Wicked, the Musical

Hi hot, cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine, last Thursday I went to see wicked the musical. Although musicals are not typically geeky, I think this musical is. It has witches, flying monkeys, good versus evil and everything, so here is my review of the Dutch version of wicked!

Wicked is the story before the story the wizard of Oz, how it all began, and how the wicked witch of the west became so wicked. Elphaba, the girl with the emerald green skin is smart, a little bit nerdy. Has had a hard life looking after her crippled sister and is being constantly teased for how she looks, is being sent to boarding school with her sister. There she meets Galina, a pretty dumb blond popular girl who has everything in life and is very shallow. And by some fluke they become roommates. They hate each other. But then a boy comes in their lives, Fiyero, the stud! The both fall for him, and at first he chooses the beautiful Galina as his new girl, but when he gets to know Elphaba he develops feelings for her.

Elphaba dreams of meeting the wizard of Oz, so he can help her becoming normal, not green. And because she is so smart, she gets to take extra magic lessons and finally an invite to meet the wizard. By then Galina and she are friends and together they travel to emerald city, where Elphaba feels at home, because everything is green.

They meet the wizard of Oz, who tricks Elphaba into doing magic, and blame her for it, marking her as an evil witch. So she runs. Galinda, who by now is known as Glinda, is being used as a spokesperson for the good and for keeping up hope. When Glinda finds out Elphaba and Fiyero have the hots for each other she betrays Elphaba to the wizard. And this is also the beginning of their version of the story of the wizard of Oz. The tornado swoops in Dorothy’s house and kills Elphaba’s sister and her magic shoes are given to Dorothy (By the way, Elphaba put a spell on the shoes so she wouldn’t be cripple any longer) well, you all know the story.

Eventually Glinda has regrets and she and Fiyero help her faking her own death so Elphaba and Fiyero can live happily ever after, sort of.

Why I love this musical. It is funny as hell! It’s fun to learn where the tin man, the scarecrow and the cowardly lion come from. That Dorothy is some whining little brat and of course the wicked witch isn’t so wicked after all. And of course Fiyero’s package! (If you watched the movie the Labyrinth you know exactly what I mean!!!) After seeing this I will never look the same at the wizard of Oz.

Fun facts about the show I saw. Apparently the guy who played Fiyero on our show is a famous soap actor in Holland. (I hate soap series so I didn’t know the guy) It was his first show so a lot of his coworkers from the soap series also attended the show, so we had a lot of press that evening and a lot of people screaming for the soap actors in the audience!

Another fun fact. I was born in the city of Oss in the Netherlands and you pronounce it the same as Oz, so it’s fun to hear during the show about Ozians and people from Oz and the wizard of Oz. I’m an Ozian and proud of it.

So my hot, cute geeks, if you get the chance to see this musical, do so!!! I rate it with a 7.5 out of 10!

Love, your hot cute girly geek.


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Hi I’m Mendy, 30, live in the Netherlands together with my lovely cat Sir James. I’m a social worker who works with drug addicts and homeless people by day and a geek, avid blogger and aspiring author by heart. I read, write, blog, bake and create. More about Hot Cute Girly Geek

5 thoughts on “Wicked, the Musical

  1. LOVED THIS POST!!!!!!!!!! Great show!!!

  2. Good to see the truth finally come out. I never did believe that pro-Dorothy progaganda!

  3. @daniel sooo true!!!

  4. Nick Laye says:

    I just happened to stumble across your website and the post Wicked, the Musical Hot Cute Girly Geek. The words you provide really makes me think. Thanks for the write up.

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