Jurassic World, a review.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Welcome to another film review. It’s been ages since I went to the cinema and this time I had a really huge urge to go see the newest in the Jurassic Park films, Jurassic World.


Beware, this review contains major spoilers! You have been warned!

As I am typing this review, I just got home from the cinema on a huge sugar rush and Jurassic Park in my DVD player, watching it for the umpteenth time.


I grew up with Jurassic Park and the dinosaur rage in the 90’s and I loved it, still do by the way. And why is it they don’t show a film like Jurassic World during ladies night? I would love to get a goodie bag, free drinks and food while enjoying a couple of epic looking dinosaurs / hybrids killing of stupid people. What’s not to love for a lady?

Anyways, when the opening tune started I got some serious goose bumps and almost ended up with tears in my eyes. S0 beautiful, so familiar, such a big part for me growing up.

The park is finally opened as John Hammond imagined 20 years ago and you immediately get that, that’s a huge mistake, people are gonna die, feeling. It went wrong the first 3 times, why would number 4 turn out to be a winner? It’s still an island on the coast of Costa Rico, we still have a couple of annoying kids without parental supervision, one bad guy who’s really not that smart, some major meddling with genetics and DNA and one dude who gets how scary and smart dinosaurs really are.


No John Hammond, (god rest his soul), no Dr. Ian Malcolm (how can we have a Jurassic Park without Malcolm), but we did have a goat being eaten by the T-rex!

Mr. Masrani had the bucks to open the park again and a whole team of scientists from InGen to breed some pretty scary and idiotic hybrid dinosaurs (idiotic as in not a good idea to mix a T-rex with a Raptor, squid and a touch of frog, seriously, can’t you image the scary outcome?).


We get a nice overview from the park and some serious and pretty epic rides. You almost wish it was all real and you had enough money to visit it. Like I said, almost.


Chris Pratt, also known as Star Lord, apparently babysat (imprinted) some just hatched velociraptors and now is the dinosaur whisperer when he isn’t saving the Galaxy. He is training 4 beautiful and very smart Raptors and that is epic. It shows just the right mix of being in awe and being scared shitless if you ever encountered one in real life. (Remember kids, don’t meddling in the affairs of dinosaurs, for you are crunchy and taste very good with ketchup.)


I love that throughout the film you get the little hints from the previous films. Like the Hammond visitors centre, the weird cartoon DNA guy, but also the old visitors centre, the banner, the old cars, the ‘I can see in the dark goggles’, the original doors from the original film and much more. If you’ve seen the films it’s a constant reminder of the previous three films and I absolutely love it! And every time you here the theme song (or part of the theme song like in a ringtone) I’m getting those goose bumps again. And not to forget B.D Wong, who played in Jurassic Park in 1993 as Henry Wu.

The film also gives you some serious thought about the exploitation of dinosaurs, and yes I know they’re not real, mostly puppets and CGI, but baby triceratops for small kids to ride on? That’s just wrong! It’s consumerism in its ugliest form.


And you have more of those moments, you really feel for the dinosaurs when they get brutally murdered by the main monstrous hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus Rex. And she is one smart beast.

The film is loaded with epic, ‘hell yes moments’, and ‘you’re so gonna die’ and ‘I wish you would be eaten by eater the T-rex, the Raptors or Indominus Rex. Which usually happens. But also tear-eyed moments as the Brontosauruses are killed and the Raptors choosing the ‘right side’ and die.

The last fighting scene between the T-rex, Indominus and the Raptor is a bit over the top, but then again, it’s a film about dinosaurs. The last scene is just… epic.



One thing though, why the hell did they hire Phil Tippet again?! Ok, this time as a Dinosaur Consultant (I know IMDB says supervisor, but the credits say consultant, I stayed to watch, I know I’m a geek.) But seriously, Phil?!


I loved this film, you should see it, ASAP!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Being busy.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. As you have noticed by now I haven’t written a lot of new blogs. Life’s been busy.
For the moment I’m really concentrating on my etsy shop. I have a lot of fun knitting and crocheting geeky stuff and also a bit of designing as well. It takes up more and more of my time, which I don’t mind at all. At the moment my etsy funds (the part I don’t need for new materials and such) are being used for my new tattoo.

The word Everything on a To-Do list on a dry erase board to remind you of your tasks, priorities, goals and objectives

The tattoo is something I’ve wanted for some time now but I really want to get it while I’m in Cardiff. And I can only go to Cardiff if I get a contract renewal. I have my final appraisal in July so keep your fingers crossed. I really hope I do get a renewal. I mean, I love my new job and my colleagues and I love going to work every day.
Although I work less hours with my new job I feel like I don’t have enough spare time. Which has nothing to do with my job, but more with everything else. Cleaning my house, grocery shopping, giving medication to my mum’s cat everyday (because she can’t do it) keeping up with my social life and with boyfriend and keeping up with all my etsy orders.
This is also cutting into my reading time. At the moment I’m only reading when commuting to and from work and at night before I go to bed. And since I’m tired as hell, which for me is the time of the year, I don’t read that much. The being tired part is the biggest of my current problems and part of why I’m doing half the things I want to do.
Seeing as I don’t commute that much during working hours, all my house calls for my new job are either within cycling or walking distance, also means I can’t read and tweet. I miss tweeting but it’s too much a hassle for the moment to follow everything.
I also made a Facebook page for my etsy shop, in the hope of getting more orders. Summer time is coming and business is slow. I’m also planning to attend my first convention with my shop. I’m waiting back on what the costs are. Dutch Comic Con isn’t until the end of March next year, but I do need to make stuff which I can sell. And I need to finish this before the holiday season begins as well.
And I contacted a friend of mine who is an epic designer. The plan last year was to redesign this website, but since I spend more time on etsy she’s now designing a new banner and logo. With that new logo I can also make business cards, yay!
Coming back to my Facebook page. Like I said I linked it to my etsy shop. I have regular updates of the stuff I make, what I’m shipping and loads of pictures with links as well. You should check it out. I’m also doing discount codes and give-aways with enough followers (or whenever I feel like it). Click the link and like my page!
So yep, this is my life at the moment, work, crochet, read, eat, sleep and repeat.
Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Books, books and more books.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks. I seriously need more time for writing and blogging and even though with my new job I work 4 hours less than I’m used to, I still seem to be in greeter need of extra time.


Books, I love books, I have a serious book addiction, which, by the way, I don’t see as a problem. I don’t feel the need to join the book AA. (Hello my name is Mendy and I read too much). In my opinion you can never read too much.

My current collection is somewhere between 700-800 books. All unpacked and in bookcases or on book shelves. I started keeping track of my books during puberty. Not that I had such a large collection back then, but still. I used to have a word document where I first started a list of my books by title and author.


I lost this list (you know, back then, floppy drives and such).

I started a new list some years later, this time in excel and for a period of time I kept track of my books, sorted by author, title, ISBN and such, all by hand and it was in the time I had about 500-600 books. One freaking big monster project.


I lost some books, sold some books, donated some books and bought enormous amounts of books (well duh!) But I also bought some books twice, or I wanted to buy a book and not knowing for certain I actually had it already so I left it in the bookstore (I missed out on some great deals thanks to this).


A couple of nights ago I was thinking about the fact I wanted to make a new list but not insert all the books manually. Since it’s the age of smartphones and apps there must be an app out there where I can keep track of my book collection.

Google can be your best friend and I finally found ‘Book Catalogue’ and app that keeps track of your books, connects them to Goodreads, sends a list to your computer and much, much more. You need a barcode scanner and with both apps adding a book to your list is done within seconds. Both apps are free, yay! At least for android.


I tested the app with a couple of books (75 so far) and it works like a charm! The app automatically searched for the cover photo, gives a quick summary, tells you everything about to book and you can make different lists and everything. This is so much fun that I can’t wait until the weekend that I can start cataloguing my collection.

Some features in this app, like I said it connects to Goodreads, although I recommend you synchronise with Goodreads before adding books, because I added 75 books, synced it and lost 25 in the process. No clue where they’ve gone.

Another feature, the app lets you add books manually by either ISBN or author and book title. Very handy if the barcode scanner doesn’t read the right code.


Also handy, if you register with library thing and ask for a key, you can change the book covers which are automatically added to the book.

You can add notes in the edit mode, it automatically counts your books, uploads the stars you gave the book on goodreads, uploads reviews, when you read it etc., let’s you add if the book is signed and much more.


For me it feels like I have a brand new shiny toy so if I’m done with my crochet order I will be adding books, books and more books!

Until next time, love your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Wolfcon, the first Dutch Teen Wolf convention, 2015

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Sorry for neglecting you guys, but I’ve been swamped with work, my Etsy shop and conventions of course! After attending my first multiple convention Dutch Comic Con earlier this year, I was able to go to my first one fandom convention this year as well!

wolfcon line up

Welcome to Wolfcon! The very first Teen Wolf convention in the Netherlands and the very first con organized by the Con Factory. And in one word, WOW!


The con factory did a lot of promotion for their first con, including winning tickets to attend, winning photo ops and much more. I met one of the organisers at Dutch Comic Con and was really excited about attending and luckily I won a pup-pas so I could actually attend, together with my amazing fellow con-girl, the stunning Nanayah (who also shot all the pictures for this blog, she’s like my own personal photographer!)

the confactory

The convention was held in Amsterdam in the Park Plaza hotel. We couldn’t have a more epic venue. The hotel is easy accessible with the free shuttle bus from Schiphol airport has loads of parking spaces, public transport only 15 minutes walking and big enough to cater to about 300 fangirls and boys.

As I was a newbie convention wise (and with me a lot of the other attendees) I didn’t know what I could expect, but the con factory provided us with a schedule to let us know what was where and where we needed to be for photo ops and such. And thanks to a large group of amazing volunteers this worked like a charm. They weren’t only there to comfort the teenage drama of 14 year olds seeing an actor in real life for the first time, but also helped out getting everyone to the designated rooms for said photo ops, autographs, meeting rooms and answering tons and tons of questions.

Like I said earlier I also attended comic-con earlier this year, and I know those volunteers aren’t to blame but they didn’t know shit (you know nothing Jon Snow comes to mind) the Wolfcon volunteers worked like a well-oiled machine. They had all the information, were very pleasant and polite, staid in constant contact with each other and went the extra mile to help the wolfies with everything they needed. A big thank you for the lovely volunteers!

Ok, enough about the organization, you want to hear all about Teen Wolf, don’t you? It was epic! We started Saturday morning with an amazing introduction to the cast and although the audience was a bit relaxed (I blame nerves and our dutchieness about not acting out) we got our first glance at the attending Teen Wolf cast. We had autographs next, but since I didn’t have those I had some time to look at the merchandise. I love merchandise, I love the canvas warriors. I met them at DCC and they have some epic and geeky stuff. http://www.canvaswarriors.com/ Check out their site, amazing hand painted canvas shoes, lovely jewellery and much more! I bought a pair of amazing Dalek earrings (yeah I know, I attend a Teen Wolf convention and end up buying Doctor Who merchandise.)


Fandomised had a stand as well: http://www.fandomised.org/ I am now the proud owner of a geeky shirt with Stiles and Derek’s name on it as well as a triskele. I really love their shirts and hoodies! Check out their site!

Last merchandise table was reserved for: http://www.juga-arts.com/ with beautiful fan art, I didn’t buy anything, but it looked amazing.

After that a panel with Charlie and Max Carver, the alpha twins! The panels were well organized, one central spot to ask your questions and the twins are hilarious.


I had my photo ops on Saturday as well. And might I say Tyler Hoechlin gives amazing hugs! He’s so nice and polite and handled little teenage meltdowns really well. (Plus he really has a very nice ass, sorry but since I have an overactive bladder and needed to use the bathroom quite often I met the cast multiple times when they were walking back to their rooms and I had a nice long stare. I am ashamed of nothing!) Ian Bohen is suck a dork and I love him for it. (Even my mum says he’s hot, couldn’t agree more, but I call dibs!) And not to forget the beautiful and stunning Holland Rhoden. I love her for being so classy and playing an amazing role model in Teen Wolf, kicking ass, being a beauty and smart as hell.

Tyler and Ian on stage for a panel, not a good idea if you’re under 18. Those two have a dirty mind! I loved every minute, I would have loved to hear more of them (and I did on Sunday, too bad for the PG rating, if you attended you know what I mean ;)


We finished with a panel from Holland, because Ryan Kelley was on his way to Amsterdam during Saturday. It was amazing he took the time to come over for just Sunday due to his busy filming schedule.


Because I didn’t have autographs I went to Wolfcon a bit later on Sunday, thanks god for some extra sleep. We had a second panel from the Carver twins and it felt like they loosened up. Crazy dancing, singing and daring each other were involved.

The second Tyler and Ian panel was even more epic than the first day, including hot chocolate, an itty bitty cup of coffee and dragons. The two had me crying from laughter.


Ryan made it the second day and did a final panel together with Holland. I fell in love with the guy and there was a lot of teasing for Teen Wolf season 5. I can’t wait! (There will be binge watching seasons 1-4 in my near future, thank you Netflix). No but seriously, Ryan is epic and adorkable, where can I get one of my own?

Mustn’t forget to give some credit to Jamie Christlow and his amazing British accent for hosting the whole con, although Jamie, I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t mention Doctor Who when asking the audience about other shows they watched, you, sir, are British!

Check out the Teen Wolf con site, they posted a vid so you get a bit of an impression how the weekend was: http://wolfcon.theconfactory.com/wolfcon-2015/ And a big thank you and a huge hug for Franklin van den Berg, Patricia Verbruggen and Ayse Mehmet-Hassan for organizing the con as well as a big thank you to the Teen Wolf cast for making it an unforgettable weekend.


Overall it was an amazing weekend. I made new friends, the con was truly well organized for a first time event and I can’t wait for the next con.

Speaking of which, the next con is suggested to be Mirakurucon, an Arrow / Flash convention for 2016. If this is happening, I need you lovely con factory people to get John Barrowman to the Netherlands, I need to meet him, hug him, talk to him, admire him and basically, I need John Barrowman! Make this a thing please!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess Master Quest

Hellow everyone!

Story time: A long time ago, it was announced that there was going to be a concert tour of a symphonic version of songs from the Legend of Zelda. Okay, they didn’t come to the Netherlands, and okay, it wasn’t in a weekend. But I wanted to go so badly that I didn’t care that I had to go to London on a Thursday. I asked the only other hard-core Zelda fan I knew if he wanted to come with me, but he didn’t want to come because he didn’t want to skip school and he thought it was too expensive (pfffft). I didn’t want to go alone so I didn’t go to the concert.

-TUMDADADADUM *insert Doctor Who theme* 3,5 year time-skip-. Me and the boy who didn’t want to go are living together and we in a relationship for 3 years. It was announced that there was going to be a second concert tour, one week after my birthday. So I kindly reminded the boy who didn’t want to go/my boyfriend that he still owned me a Zelda concert. Again, the concert wasn’t coming to the Netherlands, but it did come to Dusseldorf, London, and Paris. As you might know I went to Paris last year, so London it was (because who’d want to go to Dusseldorf?)!

-TUMDADADADUM 0,5 year time skip- New concert tour dates are added! The tour is going to come to Amsterdam in November! DAMN. Or not? I was frustrated at first because we spent about €200,- for transport and a hotel in London and now the concert is also going to be a 25 minute train ride away. But then I realized: I was going to London for a weekend AND I was going to be able to see the concert twice. Besides, when I bought the London tickets, there was no way I could know the concert was also going to come to Amsterdam anyway. So I also bought tickets to the Amsterdam concert (I’m not greedy at all).

-TUMDADADADUM one week time skip, last weekend- We stayed in London for the whole weekend but I’m going to write about that in another blog that I will post later this week. The concert was Friday evening. After a day of traveling and exploring London, we traveled to Wembley Stadium, where the concert was held (or so we thought). We figured we could eat a fast snack before the concert started, but all we could find was a mall with a few fancy restaurants and a Subway (and I didn’t want to eat Subway, I wanted fries). Eventually I ended up at a Brazilian BBQ where I very awkwardly only ordered some fries and a coke (I don’t think the staff was happy with me, but they stayed polite, that’s something I’m not used to in the Netherlands).

It still wasn’t time to go to the concert so we decided to walk around some more, and then we found out that the concert wasn’t in the actual stadium, but at a smaller building close by, dedicated to smaller events. I’m happy we found out in time! I also met up with someone I know from the WITCH forum and his friend. It’s always fun to meet people you’ve known for years on the internet irl! We had very fun conversations, but we had to cut our little get-together short because it was time for the concert to start.

 photo SAM_0072_zpswmxsrq0g.jpg

It was getting really crowded, and there was a pretty nice and laid-back atmosphere. Most of the fans wore fan T-shirts, but some were in cosplay. There was less cosplay then I expected, but then again, I myself didn’t go in cosplay because of the luggage restrictions in the airplane and because I wanted to comfortably enjoy the concert without having to worry about my pointy ears and such. But I did wear my A Link to the Past map dress (the picture below was taken at comic con, but I wore the exact same thing) and I got a lot of compliments!

IMG-20150328-WA0003.jpg wordt weergegeven

When I booked the tickets, I could chose the general area where we were going to be seated, but not the exact seats. I figured we must’ve gotten pretty good ones because the tickets said row 6. But MAN, these seats were REALLY GOOD. We sat really close to the stage and because the room was tilted slightly upwards towards the back, we had a really good view. The orchestra itself was on the stage, and behind it was a large screen which showed footage from the games which corresponded to the music that was placed.

 photo SAM_0081_zpsvqvk7bdw.jpg

When it was time to start, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra took place on the stage and stemmed their instruments. And then… they started playing. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I saw several grown man around me peak away a few tears too. This was definitely worth taking a bus, a tube, a train, an airplane, another train and another tube to get here. It went on and on and I didn’t want it to stop.

 photo SAM_0084_zpsimxra53b.jpg

After the first song, the CEO of the whole thing welcomed us and told us this wasn’t a usual orchestra, and we were welcome to cheer and clap if we heard something we like. That’s the thing I love about Zelda gamers. I felt the urge of the entire audience (myself included) to cheer and clap when the music was playing, but we were all holding back out of respect for the orchestra. We only go in hyper-fan-mode when we’re allowed to. There was another problem with the cheering though. The concert was so beautiful that we all wanted to absorb every note played. So even when the audience started to cheer, it stopped very quickly because we didn’t want to miss a thing. Between songs (see the list below), we also got video messages from Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of Zelda), Eji Aonuma (the director of the Zelda games), and Koji Kondo (the composer of all Zelda game music and this symphony), which was pretty awesome.

 photo SAM_0086_zpsrkb40lpr.jpg

After 2,5 hours of awesomeness, it was time to go back to the hotel again. With the most awesome tube of the world (because it was filled with Zelda-fans). So that’s about it! It was an amazing experience and I am extremely happy I can go to this concert again in November!

Do you want to know if the concert’s coming to an area near you? Check the schedule: http://zelda-symphony.com/pages/schedule

 photo SAM_0088_zpsc2bgvaqo.jpg


Part One

01) The Legend of Zelda: Symphony Overture
02) Gerudo valley (Ocarina of Time)
03) Boss Battle song medley
04) Majora’s Mask medley
05) Hyrule Castle & Lorule Castle (ALBW)
06) Prelude: “The Creation of Hyrule”
07) First movement: “Ocarina of Time”
08) Second movement: “Wind Waker”

Part Two

09) Interlude – Intermezzo: “Great Fairy theme”
10) Ocarina melodies from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask
11) Third movement: “Twilight Princess”
12) Fourth movement: “A Link to the Past Finale”


13) Ballad of the Goddess and Fi’s Theme (Skyward Sword)
14) Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)

Encore 2

15) Majora’s Mask Medley 2

Disney Classics Challenge: Dumbo

So what have we learned? I am BAD at keeping schedules. I have a reason though. I was under the assumption that I would have a lot of free time when I graduated, so I took way to many responsibilities and I ended up more stressed than I was when I was still in university. In the last two months, I worked 3-4 days a week, gave sex-ed at schools in my free time, helped my grandmother clean her house every other week, went to Dutch Comic Con, finished my first scanlation project, started following voice acting classes, and organized two birthday parties. Yes, there is fun stuff between the mandatory stuff, but it takes time nonetheless.

Anyway: Dumbo. Dumbo was released in 1941 and was solely made to make up for the financial loss that Fantasia created. Surprisingly, Dumbo turned most financially successful movies of the 1940’s. By purposefully keeping the animations simple and with a length of only 67 minutes, the production costs of Dumbo were half of Snow White’s and 1/3 of Pinocchio’s.  Dumbo got re-released in theaters in 1949, 1959, 1972, and 1976. Dumbo, along with Alice in Wonderland, was the first of Disney’s canon of animated films to be released on home video. The film was originally released in 1981 on VHS and Betamax, followed by a Laserdisc release in 1982 and then once again on VHS and Betamax in 1985. The film was then remastered in 1986 and 1989 and released on VHS and Laserdisc as a 50th Anniversary Edition of Dumbo in 1991, followed by a 1994 VHS and Laserdisc release. In 2001, a 60th Anniversary Special Edition was released in VHS and DVD formats. In 2006 the film was released on DVD,followed by a UK Special Edition release in May 2007. A 70th Anniversary Edition of the film was released in the United States in 2011 on DVD and Blu-Ray.


I had Dumbo on VHS as a kid and I remember watching it many times. I watched it again a few years ago for nostalgia reasons, but I didn’t mind watching it again! It’s not on Netflix yet (at least in the Netherlands) but I have this one on DVD.

Like with Snow White and Pinocchio, we start with a part of the staff roll on slides. No opening of a story book though. The movie starts out with an adorable scene of storks delivering baby animals to the zoo. Every expecting mother seems to get her baby, except for Mrs. Jumbo. We then see that the animals get loaded into the circus train and we see the train riding across the US. I don’t know why, but I just love this animation style! It’s so adorable.

We then see a stork searching for Mrs. Jumbo and finally delivering her baby. She calls him Jumbo Junior, but when the other elephants find out about his abnormally big ears, they nickname in Dumbo. We cut to a scene were the train arrives and the circus people and the elephants build the circus tent in the storm. I found this scene extremely intriguing as a kid. Probably because it’s a very dark scene and you constantly have a sense of upcoming danger

Turns out that sense is absolutely wrong, because the weather the next day is perfect and the circus opens! However, the local kids make fun of Dumbo, and of course his mother is going to do something about that. She punishes the kids but because of her aggressiveness she gets locked up. The other elephants think this is a big shame and blame it on poor little Dumbo.

So this is when the movie gets a serious and maybe even a dark turn. Dumbo’s mother is in prison and Dumbo himself gets shut out of the society for something he can’t do anything about. What fascinates me even more is that these kinds of things are actually happening in the real world. Disney managed to put a very tragic story (a mother who’s in prison and a kid that gets rejected by society) into a freaking kid’s movie! Whereas Snow White and Pinocchio are mainly fantasy stories, Dumbo has an unsettling air of realism. It touches me.

This is when Dumbo meets Timothy Q. Mouse (what does the Q stand for?). Timothy feels sorry for Dumbo so he decides to help him. He figures out that if Dumbo manages to pull a great act at the circus show, the other elephants will accept him again. At night, he sneaks into the tent of the circus director and tricks him into using Dumbo as the ‘climax’ of the elephant pyramid the director is planning.

At the big show, we see the elephants forming the pyramid, and this is another scene I love, because the atmosphere is so tense! When it’s time for Dumbo’s big moment, he tramples over his ears and causes the pyramid to collapse, which destroys the entire circus tent. As a result, Dumbo is made a clown and the elephants no longer recognize Dumbo as an elephant. Again, the realism. When you try to meet expectations that you realistically just can’t meet, society will hate you even more, even though you tried your best and they basically made you do it.

At Dumbo’s first performance as a clown, you can see the poor boy is going to great emotional stress. Even though the show’s a succes, Dumbo couldn’t be more unhappy. Timothy tries to think up a plan and takes Dumbo to meet his mother in prison. AND THIS IS THE MOST HEARTBREAKING SCENE YOU WILL EVER SEE. Just look at this image. No words needed.

Just like Timothy’s last plan, this plan also backfires and Dumbo is only more sad than before. Timothy advises Dumbo to drink some water, but what he doesn’t know is that some kind of liquor got spilled in the water before. Dumbo and Timothy both get drunk and what follows is one of my favorite scenes of all time. Maybe Disney still had some Fantasia after-effects? Who knows. Just enjoy this:

After a night of… who knows what, Dumbo and Timothy wake up… in a tree! How did they get there? A group of crows (who are apparently African-American stereotypes. Please! This is nothing compared to the stereotypes we’ve seen in the previous movies!) they befriend suggest that maybe they flew there. Could it be possible? The crows and Timothy give Dumbo a ‘magic feather’ to give him some confidence, and… Well! Look at that! DUMBO CAN FLY! You didn’t see that coming (except that it’s on the box art).

Dumbo plans to dazzle the audience (and the other elephants!) with his new trick! But, at the most crucial point during the show, he looses his magic feather! But Dumbo manages to fly anyway! There was no magic feather, he could do it himself all along! The movie ends with some newspapers, showing us that Dumbo gets immensely successful, Timothy becomes his manager and he his mom get’s a private train wagon. THE END.

As you might have guessed by now. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Both Snow White and Pinocchio (lets not count Fantasia, since that one is… incomparable) had it’s good but also bad points, and they both didn’t age very well. But Dumbo… Wow. Maybe the themes are a bit too dark for little kids nowadays, but apart from that, I’d say it aged perfectly well (or not at all)! I like the animation, the songs, the music, the story… Everything! 10/10!

Dutch Comic Con 2015

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Dutch Comic Con happened last weekend. It was the first ever Dutch Comic Con in the Netherlands. And I attended the whole weekend.  DSC_0619

I’ve been excited for this for months, keeping up with the guests who were attending, the stands, the amazing geeky cars and planning for two whole days of cosplaying for the first time ever.


And although a couple weeks prior to the start of DCC there were a lot of rumours online about the people organizing DCC and money issues, a weekend before the start, some guests started to cancel because there were no flights or hotels booked. It all turned out in the end.


Because this was the first time, you can expect some things not to well organised, such as some part of the venue were really dark (sucks taking pictures), no chairs for the Q&A, getting photo ops not organised, and the organizer and vendors didn’t expect so many people. We had 16.000 for the first day! For a first time con, that’s really amazing!


As expected there were a lot of people cosplaying. Not as much as you expect attending an US con. On Saturday maybe 30-40 percent and on Sunday 20 percent. But for us Dutchies that is a lot. The level of cosplay was amazing. Ok you had the crazy people wearing onesies and other really mismatched stuff, but loads of people really did put up there best show.


The vendors were amazing. So much geeky stuff, so little money! You could get everything your geeky heart desired. From comics, to pop vinyl’s, to full Japanese Manga body pillows to amazing handcrafted jewellery.


I attended Comic Con with my lovely geeky friend Nanayah (who also took all the pictures, kudos to her and her amazing camera!) The first day we stood in line for ages to get our photo ops. I bought a photo op with Osric Chau (Kevin Tran on Supernatural) and Marnix van den Broeke (he plays the Silence in Doctor Who, the werewolf on Harry Potter and Death in the Hogfather). We also made some new friends waiting in line. The Supernatural fandom is just epic!


We attended the Q&A with Osric on the first and second day and I shot some vids (which I still need to upload on YouTube, I had a very busy week, sorry). We had no idea it was so crazy busy until we left the Q&A and although we did look at the merchandise, it was too busy to really buy anything.


We left to get a signed photo with Osric. I presented him my homemade Gishwhes 2015 hat and some syrup waffles. And I got an unexpected hug. Osric gives the best hugs!

FB_IMG_1427715662502 DSC_0750

After that is was time for my photo op with Marnix. He was a last minute announced guest and he’s not really know for his work. I was sad to learn only 3 people bought a photo op with him on Saturday, hopefully he got more fans on Sunday. The good this was I had some time to chat with him and laugh about getting my picture taking with him. He’s freakishly tall, 2.01 m or 6’7 tall! While I am 1.67 m or 5’4. The photographer ended up getting a step stool to get both of us in the picture!


We looked around some more, met up with some other friends, seeing loads of Doctors. Funny thing as you are dressed up as the Doctor and see another Doctor we greet each other with a “Doctor!” “Doctor!”


We also bought two ‘dating for geeks’ comics and got them signed before getting our pictures taken with Osric, my second Osric hug in a day!


The second day I went as Osgood from Doctor Who and I was early at the con, basically to buy some merchandise and I scored! Some pop vinyls and a vortex manipulator! Because Osric was going in cosplay today and he was dressed as Peter Pan, I had to get another picture with him!


Nanayah and I also learned the people of Wolfcon would be attending and giving away free passes, so naturally we found them and we are going to Wolfcon in May!!!


The Q&A with Marnix the second day was hilarious as was the second Q&A with Osric. Osric also used my Gishwes hat for the raffle he was holding that weekend to win a free dinner with him (too bad we didn’t win) but I did get an epic picture with Osric the second day.


We bought more merchandise and I even bought my first 3 manga! And according to Tekira I did very well. I bought the first manga from: Blue Exorcist, Vampire Knight and Black Butler. I loved those! (Don’t tell anyone but I found accompanying anime online and already watched Vampire Knight and Black Butler). Tekira is very proud of me.


I was absolutely dead after two days of Comic Con, but I can’t wait for next year and a new cosplay I have in mind!

That was it for this post. Love you guys!

Lots of love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy!