New series review: Wynonna Earp

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks. Today I will be reviewing Wynonna Earp, or at least the couple of episodes that have been aired up until now (that’s just 4!!!).


I’m always on the look-out for new series to watch, yep, I have no life, at least not a social one (well, a partially social life). And this time I stumbled upon Wynonna Earp. Or as I call it, hopefully the female version of Supernatural, set in the Wild Wild West if Jo was still alive.

Wynonna Earp is brought to you by the syfy channel and it has that same feeling as a lot of their series. I don’t know what that is, but if you’ve been watching a lot of series you immediately can tell if it’s produced by syfy, or CW or HBO or any other network.


Originally starting out as a comic book series and riding the success of the Marvel / DC brought to our screens. It specifies as an Action/Western/Fantasy/Horror series. Yep….

According to IMDB: Based on the IDW Comic, Wynonna Earp follows Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter as she battles demons and other creatures. With her unique abilities, and a posse of dysfunctional allies, she’s the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.

But like I said before, it feels like the female version of Supernatural, only the sisters don’t travel cross-country but stay in Purgatory, the town, not the gateway to Hell.

I mean, there is Wynonna herself, leather jacket wearing, drinking, swearing, bad-ass with a gun, older sister coming back to her hometown where just about everyone hates her. She lost her father (shot him) and her sister, has a nasty prophecy hanging above her head and a special gun that can kill demons! Oh and she is trying to protect her still alive sister. (Dean)


And we have Waverly, the younger sister, trying to bad-ass herself, bit of a dork, super smart, speaks Latin, does a lot of research, had an imaginary friend called Bobo, and wants nothing more than help big sis killing demons. (Sam)


Agent Dolls, bit of a mystery man, can get his hands on some really old, creepy occult objects, knows his occult stuff, trying to teach Wynonna how to kill demons and other monsters and how to shoot. Doesn’t take shit from no-one but somehow will protect the girls. (Bobby)


Doc Holliday, once a good-guy, now we don’t know yet, seems to be working for both parties, the good and the evil side, old but still good looking, there is some tension between him and Wynonna and you’re constantly wondering if she is gonna kill him or f*ck him. (Cas)

WYNONNA EARP -- "Keep the Home Fires Burning" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions)

And we have demons, not the black-eyed ones but these have red eyes, are stuck in Purgatory, again the town and trying to get out before Wynonna kills them with her special gun. If they are killed they get sucked back into hell, looks pretty cool.

So, we’re four episodes in and I kinda like it. It’s funny, I like strong female leads, it reminds me of Supernatural, I don’t know, it appeals to me for some reason.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts? And no I haven’t read the comics so no spoilers!!!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Being a ‘real’ fan, part 1: Fantitlement

We are all a fan of something. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Maybe it’s Doctor Who or Sherlock. Maybe you like video games or anime, you probably have a favourite band or musician. Fandom can be something wonderful. You can meet like-minded people and make new friends. But something caught my attention lately. Something that irks me. Because I’ve come across people that seem to think that there is a very important difference between ‘fake’ fans and ‘real’ fans. And I hate that idea. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to write about it, but also the subject became more complicated and more elaborate. That’s why I’m splitting this up in 4 parts, with this post as the first.

Fan entitlement, or fantitlement as I like to call it, is something I’ve come across many times. I’ll be writing this mostly from my perspective as a gamer, but it happens in other media too. Let me first define ‘fantitlement’: The idea that you have to meet certain requirements to call yourself a true fan. It happened many times to me, online as well as in real life, that when I introduce myself as a gamer, people start asking me about what games I play, how many consoles I have, if I play games on PC too, if I have finished all the games, etc., which could be out of genuine interest, but often it’s something else. They’re interrogating me. Testing if I’m a ‘real gamer’, or just pretending to be. Funny thing is, that the requirements that I have to meet are always arbitrarily set by my conversation partner. Some of you may have seen my Zelda collection, still someone managed to tell me that I’m not a real Zelda fan because I’ve never finished the first 2 games (which came out in 1986 and 1987). Some might not call me a real gamer because I mainly play on consoles. Some might call me casual gamer because I like Nintendo a lot.

Like I said, this happens in other media too. I’m sure there are a lot of people who will say that you’re not a real Doctor Who fan if you’ve never watched to original series or if you don’t particularly hate Stephen Moffat. Or are telling you that you can’t be a Marvel fan if you’ve only seen the movies but never read a comic. That you can’t say you love anime when you’ve only seen Spirited Away and Death Note.

Well people, I call bullshit. Maybe someone didn’t put as much dedication in his or her fandom as you, but that doesn’t mean they can’t call themselves a fan. You’re not entitled to the title of fan either. ‘Fan’ isn’t a badge of honour that you have to deserve. Maybe someone just has different priorities money-wise. Maybe someone was born in the wrong era, maybe someone doesn’t have as much free time as you. Maybe they are uninformed and they just don’t know about the other cool stuff that’s available. Or maybe, Gods forbid, they don’t exactly like the same things you do.

I once came across a girl who said to me that she was a huge Zelda fan. After a short conversation I found out the she thought that Twilight Princess was the only Zelda game that existed. There are 2 things I could do at that point: Laugh in her face, brag about my impeccable Zelda knowledge, and make her cry. 2) Tell her that there are more games like that, share my fondness of the franchise with her, and make her happy. The choice it not that hard right? Be happy that there are more people that enjoy the things you love, and share that joy! Don’t make fandom a competition!

Are you a series snob?

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Today I want to address something that’s been bugging me for a while now.


Being a series snob. For those who grew up or already were adults in the 90’s and a geek things finally started to look up, series wise. (This might have happened earlier, but I was born early 80’s and grew up in the 90’s and can only talk about my own experience.) series and particularly sci-fi series became a thing.

Pre-download and pre-streaming services, yes those were scary days, we had one channel in the Netherlands supplying us with those epic series all the way from the US. You had to make sure you were home to watch it, or videotape the latest episode, 1 episode a week! Oh the horror!


But… It was something you were looking forward to, I even remember discussing episodes at length with friends prior and after it aired. There wasn’t much diversity so if it was slightly sci-fi or fantasy like, you watched it and kept on watching it until you liked it, because that was it!

The fond memories I have while watching the X-files, a couple of very obscure series I don’t even know the name of. Star Trek during dinner and my mum complaining about the gruesome prosthetics that made her loose her appetite. The adventures of Buffy and her Scooby gang and whether you had the hots for Spike or Angel. Friday night and Babylon 5 with a bowl of crisps, or chips depending on which side of the big pond you live. Cue the nostalgic feelings please.


Back to today. We have basically everything on demand. Netflix on the telly, illegal downloading, semi-illegal streaming on line, DVD’s are fairly cheap if you want to wait two months. And more series than you can possibly watch in an entire lifetime, even though we, or I, try.

With the overabundance of different series I find myself getting more critical about what I watch. I have my popular regular series, namely the big 3 (SuperWhoLock) and about a dozen or so I also follow. I often start new series, but whenever the CGI is very bad, for example Grimm, I give up very easily. I do this as well with series I find too confusing (as in I don’t have to watch every freaking second or I might miss an important plot). If the story line disappoints me and it’s more of the same every damned week, bye bye series. (how many freaking doppelgangers can you have parading on the screen).


Some series get a second go because there’s an actor on it I admire, Arrow is such a series. I love John Barrowman, but I know Oliver has been stuck on the damned island by now. Just stop with the freaking flash backs.

Some series are entertaining enough even though totally unrealistic, Scorpion anyone? Seriously you have an IQ of 170 and use Bing as a search engine???


Also, I love crossovers! Arrow and the Flash, the Flash and Supergirl, now if someone, and I’m looking at both Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, made a Doctor Who / Sherlock crossover I would be over the moon.

But going back to my original point. I’m more critical in watching my series and not very loyal in watching it all the way towards the end. I give up when it doesn’t interest me any longer. Much faster nowadays than a couple of years ago.


Are you a series snob? Let me know in the comments.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Why do I blog?

Hi my fellow hot cute girly geeks and by geeks of course. That is a really good question. A question that’s been haunting my brains for a couple of days now since someone mentioned I should continue blogging because it was supposedly such a great release for me.


For the people who know me in real life, one way to annoy me is to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. I’m a semi-functional geeky adult, I do as I please, thank you very much.


I started this blog in 2012, when I discovered I had a lower back hernia and couldn’t work fulltime. I had a lot of spare time on my hands and I needed an outlet. Because I didn’t wanted this blog to turn into some ranting of a crazy and bored mind I decided to dedicate it to geeky stuff.


In the beginning I did a lot of book reviews. I met some amazing Indy authors and made new friends, all thanks to scribbling something on paper and posting it online.


It has never been my intention to get internet famous. I used to write blogs to fight boredom, but looking back at the previous year I didn’t write a lot.

I’m not bored any longer. While recovering from my surgery in 2012 I decided to learn myself how to knit. In two months’ time (the time it took me to recover from said surgery) I knitted my first scarf, a 6/7 meter long Doctor Who scarf. Which I’m still very proud of, even though I don’t wear it that much. You’d be surprised how unpractical that scarf is in real life.

Blogger Meme

I started knitting a second scarf, and a third (which still isn’t finished to this day) and learned different techniques. I learned myself how to knit in the round so I could make hats. When my first hat was finished (the Sherlock Chullo) people commented on it that they wanted one.

My etsy shop was born (well, actually this happened later but I already started selling stuff to friends).

Because there were so many cute amigurumi (stuffed animals / toys which are crocheted) out there, I learned how to crochet. I started with a simple granny square, that I later turned into my very first blanket. Gradually the crocheting and knitting was taking up more and more time.

I also discovered that for me it was the perfect way to relax and occupy my brain without getting exhausted. For me it’s not Netflix and chill, it’s Netflix and crochet.


Knitting and crocheting is such a big part of my life now I seriously get antsy when I don’t have something to occupy my hands with while watching the telly.

I still read loads of books (and buy loads more), I watch too much series and films, collect epic geeky stuff and geek out with friends over our favourite characters. The fandom life gave me a new family, because you know, family doesn’t end with blood.

I feel at home with my fellow geeks, feel like I belong somewhere and I found some peace in my life thanks to that.

I will continue blogging, maybe not as frequent as I did in the beginning, but just when I feel like it, or when I need to geek out, or when I discovered a new show I want to share. I will keep blogging for the fun of it, not because someone tells me it’s a great release or I should really do this or that.


This is still my life and I make my own choices. I choose to continue to blog just for me. Not for anyone else. If only a hand full of people read this, then that’s ok. If no one reads it, that’s ok too.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


She’s back!

I’ve felt a disturbance in the force, I’ve awoken from my slumber. Guess who’s back fellow geeks! It is only me!


Wow. It must have been over a year since I wrote a proper blog. A lot has happened and real life got in the way of writing. Speaking of writing, something else I didn’t do for the past year. So why didn’t I post? Well, like I said, live got in the way, along with work and my etsy shop.


We had so much fun we are thinking about selling at Amsterdam Comic Con as well! I’m waiting to hear back from both Amsterdam Comic Con and German Comic Con because they spotted me and want me as a potential vendor.


I checked the last blog post I wrote and I am really ashamed to say it was the Jurassic World review in June 2015, so it’s been almost a year.

What happened? Well, I got my contract renewed at my new job. Don’t worry, I’m still a Social Worker, only for a different company now (and I’m waiting for my second renewal and permanent contract in a couple of months. Keep your fingers crossed please.)

Had a relationship, didn’t have a relationship. I am bound to end up as a geeky 80-year-old with 30 cats and a house filled with POP vinyl’s, Doctor Who merchandise, books and an awful lot of yarn.

DSC_0147Let’s see, I went to London and met Laurell K. Hamilton! Epic moment! Went to Cardiff, cried over Ianto’s memorial wall and flewDSC_0179 the Tardis at the Doctor Who experience, also ate the most gruesome hotdogs in that American Diner in Cardiff which they used several times in Doctor Who. I tried to get into Torchwood Three but my Vortex Manipulator didn’t work, I suspect the Doctor…

20150916_161655Also went to Greece (Kos) and made new memories. I went to the same Island 10 years ago in between my grandparents dying so it was really sad 10 years ago. Now not soDSC_0658 much and I rescued some kittens as well!

I cried over Doctor Who, I cried over Sherlock, I cried over Supernatural and why am I still watching those shows?

Read not as much books as I wanted but I really started to enjoy manga and anime.

I skipped nanowrimo last November because I was busy working on my holiday season orders and getting enough stock for Comic Con.

I loved the new Star Wars! But no so much Deadpool. I won’t be seeing the new Batman vs Superman due to bad reviews. Although I can’t wait until the new Captain America. (Team Iron Man whoop whoop!)DSC_0122

I had a pretty shitty holiday season myself due to my mum’s cat getting really sick and we had to put him down in the end.

I took pity to a stray cat in my back yard, for the people who follow me on Facebook, it’s been a long couple of weeks. But I did rename him Captain Jack Harkness. In the end he went to the DSC_0114animal shelter but before he could be adopted his owners picked him up, and just 3 days later he’s back in my back yard again.

I went to Dutch Comic Con, sold some of my work, made an appointment for edited_1459167786957my new tattoo, met the Hillywood sisters and bought epic stuff from Canvas Warriors (yay for them calling me a friend and remembering me from the previous two times I met them). Also got an epic photo op with Marnix again, the lovely and sweet Dutch actor who plays the Silence in Doctor Who and bought some cool merchandise.


And that’s how we ended up here. I am back to writing again, Camp Nano here I come! Back to blogging, updating my etsy shop, enjoying a couple of days off from work and life goes on.


So, until next time my epic geeks! Love, Mendy.


Short book review: A Game of Thrones

Yay! I’ve finished reading a book for the first time in years! I used to read a lot of books, but during my university years I couldn’t find the time for them (except during summer holiday). But now I do have time and I started reading again and I love it! And I want to talk about it.

This is a short and spoiler-free review of A game of Thrones, the first book of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga.

I’d never though I say this but: I recommend watching the tv-series first. It’s much easier to get into the book that way because it has a lot of different characters and places with difficult names, which are hard to keep track of. The first season of the show is pretty 1 on 1 with the book, but while the show focusses more on politics and shows relatively much violence and sex, the book (while it certainly contains these 3 aspects too) gives us more lore and depth, giving to story a way better fantasy-feel than the show. So if you liked the show and if you love reading, I really recommend reading the book.

That said, the characters and places and lore and history are still a bit hard to keep track of. A Wiki of Ice and Fire was a great help for me, just as this map. The book contains a map, but it lacks a lot of details and it does not contains all the places covered in the book. As for the wiki, when you’ve finished watching all the seasons of the show, you don’t really have to be afraid for spoilers, especially not for the first book (but if you’re a spoilerphobic like me, don’t go looking for stuff form the 4th and 5th book). Reading the lore on the wiki and keeping track of everyone on the map gave more depth to the experience for me.

Have you read a Game of Thrones or seen the show? What did you think of it?

Book Review – “Doctor Who: City Of Death” (Author: James Goss based on a screenplay by David Fisher and Douglas Adams)

Critically, the sixteenth season of the classic version of Doctor Who isn’t one that could be seen as a vintage due to various production issues.  However, there was one diamond in the rough in the form of the second story of this season, “City Of Death” – the first story in the programme’s history to be filmed outside of Britain’s shores.

Now, more than thirty-five years on, the publishing arm of the BBC have finally released a novelisation of this classic story thanks to author James Goss using the framework of the initial screenplay developed by David Fisher and the revised storyline penned by Douglas Adams (under the BBC stock pseudonym “David Agnew”).

As a fan of the original televised version of this story, I was curious as to how Goss’ take on “City Of Death” would stack up against the orignal… and I am happy to say that the book is faithful to the 1979 televised version whilst managing to build on it.

The plot of the book is virtually the same as the original.  The fourth incarnation of the Doctor and his companion Romana decide to visit Paris for a holiday.  Unfortunately for them, their chance to relax is cut short courtesy of a disturbance in the flow of time along with the plot by notorious art thief Count Scarlioni to steal the Mona Lisa.

The plot itself isn’t the only way that the book echoes the screenplay.  The story structure of the book is split into four parts, as in the original TV version, and has the cliffhanger structure to end Parts 1 to 3.  The pacing of the story is also reminiscent of the original version, especially in the fourth part as the story rushes to its conclusion.

The book also manages to balance the threat against the Doctor and Romana along with their “companion”, the art detective Duggan, whilst ensuring the wit of the story is maintained.

Due to the wider scope afforded to James Goss, he manages to use the opportunity to add in plot points from the original version of the screenplay such as the Doctor playing croquet with William Shakespeare at the start of the story and build upon off-screen moments such as Romana and Duggan going for a night out around Paris which ends with Romana getting her first experience of a hangover.  For those who know the story from the interview on the DVD release for “City Of Death”, there is also a sly cameo by Douglas Adams and “Destiny Of The Daleks” director Ken Grieve.

But the big development for the book is a plot strand which is built upon the cameos by John Cleese and Eleanor Bron in Part Four which could be seen as “Exquisite… Absolutely exquisite.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

In terms of character, Goss perfectly encapsulates the characters throughout whilst building upon them – most significantly the character of Romana.  The book takes the character and develops upon Lalla Ward’s portrayal by making Romana an academic intellectual whilst making her naïve in the ways in the universe to worry about the after-effects of a “night on the town” or to be bluffed into helping the villain of the piece.

If you’ve seen the original televised version of “City Of Death”, you will want to read this book to recapture that romantic heady 1979 “bouquet”.  If you haven’t seen the original, this book will serve as a perfect introduction to a story that is well deserving of the “classic” tag and is worthy of the writing of Messrs. Fisher and Adams.

Based on the evidence of this novelisation, I’m already looking to what James Goss will do with his take on Adams’ Season 15 story “The Pirate Planet”… “Watch for the omens”.