The mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, a movie review

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. As promised, the review of the third mummy movie. And this review contains spoilers!!!

This movie differs a lot from the previous two, first off all, no Egypt but China, and second, no Rachel Weisz, she is replaced by Maria Bello for the role of Evy O’Connell. They even make a joke about it in the beginning of the movie.

We start off with a bit of a history lesson about the evil emperor and how he conquers everything, but one, immortality. He finds out a witch can do him a spell and asks his best man, General Yang, to fetch her. And as a good soldier he does and even helps her find the spell, but they also fall in love, the witch Zi Yuan and the general. Even though the emperor forbade this cause he wants to have the witch in his bed himself.

The emperor finds out, betrays the witch by killing Yang and thus dooming himself for the witch casts a curse over him and his army, turning them in the famous terracotta army. (Well, it’s different from what I learned in school). And as time goes by, the army is nothing more than some undiscovered dig site for archeologists.

Remember my previous review where I talked about the brat Alex? He grew up and is still annoying as hell. He dropped out of school to do some digging in China while hanging around with his uncle Jonathan. Who opened a nightclub called Imhotep. (My my, how original).

The O’Conner’s are asked by the British government to do one last spy job. (Didn’t knew the previous two where spy jobs, but oh well.) And they travel to China with the Eye of Shangri-La, the one thing that can awake the Terracotta Army and bring back hell on earth. Which of course happens? And the girl protection this from happening fails! So there’s a big not so happy family reunion and they decide to stop the Emperor from raising his entire army through a wild chase on the streets and in the mountains, where we meet Yeti’s. (Seriously, I thought the mini pygmies from part two where farfetched, but this does it!)

Rick is badly hurt and the only thing that can help him is getting to Shangri-La and to the fountain of eternal youth, which they do. He is healed and Alex finds out the girl protection the emperor from rising is immortal herself and way, way older than he is, by a couple of thousand years. What is not explained is if Rick is now immortal himself? Did nobody ask? But the Emperor get’s a sip from the fountain to and is now able to morph into stuff of nightmares. Basically, ugly ass CGI monsters.

The Emperor raises the terracotta army and if he gets them over the great Chinese wall they will be unstoppable. But the witch isn’t dead either and she casts a spell to raise all the people who died building the great wall to stop the emperor. And eventually the emperor and his army are stopped. Alex and his sweetie protector who now is mortal again fall in love. And Jonathan, big thief, steels the eye of Shangri-La and decided to move to Peru, in the hope, never ever meeting a mummy again. And after this movie, I hope so too! (but the plot is left open, because mummy’s where discovered short after this movie time wise ended, so theoretically there could be a fourth movie.

Can you tell I don’t like this movie? They should have stopped at number two. I give it points for the Terracotta Army story and of course Brendan Fraser, and bones points for him being half nude, but that’s about it. Hate the bad CGI, hate the Yeti’s, Alex is even more annoying than he was being a kid. Hate the fact Rachel isn’t in the movie, or Ardeth and so on and so on.

And now for the rating, I won’t give it more than 5.5 out of 10.

Love your hot cute girly geek.

Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton, a book review

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. Here is my review of Swallowing Darkness, the 7th Merry Gentry book by Laurell K. Hamilton and it contains spoilers as always!

Swallowing Darkness picks of after we left Merry and her lovers. She is pregnant with twins and the fathers are 6 of her lovers!!! How can that be? Well it’s faerie, remember? Apparently this can happen. But this also means that Tarantis, high king of the Seelie court and her uncle isn’t the father of the children and yes he did rape her.

The Seelie court tries everything in their power to get Merry to be their Queen, but she doesn’t trust them. Well I wouldn’t either. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!

Merry is recovering in the hospital after the rape of her uncle when her grandmother visits and then things go wrong, again. Her brownie grandmother, who raised her as being her real mother, is under a spell from her other granddaughter. This turns her into evil brownie mode and eventually has to be killed to protect everyone. Merry calls on the wild hunt to avenge her and kill her niece who is responsible for her grandmothers dead.

When they return to fearie with the wild hunt they are ambushed by other sidhe, who try to kill Mistral, one of her baby daddies. (I know, so many men, so very confusing.) Sholto and Merry eventually retreat in Sholto’s (baby daddy) kingdom, where they try to heal Mistral and in between also pick up Doyle, her Darkness (another baby daddy) who was dying in the hospital. Sholto and Merry are crowned king and queen of the Sluagh, so Sholto wants Merry to be monogamous, yeah right! She puts him in his place on that particular point!

Merry decides to go back to L.A. because she is tired of all the people plotting against her and her men, and trying to kill her. But because the Seelie court is waiting outside of the Sluagh home, she calls in a favor of the U.S. military to help her escape. And it almost works.

The Seelie retreat and let her go, but Cel is waiting for her and her men and tries to kill her. Needles to say they get in a big fight and eventually she kills Cel. Finally! Evil little twisted monster! And Merry and Doyle are crowned king and queen of the Unseelie court by the goddess. But they give it up to save the life of Frost and finally they return to L.A.

Did I like this book, yes I liked it, but in my opinion it’s not the best one of the series, because there is so much happening. I feel like it’s a rollercoaster throughout fearie.  We meet all the men, visit all the courts and it is in my opinion too much for the one book. The other books are more about the background information and this one feels like. Everything needs to be told in as less pages as possible. On the other hand, it explains, a lot. So it’s definitely a must read, but I will rate it no more than a 6.5 out of 10.

Till next time, my hot cute girly (and boy) geeks!

Wicked, the Musical

Hi hot, cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine, last Thursday I went to see wicked the musical. Although musicals are not typically geeky, I think this musical is. It has witches, flying monkeys, good versus evil and everything, so here is my review of the Dutch version of wicked!

Wicked is the story before the story the wizard of Oz, how it all began, and how the wicked witch of the west became so wicked. Elphaba, the girl with the emerald green skin is smart, a little bit nerdy. Has had a hard life looking after her crippled sister and is being constantly teased for how she looks, is being sent to boarding school with her sister. There she meets Galina, a pretty dumb blond popular girl who has everything in life and is very shallow. And by some fluke they become roommates. They hate each other. But then a boy comes in their lives, Fiyero, the stud! The both fall for him, and at first he chooses the beautiful Galina as his new girl, but when he gets to know Elphaba he develops feelings for her.

Elphaba dreams of meeting the wizard of Oz, so he can help her becoming normal, not green. And because she is so smart, she gets to take extra magic lessons and finally an invite to meet the wizard. By then Galina and she are friends and together they travel to emerald city, where Elphaba feels at home, because everything is green.

They meet the wizard of Oz, who tricks Elphaba into doing magic, and blame her for it, marking her as an evil witch. So she runs. Galinda, who by now is known as Glinda, is being used as a spokesperson for the good and for keeping up hope. When Glinda finds out Elphaba and Fiyero have the hots for each other she betrays Elphaba to the wizard. And this is also the beginning of their version of the story of the wizard of Oz. The tornado swoops in Dorothy’s house and kills Elphaba’s sister and her magic shoes are given to Dorothy (By the way, Elphaba put a spell on the shoes so she wouldn’t be cripple any longer) well, you all know the story.

Eventually Glinda has regrets and she and Fiyero help her faking her own death so Elphaba and Fiyero can live happily ever after, sort of.

Why I love this musical. It is funny as hell! It’s fun to learn where the tin man, the scarecrow and the cowardly lion come from. That Dorothy is some whining little brat and of course the wicked witch isn’t so wicked after all. And of course Fiyero’s package! (If you watched the movie the Labyrinth you know exactly what I mean!!!) After seeing this I will never look the same at the wizard of Oz.

Fun facts about the show I saw. Apparently the guy who played Fiyero on our show is a famous soap actor in Holland. (I hate soap series so I didn’t know the guy) It was his first show so a lot of his coworkers from the soap series also attended the show, so we had a lot of press that evening and a lot of people screaming for the soap actors in the audience!

Another fun fact. I was born in the city of Oss in the Netherlands and you pronounce it the same as Oz, so it’s fun to hear during the show about Ozians and people from Oz and the wizard of Oz. I’m an Ozian and proud of it.

So my hot, cute geeks, if you get the chance to see this musical, do so!!! I rate it with a 7.5 out of 10!

Love, your hot cute girly geek.

Top 10 on Thursday!!! The 10 hottest male vampires!!!

Hi hot cute girly geeks of mine, no boys this time, cause this is a top 10 hottest male vampires, or you have to be gay, in that case, read further into this post!!!

I’m planning on doing a top 10 more often so Thursdays are now my top 10 on Thursday! And let the countdown begin.

Nr. 10: Dracula from Dracula 2000. Movie sucked, Dracula not. Move over Sparta, we want Dracula!

Nr. 09: is a shared place between Lestat from Queen of the damned played by Stuart Townsend. Although the movie wasn’t great, he has an air of arrogance, which I really like to see in my vampires. Come one, they are suppose to be arrogant. They are old, fast, strong and good looking. And of course Lestat from Interview with the vampire, Although tom cruise is not that hot, he has this aristocratic thing going on and of course being ruthless counts for a vampire.

Nr. 8: Dr. Carlisle Cullen from the twilight movies. Oh my, if I had a doctor as hot as he is, I would be sick every damn day!

Nr. 7: Armand from Interview with the vampire, oh my, that hair, those eyes, that accent. Wouldn’t mind being his companion forever…

Nr. 6: Mick St. John, our favorite private detective from Moonlight. I would hire him any time! Too bad the show got cancelled after 1 season.

Nr.5:  Tabruis from the novel Charmaine by Emily Guido: Love formed in heaven, why can’t I be an Angel?

Nr. 4: Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer. William the bloody, sigh, British, blond and badass. Give him the ring of Amaura!

Nr. 3: Eric from True Blood, he can stay in my basement any time. Not that I have a basement, but I would be glad to dig on just for him.

Nr. 2: Klaus from the vampire diaries: again the accent, those eyes, the bad guy, those brooding looks. I wouldn’t stake him, burn that white oak down!

And last but not least, nr. 1: Damon Salvatore. Hottest, sexiest vampire ever. His looks, his smile, his teasing, walking around half nude, being sort of good, being bad, the list goes on and on why I like him. See for yourself!

So let me know who is on your list in your top 10 hottest male vampires!

Love, your hot, cute and girly geek.

And now I’m off to see Wicked!

The Vampire Diaries fans, even in Belgium!!!

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine,

A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip to Belgium and what did I found out? They love the Vampire Diaries, one of my favorite vampire TV series currently on TV. They even named streets and a church after the characters and I wouldn’t be geeky if I hadn’t had proof, behold pictures:

The church named after the Salvatore brothers: (The sign on the church says Saint Salvatore’s Cathedral & treasure chamber)

You wonder what they would keep their? Can the vampires from the Vampire Diaries even enter churches or cathedrals?

The street named after the Salvatore brothers: (The street sign says Saint Salvatore’s cemetery)

I wonder who they buried there?

They even named a street after Klaus: (The street sign says Saint Nicklaus Street)

But the good people of Brugge (Bruges in English) are also protecting themselves against the vampires. If you follow the series you would know you can protect yourself from compulsion by using vervain or verbena, and it also weakens them. You can buy skin products and they even put it in their tea:

Needles to say I had to get some for myself. Not that I want to use the Vervain if Damon Salvatore came by, 😉

Love, your hot cute girly geek, for all things hot, cute, girly and geeky!

The mummy returns, a movie review

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. Here is my opinion on the Mummy returns, part 2 of the mummy trilogy, enjoy.

It’s nine years later when we meet up with Evy and Rick, they are married and have a kid, a most obnoxious little brat called Alex. The family now lives in London but Evy and Rick still like to dig for old stuff in Egypt. After some strange dreams Rick and Alex follow Evy back to Egypt where they find the scorpion bracelet. According to legend, ones every 5000 years, the scorpion king can be summoned along with the army of the god Anubis to rule the world. And the bracelet leads the way where to find the scorpion king in a legendary place called Ahm Shere.

Of course there are bad guys, who want to bring back Imhotep so he can defeat the scorpion king and gain control over the army of Anubis, to try and take over the world (what are we doing to night Brain, same as we do every night Pinky, we try to take over the world). The bad guys are lead by Meela Nais (played by Patricia Velasquez) who is, in body, the reincarnation of Anck Su Namun. And they succeed in bringing back Imhotep and getting him also back in the flesh, while killing some of their minions.

Well, the little brat Alex tries on the bracelet which was found by Evy, who turns out also to be a reincarnation from princess Nefertiti, and of course shuts on his arm and won’t come off. The bad guys find out and kidnap him. And a wild race commence. The bad guys leading the way with Alex and the bracelet and Imhotep. Followed by Evy, Rick, Evy’s brother Jonathan and of course our old friend Ardeth Bay, who still looks hot.

Alex leaves clues around for his family where to follow him and Imhotep is putting his sweeties soul into Meela’s body, so she is truly Anck Su Namun’s reincarnation.

We also get a really weird scene where, when they are almost at the golden pyramid of Ahm Shere and they have to go true the jungle everybody is hunted down by cannibalistic mummified pygmies. Why? Hell if I know, they look funny but add nothing to the story what so ever.

Needles to say, they find the scorpion king, defeat him and Imhotep, drag his soul back to oblivion, bring back Evy from the death and go home with a kick-ass huge diamond, the end.

Although the story is fun and entertaining, Brendan Fraser funny as hell, some of the men very cute to look at, it’s not so great as the first one. I like the whole reincarnation sideline. But the kid Alex is annoying, I wanna dump him in the Nile and leave him there. The pygmies add nothing to the story and the CGI on the scorpion king is sooooo bad! Why can’t they just use the real upper body of Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock and CGI some scorpion body parts on him instead of a complete CGI scorpion beastie. CGI people do not look great and I hate them.

I for one will rate this movie with a 6.5 out of 10. Still fun to watch but not necessarily a must see.

Love, your hot cute girly geek.

The Mummy, a movie review ( Death is only the beginning)

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. Here is my opinion on the Mummy. Although it is not a real sci-fi or fantasy movie I qualify it as geeky J.  Oh, and spoiler alert!

The story takes place in 1923 as a British librarian, Evy played by Rachel Weisz, who works in Egypt becomes obsessed with the the lost city of Hamunaptra after finding a map. The map is partially destroyed by her boss so she needs a personal guide, Rick O’Connel played by the lovely Brendan Fraser (who has Dutch roots), to lead the way. What they don’t know is that Hamunaptra is cursed. Here lies the mummy of High Priest Imhotep, played by Arnold Vosloo (you know, I had a boyfriend ones, who looked like him), and disturbing him is not a good idea. He waits for somebody to dig him up so he can bring back his sweetie Anck Su Namun, who was the mistress of Pharaoh Seti I.

A true love story, sigh. Naturally they, and a group of American archeologists/grave robbers, disturb Imhotep. In order to become powerful enough to perform his magic to get girlfriend back he has to kill everybody who raided his grave.

Evy and Rick feel compelled to stop the mummy and get help from the oh so hot Ardeth Bay from the Medjaj, played by Oded Fehr. I love men with long hair, dark eyes and that accent. Yummy!

Why I love this movie. I’ve always been a sucker for Egyptian mythology, how I sometimes wish I was Evy, smart, full of knowledge, working in Egypte and kissing Brendan Fraser. Next what I love is the fun. The movie is so full of jokes. Look at Beni who gets tossed and kicked around a lot and looses in the end. Brendan Fraser gets away with a lot of jokes. And the movie is full of action and great stunts. Although it’s not a scary mummy movie, it’s one of my favorites and the best one in the mummy trilogy.

And now the raiting, I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Hot men, funny, Egypte and mummy’s. What more can a girl want.

Go get a copy of this movie on dvd if you don’t already own on.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, for al things hot, cute, girly and geeky!