Vampire Academy #2: Frostbite by Richelle Mead, a book review.

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. Another day, another book review. Oh my, I read almost faster than I can post reviews, oh well. Here is my opinion on the second novel in the Vampire Academy series.

Rose is still being taught by Dimitri, because she is also still behind on her guardian classes. In order to move further she has to take the Qualifiers Exam. Dimitri takes her to see a friend of him, the legendary guardian Arthur Schoenberg. He will be the guardian helping Rose with her exam. When they reach his house, they found out Arthur and the family he protected are all murdered.

As it turns out, the house was warded and a human used a stake to break the wards on the house so Strigoi could enter and slaughter everyone.

Because the attack is done by more than one Strigoi, everyone in the Moroi community is panicking, because Strigoi are supposed to hunt alone, not in groups. Christmas holiday is around the corner and the school decides it’s safer to bring everyone to a luxurious, Moroi sky resort, instead of everyone traveling to meet their family. Our leading characters are excited to go.

Rose knows she and Dimitri can’t be together so she takes advice from her best friend Lissa and teams up with a dhampire classmate of hers, Mason. Although she is not in love with him. But he is all googly eyes on her. And Lissa is still dating Christian, so it’s kind of a double date vacation.

During their vacation Rose meets Adrian Ivashkov, a royal Moroi, who drinks a lot and constantly smokes clove cigarettes. Adrian is following Rose around, trying to win her over. Even though he finds out, there is something going on between Rose and Dimitri and Rose kind of dating Mason. Adrian plays the character of spoiled, rich student very well. But that’s not all. Adrian is also a spirit user, just like Lissa. And he can enter the dreams of other people. Like Rose’s dreams.

Christians aunt Tasha,  is also on this trip and she is trying to persuade the other Moroi royals to stand up for themselves and learn how to fight side by side with their guardians, because the number of dhampires are getting lower, and their aren’t enough of them to protect everyone.

Rose finds out Tasha asked Dimitri to become her guardian and even father of her children. Naturally, she isn’t happy about this news and she turns to Mason, trying to forget about Dimitri. But her own body betrays her, as she isn’t getting the same feeling with Mason, as she had being with Dimitri and she and Mason have a huge fight.

Mason then decides, after another Strigoi attack, to go after the Strigoi himself, with help from his classmate Eddy and a Moroi girl Mia, whose mother died during the last attack. When Rose finds out, she asks Christian to help her going after them.

Christian and Rose finally find the runaways and she convinces them going back, but then they get lost and are all kidnapped by humans, who take them to a house in the middle of nowhere and they are being locked up in the basement.

It turns out the house is being inhabited by the leader of the Strigoi attacks and his flunky girlfriend. The leader gives the Moroi Mia and Christian the choice of murdering one of their friends and becoming Strigoi or dying. While he uses Eddy as his own blood bank.

After a couple of days, the Moroi are weakened and Rose finally comes up with a plan. They get lose and try to escape. Christian, Mia and Eddy make it out okee, but Rose and Mason don’t. The leader of the Strigoi murders Mason and goes after Rose, and with the help of Mia who returned she kills both Strigoi.

In the end, Rose gets her two Molnjia, marks for killing a Strigoi and Dimitri admits that he turned down Tasha’s offer, because he is in love with Rose.

Although there are less Rose and Dimitri scenes in this one, the tension is still there, and it’s sizzling. I also love this book. And how well Richelle gets in the minds of teenagers. How they think and act. Reminds you of how you where when you had that age. And Adrian.

On the one side you kinda hate him for being obnoxious, but he doesn’t give up. I also can’t wait how he turns out on screen. SO another must read, from me and I rate it 8 out of 10. Go pick up a copy of your own!!!

Love, your hot cute girly geek.


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