This Weekend: Abunaicon!

Hello lovely geeks! This weekend I will be attending the Abunaicon in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. This is one of the biggest anime conventions of the Netherlands and this will be my third time attending and this time we were able to get a room at the location itself instead of a hotel close by! This will be short review of my preperations!

I will wear my Link cosplay on Friday, and I will ware my newly made Great Fairy (tLoZ: Twilight Princess) on Saturday and Sunday.

Since I’m still an amateur cosplayer with no sewing skills whatsoever, I thought the Great Fairy would be easy to make. I found the right fabric at a market. It turned out a lot more difficult that I thought! Here are some pictures of work in progress. Also, yay for double-sided tape! And for those who want to know: I bought my wig at ;) . And yes, I know I have to comb my bangs back.

This year there will be a masked ball at Abunai. Because I don’t really have ball-gown cosplay, I figured I would just wear the dress I wore to prom at high school. Actually I’m kinda happy I can wear it again! But since this is of course an anime convention, I wanted to add a little Zelda-touch to my outfit. So I decided to decorate the masks! Also, the Majora’s Mask mask helped me to convince my boyfriend to attend to the ball as well :)

I’m really looking forward to the con! Expect a report one or two weeks after this weekend! Do you live in the Netherlands or Belgium and want to visit a convention too? Here is a list with (also other fantasy related conventions and events)

2014 – August 29-31 augustus – Veldhoven, the Netherlands
-Elfia (Elf Fantasy Fair/EFF)
2014 – September 20 – 21 – Castle Arcen, Arcen, the Netherlands
2014 – October 18 – 19 – Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium
-MGC Experience
2014 – November 1st – Utrecht, the Netherlands
2014 – November 15 – 16 – Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
2015 – Februari – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
-Made in Asia
2015 – March – Brussels Expo, Brussel, Belgium
2015 – Unknown – Ede, the Netherlands
2015 – around the start of April – Amersfoort, the Netherlands
2015 – around the start of April- Oss, The Netherlands
-Elfia (Elf Fantasy Fair/EFF)
2015 – April 19 – 21 april – Castle de Haar, Haarzuilens, the Netherlands
2015 – June – The Hague, The Netherlands
-Japanfestival 2015
2015 – June – Amstelveen, the Netherlands
2015 – July – ‘s-Hertogenbosch/Den Bosch, The Netherlands
-Moshi Moshi
2015 – July – Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Bye everybody, and maybe I’ll see you at Abunaicon!

Tekira’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So as you guys know Mendy challenged me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I can’t back down on a challenge of course! (at some point the sound is a bit off, but I say: My T-shirt is ready!

My cat Beedle did the Ice Bucket Challenge too, sort of (I actually made this video months ago but it’s so darn cute!)


ALS Icebucket challenge.

Hi my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boys of course. I know it’s been a bit quiet on my blog but a lot has happened these last couple of weeks, but I will post an update soon.

For now, one of my GISHWHES teammates challenged me to do the ALS Icebucket challenge. And I responded. So here’s my vid:

And I nominate my lovely DCC members, my fellow bloggers, Theta, Tekira and Zee and my lovely followers to respond. You have 24 hours!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek Mendy

Sock Monkey Hat!

New design available, a crocheted sock monkey hat. The most epic and most ridiculous hat you can own for all your geeky adventures.


This is the perfect hat to keep you warm during the winter, to keep you company if you need a cuddle, or in preparation of GISHWHES 2015. I mean, if Misha Collins wears one, why shouldn’t you? And now you can!

The hats are crocheted out of 100% acrylic and hand and machine washable at 30 degrees.

The size available is M/L and L/XL although if you need something bigger / smaller just let me know.

The hat is designed in the original colors white, red and grey and has 2 black buttons as eyes, but if you need this hat in any other colors just drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

I do accept custom orders as well.

Original pattern designed by Repeat Crafter Me (although I tweaked it a bit).

Oh and my lovely fellow GISHWHES teammates will get a discount if they order from my blog. (just leave a comment when you order and I’ll make you a nice deal).

I do accept paypal and my hats are also sold on Etsy.

Price: Hats are 15 euros, shipping withing the Netherlands 2 euros, everywhere else 3.50 euros. I do ship worldwide.

Studio Ghibli announces closure

Hello everybody!

First, I want to apologize for not posting very often lately. First, there was my thesis, other university stuff, then I went on vacation, and now there is my thesis and other university stuff again… Ugh, no relaxed summer holiday for me :(

But on to the reason of this post: Studio Ghibli announced that it will stop producing anime and will only focus on managing trademarks. The source is a quite poorly translated interview (, but the general message is clear.

If you read my review of The Wind Rises, you know how BIG Studio Ghibli is/was. Hayao Miyazaki stopped after The Wind Rises, but no-one could’ve guessed that the studio itself would close too. I made the comparison before and I will make it again: Studio Ghibli is like the Disney of Japan. Imagine Disney announcing to close. Devastating, yes? And unreal. Like Disney, Studio Ghibli feels like a constant factor. It will be always there, like the sun and the moon.

But unfortunately, Studio Ghibli will not always be there. But it will always be remembered. Remembered as the biggest and most successful anime-movie studio ever. Their movies are legendary and I recommend everyone to watch at least a few of them.

I cannot give much more information because there is none available at the moment, but I will post an update as soon as I know more.


Supernatural anti possessing symbol tablet / e-reader / hunters journal cosy

Are you a hunter? A Winchester? On the run from demons? Or just enjoy the show Supernatural? I have something special for you!


This cosy is designed for your e-reader / tablet / hunters journal to protect it from demons. It is knitted with the anti-possession symbol so no scary black-eyed monster can access it. (Unfortunately also non accessible for Dean now he’s gone dark side).


The cosy is hand knitted with sparkly metallic yarn, but you can also opt for normal yarn in any two colours you want. Just let me know in the comment section of the contact form.

Just let me know which size (in cm) you need this cosy and I will custom knit it. As well as wash it in salty water, add in some invisible Enochian sigils, and protect it with every spell in the book.


Price: 15 euros, shipping in the Netherlands 2 euros, with another item 1 euro. Worldwide shipping 3.50, with another item 2 euros.


I accept PayPal.

Webshop: Tardis e-reader / tablet cosy

If you’re a whovian and you love to read books on your e-reader (he, it’s bigger on the inside) and you are tired of those boring protective cases. Why not choose this amazing Tardis e-reader cozy.
Or use it as a protective case on your tablet.

The cosy is double sided.

Always carry this amazing Tardis with you in your bag, show off your inner whovian to the outside world, protect your loving e-reader or even tablet with this amazing hand knitted cozy.

The cozy is made out of 75% acrylic and 25% wool. Machine and hand washable on 30 degrees.
If you are interested in buying one, contact me with the messurments in cm so I can knit you one that fits.

Every cozy is soniced to the maximum durability, whovian fandom love, epic geekery and to withstand travel inside the vortex.

Prizes: The cosy is 15 euros, shipping within the Netherlands 2.00, with another item add 1 euro. Worldwide 3.50, with another item add 2 euros.
I accept PayPal!