Vampire Academy #4, Blood Promise by Richelle Mead, a book review

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine, here’s another book review about Blood Promise, the 4th book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, and as always: Spoilers!!!

The last book left us with the big disappointing sex scene and Dimitri being attacked by Strigoi and vanishing. Rose can do only one thing and that’s going after Dimitri. A while ago they discussed what would happen if they by some fluke get turned Strigoi. And they both agree that they rather be hunted down and get killed instead of living like a murderous Strigoi.

Rose waits till she turns 18 and checks out of school, only a couple of months away from graduating. Her only clue is to find Dimitri somewhere in Siberia. She figures he’s gone back to his old hometown. Rose got her money from Adrian, who is still in love with her, for a promise that when she returns they try to get together. Although Rose isn’t in love with Adrian, she still takes his money for the promise and leaves St Vladimir academy.

She travels to Russia and starts looking for Dimitri. Killing every Strigoi she can get. But she gets noticed by Sydney, an Alchemist. (Remember that name, because Sydney gets her own books after the vampire academy novels are done.) Alchemists are bound to protect the human world from finding out vampires exist. They also have some need tricks, like a potion to dissolve Strigoi bodies.

Rose teams up with Sydney, who happens to know the name of Dimitri’s hometown Baia. They both travel together and meeting Strigoi on their way. But not only Strigoi, they also run in to Abe Mazur, or as he is called in Russia, Zmey. And he has an interest in Rose.

Rose finally meets Dimitri’s family and has the hard task of telling them what happened, because somebody forgot to tell the family about his “death”.  But she also keep tabs on Lissa trough their bond and finds out that she’s made a new friend, Avery. And something is wrong with this girl.

Rose also stumbles on another spirit user and her shadow kissed partner:  Oksana and Mark. And she learns more about being shadow kissed.

Abe wants her out of Baia, so Rose teams up with other young dhampires to hunt down Strigoi. And finally she finds Dimitri. To stunned about how he looks, she forgets her training and Dimitri defeats her and abducts her to his “lair.”

Dimitri has a big plan for Rose. He wants her to be a Strigoi, just like him, but she has to volunteer. He showers her with gifts, kisses and takes blood from her. Rose “donated” blood before to Lissa, when the both of them were on the run and it was fantastic. But a Strigoi bite is so much more. She truly becomes an addict. (I swear, these bite scenes are more erotic than the “sex scene” in the previous novel).

Finally Rose deiced to choose for living instead of death and escapes Dimitri. They have a big fighting showdown, resulting in Rose killing Dimitri, but did she really kill him? She gets back to Baia and to Mark and Oksana, only to find out that Lissa is in great danger. Avery turned out to be another Spirit user and she wants to kill Lissa in order to make her shadow kissed. Together with Mark, Oksana and Adrian, Rose stops Lissa from being killed.

She also learns that a Strigoi can be healed by a spirit user, and the spirit user who done this before is no-one other than Robert Doru, Victor Dashkov’s half brother, and Victor is the only one who knows where to find him.

Rose is being reunited with Lissa and she tells all about her adventure in Russia. Rose’s mother Janine turns up and she reveals that Abe is her real father! Big surprise. All her friends and her mother persuade her to enroll back in to school to graduate, in order to becoming Lissa’s guardian when they graduate.

But the book doesn’t end with another big surprise. Dimitri is alive and sends her a note, saying the next time they meet, he will kill her…

Again, I love this book. We learn more about Dimitri and we have some steaming Rose and Dimitri scenes when she is captured by him. You just know that their sage isn’t coming to an end when Rose learns about healing Strigoi. Dimitri can be saved! Maybe. Richelle is such a good author and my only complained is the fact that this is a YA book, so it’s a little bit soft (especially if you are used to the Anita Blake books). But I love the fact that we get to know Sydney and more about Russia. Makes you want to book a flight out there to see if there are real life Dimitri’s walking around!

Rating, again 8 out of 10!

Love, your hot cute girly geek!


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2 thoughts on “Vampire Academy #4, Blood Promise by Richelle Mead, a book review

  1. AWESOME REVIEW!!! You really put a lot into it!!

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