend, or wait for my next review)

Rate: 8 out of 10.

Love, your hot cute girly geek.


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